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Rural culture scan: return to spread

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    Write this topic, I can not help but imagine our ancestors first cultural activities, at that time the village, certainly no big theater, big stage, but cultural activities are essential, weddings and funerals, children, prayer, pray To send ... ... I am afraid there will be cultural activities, such as singing and dancing, drinking bowls, incense bow to worship ... ... This form is the original cultural activities, should be the origin of rural literature and art. At that time the stage at the door, choose a piece of open space, can accommodate the performance can enjoy. This type of performance is known as playing a stall. Chinese opera is started from playing stalls.

    In my memory, the liberation of the northern suburbs of the country, there is no theater, and if there is only one county, then, the people of the New Year to see the play, many people how to do, are temporary take stage, with a few Taiping car and together, covered with wood, the back of the sorghum reed a Wai can be. This stall-style stage actors and viewers no gap distance, the stage can be interactive, integrated, like a family.

    At that time, the rural cultural life is very monotonous, mainly to listen to the play, and later increased the film, when I was young, often and villagers in the late evening ran a few miles to the neighboring village to see the movie or watch movies. It is so happy to enjoy Oh. Summer, daytime hot, cool at night, we watch a movie a group of teenagers, watching home, walking in the field on the road, in the moonlight, breeze, through the sorghum trees, corn, beans, , All the way to talk about the movie or the story of the characters in the movie, really comfortable, the road will be to the side of the road some of the trees touch the monkey, or even found a pair of men and women lost, aware of a secret love ... ...

    When I went to secondary school, with the economic development, almost every township, have started building theaters, and some called the People's Hall. This hall has several uses: listening to movies, watching movies, open the General Assembly. Hall to accommodate thousands of people around the town is the largest and most scale of the building. Look at a township rich and poor, almost from the theater can feel it. At that time I was in a town secondary school, and occasionally be teachers to the town of the theater to open the General Assembly, listen to the report. It is a good theater, the stage is large, the background Changliang. The yard has two rows of dormitory rooms, is designed to perform the actors cover.

    In 1978, I was Peixian Culture and Education Bureau (then a culture and education) transferred from the school to the county theater as a screenwriter. At that time the troupe is still very prosperous, with the theater almost all over the Sulu Yu Wan border area of all theaters. I remember writing a modern drama in the County People's Hall that is the theater dozens of performances, Zhu Wangzhuang, mandarin ducks and other places of the villagers driving tricycles, a small hand to run tens of miles to the county theater theater, when the opera is indeed Red fire.

    The late 80s of last century, almost overnight, the drama was neglected. In the face of the rise of popular songs and dances, the emergence of television, the rural cultural situation is facing a new challenge, a new choice. The troupe's economy went from bad to worse and the actors felt critical. Perhaps in order to survive, or feel there is no market for writing performances, I transferred from the theater to the county cultural centers work, engage in mass culture.

    From engaging in professional culture to engage in mass culture, for decades, I have been concerned about the rural cultural ecology. I was shocked that, when the township has mushroomed theaters suddenly deserted, and mainly used to open the General Assembly, put the film or acting only by accident.

   Compared with the deserted this theater, the village of the suona class is like spring grass after the rain, suddenly lush up, this is a group of text workers we have to pay attention to the phenomenon.

    Suona is a small performance team, the band to the suona-based, together with the board Hu, erhu, Sanxian, Sheng, drums, gongs, cymbals, dulcimer, actor only a few, drama can not play, Singing actor can sing a few lines, such as sing niche, but also sing Tsing Yi Dan Dan, as long as you can sing to sing, and show extraordinary skill, as today, singing Beijing cavity Li Yugang, singing students can be. Most of the performances are playing stall, in the victim's house near the door.

    People are very welcome to the suona class, but also very necessary, because every village every year some red and white wedding, that is, weddings and funerals, which is bound to be lively look, early marriage will be a suona class, funeral must also please , Hobbies and needs is the best market, the suona class of fire is conceivable.

    I lived in rural areas, often go to relatives to drink wedding or to participate in the funeral, the suona class to know a lot, then some of the troupe and I am familiar with the actors, many also condescending to the suona class when singing angle, and some friends of the band To the suona class to attend the accompaniment, a "live" down, the idea is also quite lucrative. On their own art to eat, no one joke he (she) who.

    Times are rapidly advancing, new things continue to emerge, pop songs with irresistible advantages into the suona class. The younger generation and the older generation in the cultural appreciation of the cause of the diaphragm and the gap, it is unavoidable. But I believe they will slowly in this cultural atmosphere running. The new cultural state can not just look at the city, more importantly, to see the countryside, to see hundreds of millions of peasant masses, to see the farmers in the doorway to spread the prosperity of all kinds of culture and art, which is the most convincing.

    Rural culture from playing to spread out, after thousands of years of development and change, and ultimately return to the stall up, this is very worthy of study. Return to the stall, I think that is the return to the atmosphere, return to the masses, return to the people's aesthetic feelings of life, and the hearts of the masses of farmers more closely.

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