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On Family Education from Liu Bang 's Family

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  Liu Bang's "hand Chi Prince Edward" is the history of China's first imperial family letter. From the "hand Chi Taizi text", the letter has been in the Chinese nation has been stretching for more than two thousand years. Reading Liu Bang 's letter, you can feel the early Han Dynasty Liu Bang' s family style of education.

    According to "Historical Records" records, Liu did not like to do before the emperor of Confucianism, is not good reading. But later listened to Lu Jia "immediately the world, not immediately rule the world," the truth, accepted Shu Sun Tong, "Confucianism is difficult and enterprising, and Shou Cheng," the idea of Confucianism began to pay attention to change their past thinking that reading useless And bad learning attitude, carefully read Lu Jia into the "new language." Liu Bang also wrote a few words before the death of Prince Edward Liu Ying's "hand Chi Prince Edward text." This imperial text to determine the crown prince Liu Ying as the heir to the throne, and in this article on reading, writing, on respect for the elderly, on the parents in the short.

    This Chao from the "Chinese" volume one. According to the "Ancient Court", this edict issued for five times, each is one, "the whole Chinese" editor will be combined into one. Among them, the first, third, fourth study of life, should be made when Liu Bangping. Second, the fifth set of legislators to take care child, should be before the death of Liu Bang. For ease of reading, the translations are as follows:

    I was born in troubled times, when the Qin Dynasty ban people to study, so complacent that reading is of no use. To ascend to the throne, I often look at the books, so I understand the author's intent. Think back to the past, many are not.

    Yao and Shun do not pass the world to his son and passed to others, this is not not care about the world, but because their son is not suitable for heir. People have a good horse still cherish, not to mention the world it? Because you are the eldest son of the eldest son, I have long been established as the meaning of your Prince. The ministers praised your friend, Shang Shan Si Hao, I can not incur them to come, but they come for you, so you can appoint a major event ah! Now set your heir.

    I did not learn calligraphy in my life, only to read some words when asked questions, because of this reason, the word written is not neat, but also right in the past. Now look at the words you write, not as good as me. You have to study hard, offer the memorials should write their own hands, do not call others to do it.

    Xiao He, Cao Shen, Zhang Liang, Chen Ping and other public, and I was the same age people, you double the elderly. When you see them, they will worship and tell you your brothers.

    Since the illness, often feel drowsiness, so I worried about is wishful mother. Other sons, are enough to stand on their own, only the pity this little son.

    The first, Liu Bang did not respect the emperor, reprimanded his son. He did not speak any major principles, but to "readme", "introspection", "self-blame" coming out, called his son to read more. "I was troubled, when the Qin ban, since the reading is useless." Liu Bang told him to read less social reasons, but also talked about his past misreading understanding of this "readme" meaning of guilt. In the study of this issue, Liu Bang cautious, he is not Zijin, not nonsense. Set an example by example, seek truth from facts. We can find valuable, Liu Bang has the spirit of self-criticism.

    The third is about "writing." Liu admitted that his words were written "not neat." "This as the Ru book, still worse than I" - your word is not as good as me! At that time there is no copybook, there is no "temporary posts," one said. Liu Bang pointed out the problem, more importantly, to teach his son to seize the opportunity to learn the word: "You can study hard, every sparse, should be from the book, not people also." From here you can see, Liu Bang not only write, write Of good and bad has also been an objective understanding and evaluation.

    These two hand Chi, a few words, words mildly, gentle rain, we see a not arrogant, uncomfortable Liu Bang. His words are not many, the language is not heavy, read to cordial, licking calves feelings, fatherly heart, clear! This book is not a "book", but "writing, calligraphy." Liu Bang here autographed, "I do not study the book," "this as Ru book", "should be from the book". Therefore, Liu Bang is a written record of Chinese history advocate neat calligraphy of the first person.

    In Chinese history, bureaucrats and scholars generally attach great importance to the "self-cultivation, family, state, the world" the pursuit of this life model. In addition to their own quality reasons, the "Qijia" problem, "housework" problem is not dealt with is the key. Thus, not only the ancient politicians, thinkers have repeatedly stressed the necessity and importance of family education, and those officials of the court officials, feudal emperors have adopted different ways of family education to different degrees of attention, leaving a lot of After the people learn from family training, home commandment text. These letters, despite their dominance, embodied the feudal ideology, and there were obvious feudal dregs, but in some ways they naturally reflected the excellent and positive elements of Chinese traditional culture.

    From Liu Bang's "Hand Chichu Ziwen", Zhuge Liang's "Commandment Book", Jiang Wei's "Letter Mother", to Luo Binwang's "Love with the book", Ouyang Xiu's "Twelve nephews", Wen Tianxiang's "prison In the family ", the ancients of the deep affection are all moving. The poet in the "Rebellion" in the distant feelings of gratitude, between the lines, the flow of the most valuable truth, carrying a thick cultural atmosphere. "Poem" Du Fu's "flames even in March, the book arrived in million gold."

    The reason why people will be "home" on an important position to be treated, the reason is that "clean house can not be chores." "Housework" deal with well, directly related to the official's official name and performance, or even related to the rise and fall of the country. Therefore, the "housework" has become a common people feel thorny and have to face up to a real problem. "Housework" to deal with, first of all have to attach great importance to family education. Thus, Liu Bang's letter, today is still the official can learn from the excellent traditional culture.

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