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2016.8.31 cultural projects that benefit the consumer theatrical performances

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  To cultivate the concept of cultural consumption, leading cultural consumption will, stimulate cultural consumption behavior, cultivate and build a new cultural growth pole, further enrich the urban and rural masses spiritual and cultural life, by the Xuzhou City Culture, Radio, Press and Publication Bureau "Wenrun Pengcheng - Culture Huimin consumption season "activities from today on the kicked off.

  The event time for the August 1, 2016 - October 31. Location of the main city of Xuzhou City, Xuzhou city under the jurisdiction of the county (city) area comprehensive coverage. Today, we see is the "Wenrun Pengcheng - cultural Huimin consumption season" activities of a sub-venue, that is, Xuzhou Cultural Center, Xuzhou Folk Museum co-host, the venue selected in Xuzhou Folk Museum " "Activities, every Wednesday afternoon 3:30 to 5:00, for the fans to send friends wonderful drama, content Xuzhou Bangzi, Jiangsu Liuqin play. Welcome to watch.

  Today is by the Xuzhou city sunset art troupe for everyone to send the classic opera cymbals "Li Tianbao hanging filial piety election" "Baoqingtian election paragraph", welcome to enjoy

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