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State Bureau of Cultural Relics Liu Yuzhu Secretary to study and research Xuzhou City, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage Hill Ming and Qing Dynasties Building Protection Center

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  On the afternoon of August 29, Liu Yuzhu, member of the Leading Party Group of the Ministry of Culture and director of the State Bureau of Cultural Relics, visited the museum to investigate and research. The members of the Provincial Party Committee and the Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Culture, Nanjing Museum Dean Gong Liang, Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau Director Liu Jinsheng, Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Guangchun, the city wide new (Heritage) Secretary Gao Chengfu, accompanied by research.

  Liu Yuzhu and his entourage visited the courtyard of Yujia Courtyard, Zhai Family Courtyard, Zheng Family Courtyard, Quanzheng Archway and Liu Family Courtyard, and listened to the work report of Director Zhuang Yunxia. . Liu Yuzhu stressed the need to conscientiously study and implement the instructions and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang on cultural relics work and the spirit of national cultural relics work conference, clear tasks, consolidate responsibilities, strengthen cultural resources protection and management and rational use, Use of work to a new level

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