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July 20, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News series reported that "I and the Ministry of Mountain 60 years"

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Department of Hill Liu Family Courtyard

Text + map | Zhang Shiying

  Department of the mountain is located in the ancient city of Xuzhou, the ancient Nanshan. Ming Kai four years (1624), in order to avoid flooding, Xuzhou part of the Department of the Secretary to move this, then known as "the Ministry of Hill." Because of the mountains there are thousands of monuments Ma Taiwan, the Department of the Department of the Department of the site, Hanlin House, the first house and the Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient residential eight courtyards, so the mountain at home and abroad.

  About 40 years from the last century, to the beginning of this century in May 2009, in more than 60 years, I have countless times with the Ministry of Mountain close contact, leaving many unforgettable memories. Among them, my father's story, but also my own personal experience.

    Father and the Department of the old salt shop

  Father, taboo Jinyuan, born in the Qing dynasty, 17 years (1891). After years of warlord confusion due to Xu, bandits rampant people living very bitter. In order to make a living, his father with the village more than 10 folks, catch a donkey, go hand in hand with salt business. At first, the father holding a donkey, Phi stars on the moon, to go outside the elm tree station miles away (ie Pi County Canal Station) to "pick up the salt" (that is, the salt from the Huaibei salt field to the Pi County Canal station wholesale ). After the return, and then with the donkey donkey to the Ministry of Hill South slope of the salt shop to sell Zhao. Each trip back and forth three days, to earn eight dollars (silver).

  According to his father, said: "Department of the old boss of the salt shop in the mountains, we are the southwest of the ditch Nishimura people, and we Xuzhou southeast of the country to sell salt people meet each other are fellow.Every time to see Zhang floor traders salt donkey team The Ministry of Hill, he first greeted the salt shop guys, help me unloading, weighing, starting money, very hot and later, Zhao boss died, the salt shop is not so hot and the. A few donkeys laden with salt one to the old salt shop, what things are ordered to make my own hands dry.Then later, the salt shop next to the facade room and set up a salt management, as long as one saw the salt traders donkey team over, The salt police and then ordered to sell salt with the tax and the old social salt pipe is not unreasonable, they are easy to figure, no matter how much salt your donkey pack, as long as the home Department of salt old salt shop salt, all first pay a piece of ocean, and then talk about selling salt thing .That time selling salt by the useless gas say ... ... "

  May 1938, the Japanese occupied the Xuzhou, panic everywhere. The father of a group of traders selling salt to the villagers, to the Department of the old village to the salt shop. About the autumn of 1942, one of my living in Xuzhou flyover Tongshan Road Tonggu, take her parents came to Zhang floor. She told my father: "I do not 'sports car' (that is, do long-distance trafficking in the train business), I in the rehabilitation of the northern section of the road west, opened a 'Zhu remember' salt stack (aunt, You have to sell salt, do not go to the Ministry of the mountain salt shop to sell salt to the salt, have come to me, how much to how many of my export customers, are Henan Shangqiu, Kaifeng that large salt business area, in case of salt patrol to check, Xuzhou Salt Bureau where I have 'people children', custody nothing! "(Tonggu is a female Xuzhou Dongguan talent , A strong woman, 107 years old.

  Since then, my father that a group of more than 10 salt sold villagers, no longer to the Department of the mountain to the old salt shop, and changed to Tonggu's "Zhu mind" salt store salt. However, the memory of their parents, they have not forgotten the Ministry of Hill, not forgetting the old salt shop.

   Pear orchid camping households Hill

  Since April 1953, the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government decided to revoke Huashan, Tongbei, Piju three counties, the restoration of Tongshan County system, the county government resident Kui Shan, due to room crowded more than the authorities, the county bureau began in the city Within the "grab site." Chongwen Road (now Culture Road) the northern section of the first Tongshan Industrial Bureau, the Department of Transportation, Health Bureau, Culture and Education Bureau "occupation", the Ministry of Shandong Lu more than the Grand Courtyard, Zhai Grand Courtyard, , And soon was Tongshan County Military Service Bureau (Department of Commerce), Bureau of Commerce, Food Bureau and other departments "carved up", and even just the establishment of the Tongshan County Henan Opera Group (later changed Bangzi Theater), also Zheng Grand Courtyard Assigned to the "cup", in this home. In the old society of wandering wandering artists groups (theater team), finally in Xuzhou hutongshan has a real home, the regiment more than 60 cast members, in this live is 30 years (1954-1984). The author also accompanied the group to live a full 10 years (1959 -1969).

  Tongshan Henan opera house that house, is said to be part of the central part of the Zheng family. The iron gate on the door nail, written on the 17th, Lane East. Courtyard north facing south, the hospital has the old house fifteen six: three main room, tall and simple, like the photographer Wang Meng of the Department of the ancient houses of the mountain house (see July 1 this year, "Xuzhou Geographic Edition "24 pages on the right side of the second black and white photos). This room for half of the drama theater clothing warehouse, half for single actor collective accommodation. Another three South House, the smaller the main house. This room for the beginning of the conference room (sometimes rehearsals), after the niche of Wang Yu (female) family housing. The west side of the hospital, is a row of about 89 old housing, not tall, is a third-class housing. The troupe leaders arranged for the families of four old artists to live here.

  The hospital gate, open in the south side of the house. In front of a thing Guxiang, the name of the East Lane. Roadway for the bluestone paving, deep vicissitudes. Roadway East through the next Street (Sanmin Street), the West can be reached through the ancient landmark Ma play Taiwan. In this is not significant dew of Guxiang yard, who lived four were "Jiangsu Bangzi opera" recorded in the history of Xuzhou Bangzi opera. The four Bangzi dean is: Zhang Mingye, Liu Guangde, Gong Zhaogui, Zhou Fenglong. Is a brief introduction to the reader:

  Zhang Mingye: born in 1878, native of Shandong Shanxian, after settled in Peixian Yang Tunxiang Liu Tuncun. When young, with the "flower face Wang" Yin Fengzhe science classes. Because of its small little head and small face, naughty, Yin teachers because of their teaching, let him choose scandals. The results fame. Zhang industry good at text ugly, the best white Kung Fu Road, can read dozens of lines of breath, emotional stirring, moving soul. In the absence of PA equipment in the old days, his big section of white, the last row of the audience can hear clearly. The representative of the repertoire are: "horses", "back seats tube", "playing casserole", "bolt phase", "Zhang old words by his wife", "live Zhang Sabang" and so on. In the Sulu Henan and Anhui provinces border area of the older generation of viewers, the famous ugly Zhang industry play the greatest impact. Zhang Mingye in the winter of 1960 in the Department of mountain home Zheng courtyard (ie, East Lane 17 homes) died, at the age of 82 years. Zhang Mingye daughter Zhang Guilan, son Guo Junyu, are the main actors Tongshan Bangzi Theater, the pillars.

  Liu Guangde: born in 1896, Clapper plays actor, native of Yutai County, Shandong Liu Miao village, after his father moved to Fengxian Liu Xiaoying village settlement. When young, with Jiang leather collar school play. Youth, into the Shandong ConfuciusConfucian Opera troupe played in Tsing Yi, old Dan, can mature to play more than 300 traditional drama. Often with the Shandong Bangzi famous artist Dou Zhaorong, Lu Shengkui, Dong Mingchen, Jia Fulan (stage name two pull, name Dan) on the same stage, in Lunan Suibei quite influential.

  During the war of resistance against Japan, Liu Guangde any of the Kuomintang Xuzhou District Commissioner of the wind instructor, enjoy the treatment of major general. Before the founding of the state into the Sanyi theater performances. After the founding of new China, to participate in Huashan County Theater, later changed to Tongshan Bangzi Theater. Since 1956, in response to the call of the Central Ministry of Culture, personal excavation and finishing more than 100 traditional repertoire. In 1957, by the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of culture awarded the old artist award. October 1969 Liu Guangde teacher, died in Xuzhou households Department of mountain home east courtyard Zheng, at the age of 73 years.

  Gong Zhaogui: born in 1921, Peixian Anguo people, since his father Gong Guangde learn opera, work red face, and the other. Because of its voice loud and clear articulation, vivid performances, loved by the audience. Before the founding of New China in Hao Xinyuan (Tsing Yi, the main class) Republican classes take classes. After the founding of new China into the Huashan County People's Theater. In 1953 into Tongshan County Bangzi theater. Its good repertoire for the "Yin and Yang" in the judge. Gong's unique skills is the performance of mouth spit fire, rinse teeth and other stunts, each show this show, the audience applause, applause. In 1968 March, Gong Zhaogui teacher because of long-term emphysema long treatment, died in the Department of households in the East Lane 17 apartment, at the age of 47 years.

  Zhou Fenglong: born in 1931, Anhui Xiao County Huangkou people, stage name. Week 11 under the tutelage of Zhang Tiewu. After the apprentice name once Dan (male) when the Guangyun division, specializing in face. Singing to do a thorough study of basic skills, often with the master when the wide transport in abundance, Pei, copper band take singing classes. Is a new fairy Geng deaf child troupe Junior class members. After the founding of new China into the Huashan County People's Theater. In 1953 with the group to Tongshan Bangzi Theater, bring their families into the Department of the original home of the Shandong Grand Courtyard.

  Zhou Fenglong solid foundation, voice loud and clear, articulate, in the Sulu Yu Wan border area, is the famous black face (black) actor, by the audience. The representative of the repertoire are "gua US case", "Zhaowei Zhao", "Guo Huai", "red fight" and so on. He created the image of Baogong, known as "live package public." In 1956 to participate in the first opera in Xuzhou to observe the performance of the General Assembly, was awarded the second prize (decorated "embroidered shoes in mind" in the package public). In 1957 to participate in the Jiangsu Provincial Opera to observe the General Assembly, the actor second prize. Participate in the repertoire for the "war Luoyang" Zhou played Yuchi King Tak.

  In 1986 due to the Department of the ancient houses of the mountain house reconstruction, reconstruction needs, Zhou Fenglong moved to Kui Shan settled. 1988 generation of net (face, face) Zhou Fenglong died in Kui Shan apartment, aged 57 years old.

    "Farewell My Concubine" dream off the Ministry of Hill

  50 years ago, as a resident of the Department of Hill, near the opera stage of professional literary and artistic groups, the biggest dream is to rehearse the West Chu Xiang Yu and Liu Bang compete for the world Bangzi opera. The "dream", the first proposed Tongren County Committee Propaganda Department Qi Ren Jin Minister.

  Remember that it was the late spring of 1962, Tongshan Bangzi Theater just staged the "West Chamber", the county propaganda minister, cultural and educational bureau cultural officer, accompanied by Comrade Zheng Wanyou, came to the Department of home mountain theater compound Zheng home No. The county bureau and the Propaganda Department leaders to come here to visit the first to see you; the second is to find a troupe instructor Zhang Shaobin, head Guo Junyu, Business Unit Zhou Fenglong, director Zhang Rui repair comrades talk about business matters. Venue in the South House temporary conference room. The next step can not row out a Chu-Han contend, praise the Xiang Yu's play? Zhang Director said: Now the theater has several out of the Chu Qi said the minister: (that) is the praise of Liu Bang, Han Xin, is not the Han Dynasty to play, such as "Han Xin Baishi", "red playing North Korea" I praise the Xiang Yu .I love this study, I Xuzhou people worship only the characters, so only for generations to protect the Ma stage, because Xiang Yu is a true anti-Qin heroes, although he lost in the hands of Liu Bang, But can not be a success or failure on the hero Well .Speak Xiang Yu is also a representative of the Chu culture.Your troupe living in Ma Xiantai eight or nine years, but did not play a Xiang Yu's play, I see a regret ... ... "

  I remember the head of Guo and Zhou interrupted, said: "We clapper opera repertoire does not play the traditional play Xiang Yu." Qi Minister said: "You can not learn from the City Peking Opera Troupe adaptation of adaptation of Beijing Opera" Farewell My Concubine " You just staged the "West Chamber", is not adapted from the classical novel? I think you can play the old Zhou Chu King, Yuzhen comrades (ie Hou Yuzhen, starring) can play Yuji, she can sing and dance , Can play well.To know, "Farewell My Concubine" is a hero and beauty of the drama, dramatic, as long as you can transplant adapted well, you can row, play well! Xuzhou audience love to hear, love to see. "

  Qi Min and Wan Youzhi comrades left, the theater several leaders immediately decided to send someone to adapt to transplant Beijing Opera "Farewell My Concubine." Specific work by the writers Ma teachers (Maji Branch) and the Swiss comrades responsible for repair, I and Liu Shanling (Liu Guangde son) as an assistant. Unexpectedly, just as we are busy outside the script, access to information, ready to adapt to "Farewell My Concubine", a "adjustment, consolidation, enrichment, improve", decentralized personnel support the political campaign, and in the Copper Mountain culture To start up. The transplant adaptation of "Farewell My Concubine" dream, had sadly burst. Until 50 years later, I will dream with the pear colleagues in the Department of the Ministry of Hill adaptation of "Farewell My Concubine" the old things.

    Department of the foot of the mountain for food

  This is a five years ago, I have in the "Pengcheng Evening News" "Pengcheng old things" section, the disclosure of a family with the Ministry of mountain grain demand story is that in the "three years of difficulties" period, Hill Bangzi Theater, somehow, suddenly do not play wushu, special play speech. This is because there were seven or eight youth martial arts actor, because often enough to eat, can not turn up somersault. As a result, some of the audience to watch the martial arts make fun of laughing troupe, said: "Tongshan Bangzi opera, Wu drama is not ye." Tornado feet, get hold of the mouth to eat mud from the up again, together with a fart.

  Troupe instructor Zhang Shaobin heard of this situation, immediately ordered the Deputy Head of Administration Wu Dianxiang and me, to the Department of Mountain Copper Mountain Grain Bureau, the troupe martial arts actor due to lack of food to eat, had to eat pickles, drink plenty of water, (The author when the troupe and food accountant), who knows the food bureau leader a, shook his head, said: "troupe rations program is a national ration program by the State Food Administration, You will not be able to give you more than a pound.There are difficulties to solve your own ideas. "All of a sudden the food problem blocked the door. After that, I and Wu head cheeky, every few days to run down the mountain, begging grain bureau leadership "Kaikai En", no matter what food, as long as they can fill his stomach on the line.

  Kung Fu pays off, the results of food grain and oil administration leaders in charge of the deputy director in charge of the plan, will be allocated to the commune of livestock feed corn surface (purple), out of 400 pounds to the theater troupe actors to eat, The troupe could not play the drama.

  Later, due to the Tongshan Grain Bureau in the Department of Shandong Lane east entrance north of the Zheng family courtyard below, so whenever that piece of the Ministry of the mountain for grain old things, martial arts actors are funny to say "thanks to the Ministry of mountain." "

    Department of the mountain to help me into a rationale

  This is a bitter story that happened 50 years ago in the hometown of the mountain. The protagonist of the story is the author of my own.

  I remember in the winter of 1961, I was in the Department of Mountain Theater resident, introduced by colleagues, met a girl who lives in Xiao County. The following year the Lunar New Year in February 19, I take the opportunity to catch the Yunlongshan temple, in the Yunlong Hill to meet with his girlfriend to discuss the relationship between the two sides to determine the lifetime companionship. In May the same year, the two sides received a marriage certificate, and to determine the year "July 1" party birthday, held a wedding ceremony.

  In June of that year, when I was wearing a cloth ticket and cash to Pengcheng Lu silk cloth shop, ready to frisk cloth cloth wedding dress, the unfortunate thing happened: behind my wallet, was thief, Tickets more than twenty feet, and another 80 dollars. You know, in that pull an inch cloth had to vote of the era (in 1961 rural people issued two and a half feet), the family accumulated more than twenty feet cloth vote is not easy? Now the money and cloth tickets have been stolen light, where I get the cloth to go? I and fiancee wear Sha wedding? After much deliberation there is no way, Choude in the Ministry of Mountain Theater in the dormitory did not sleep a few nights. Helpless, but to push the marriage after the "August" Army Day.

  Later, the troupe leaders know this situation, in addition to my deep sympathy, but also helped me come up with two "Tips": First, send deputy head of administrative Wu Dianxiang, took me to the Ministry of Shandong Tongshan Bureau of Commerce for help (Here is said to Zhai home courtyard old courtyard), to see whether the approval of the points not to vote cloth clothes. Second: the wedding day the bride wore a festive red dress by the theater temporarily lend embroidered dragon and phoenix full set of drama clothing. Once the sedan chair, finished the worship finished heaven and earth, into the bridal chamber, and then sent back to the Ministry of mountain theater. As a result, these two "good ideas" have been achieved: the Commerce Bureau granted two imported from Japan, purple dacron female blouse, the troupe lent to the bride Baihua Tong wearing red pants (including red skirt), has sent someone in advance One day to my country home. This seven fight against eight, finally round my dream of marriage, help us into even the management.

    Department of the mountains looking for high-grandmother

  This is seven years ago in the Ministry of the mountains of a true tracing story. The story goes like this:

  On the morning of May 18, 2009, Zhang Chuanshan and Zhang Xiaomin from Zhanglou Village of Tongshan Liuxin Town drove to my house to discuss with my family and family genealogy. In the conversation, Zhang Chuanshan said: "I listen to my mother said, I do not know my father (name Zhang Shichang, Tongshan name Chinese medicine) or my grandfather (name Zhang Baichang, Qing Dynasty Chinese medicine) high grandmother, The two rooms to live in the city folder River Street, three rooms and five rooms to move to the countryside, four rooms to live in the Owari Hill.Liu Liu, The new Zhang floor ancestors only one Xuzhou River Camp Yu Shi Guan, Yu Jie generation of medical practitioners to my father this generation (late Qing Dynasty), is a full name Pengcheng 6 generation family of Chinese medicine ancestors on this history, Genealogy and Zuying inscriptions, have detailed records. Unexpectedly, 'broken four old', our family was copied, genealogy was burned, Zuying stone hit, the ancestors of the past, to my generation can no longer check, and even Two, would like to ask you to help, can not find the champion Li Pan sister Zhang married the relevant historical data, to see if I Zhang This is the first time, Why do people in the end from the Ministry of Hill moved to the north of the city of Liu new.

  That night, I will Zhang Chuan-shan about the matter, told by phone Jiangsu Normal University Professor Zhao Mingqi, asked him to help check the matter. Professor Mingqi answered: "I am on the Ministry of the mountains tomorrow, the mountains have a friend of mine, called Sun Tongyi, is an ancient building expert, his hand there is a champion Li Pan genealogy, it is possible to find Li Pan S sister married Zhang this matter.

  The morning of May 24, the second time I talked with Professor Mingqi, told him to Zhang Xin Zhang floor, three Zhang representative, Zhang Shichang son Zhang Chuan-shan brought to see Professor Zhao can take the time with us on the Ministry of Hill Check the genealogy of Li Pan. Two o'clock that afternoon, we in the Ministry of mountain folk museum entrance finally saw Professor Zhao Mingqi. Under his leadership, we went through a four-ranked champion Street, through the Panshan Road, in the Ministry of the northern slope of the mountain road next to a house, to see Mr. Sun Tongyi. Mr. Sun for the new town of Sun Zhuang Liu, Department of the Qing Dynasty famous scholar Sun Yunjin's descendants. Sun Yunjin the original surnamed Li, and champion Li Pan is a family, so Mr. Sun Tongyi not only the hands of the "Sun Family Tree", but also possession of champion Li Pan's "Lee family tree." When Professor Ming Qi to explain the meaning of Mr. President, Mr. Sun warmly received us, is pleased to offer the "Lee family tree" Let us review.

  I took the hands of Mr. Sun handed over the "Lee's family tree", before and after spending more than two hours of time, repeated, carefully, detailed investigation of the Li Pan family genealogy Li Pan and their relatives of historical data, has failed to check To Miss Li Pan sister Zhang married the situation, Mr. Sun frown, I explained: "in the feudal society, whether prominent family, or civilians, repair pedigree only into the male, the girls are not into the genealogy This patriarchal phenomenon, until the Republican period also failed to change. May be the reason, so you can not find the case of Li Pan sister. "We hear, both disappointed and helpless, had to bid farewell to Mr. Sun Tongyi, Professor of a sense of loss left the Ministry of Hill. When we once again look back to Li Pan's prime minister, it seems that everyone is silently crying: Li's sister, where are you in the end ah? .

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