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July 20, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News reported "South of the old"

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(Seven) "human Yunlong, the Millennium Department of mountain"

   20 years of last century, a large number of foreign refugees into the Xuzhou, the first settlement along the Yellow River in the past, after the forced livelihood, business more, and gradually gathered Jianguo Road area, which is Jianguo Road business peak period began. The Jianguo Road south of the Ministry of Hill, this time is no longer a rich man's residence, brought together a lot of businessmen, poor people and foreign businessmen, the formation of hundreds of households, thousands of people inhabited.


    At the time of the Ministry of the mountain although the big business big Jia, but the line of their own unique skills. The people living in the Department of Hill, to operate a variety of business, all walks of life have nothing.

    At that time the skin line is a larger business, the number of the South Gate in Xuzhou is also a big business. Other larger bamboo plant, grain line, a small tea, pub, shoe shop, shaving shop, pancake shop, pancake shop, mixed poor rickshaw, bomb cotton, grinding tofu, needlework , Bronze cigarette bag head, selling green radish, selling red soil, selling water, rubbing back, pick up the broken, knives knife scissors ...

     Zhou pig meat is not forget the delicious. Not listed every afternoon, the smell of pig meat on the floating full of the whole street. Less than two hours of pig meat sold out, to the late only drooling copies. Delicious pork stuck in hot sesame seeds, it is unstoppable temptation. Fried cake shop door supporting a large oven, when the fire with a canvas fan, fan just three fans, then the red flames will be "whirring" to jump up. Or square or round fire, cookies, beef tongue biscuits, salt and pepper biscuits and fragrant and crisp.

    That year did not buy shoes to wear, most housewives at home satisfied soles, upper, and then sent to the shoe shop. The so-called "shoes", is the soles of the upper stitched together. On a good shoe, shoe last row of sub-row on a day or two (the equivalent of ironing), so that the shoes are beautiful and crisp, wear it with the feet, comfortable. After the Chung Yeung Festival, shoe shop business better, and that lights every day to the night.

    At that time people are burning stove, pot Guo Zi. At that time the Ministry of Hill has specialized in selling mud furnace mud people. Enamel mud with charcoal, Ma Rang, wheat bran, red clay, hair, sand and other materials. Enamel mud into the size of the box, neatly in front of the code, this is the best advertising.

    Shaving shop is also frequented by residents of the place. To shave their faces are some gentlemen, they go to a simple barber chair, a white cloth around the neck to a Wai, the barber side of the barber and the customer side of the McCain with the recent episode of Gonzo; just go small The child is not honest, good crying, shaving the master took out the flower sticks, skin mice and other toys, while the barber, while learning mouse called, the child did not dry tears, here also shave the first good.

   Ministry of households and more households to do business a lot of small business hawkers, and that cries are also a scene.

   Nicknamed "gun Lord" Shen Sanye specifically to do chicken. His chicken taste pure, clean production, beautiful, and "Feng Tianxing" comparable. Every day to do chicken, Shen Sanye on leaving the glass cover bamboo baskets began to sell: "chicken - spiced chicken miscellaneous -".

   Qin uncle to sell fresh fruit. I remember his fresh fruit stall with fruits, plums, olives, green radish and other fruits, and sometimes also sell fresh reed rhizome. Green radish is cheap, so many people buy. The green radish scratched the surface of a layer of skin, the more green pleasing to the eye. Qin uncle from time to time with a bamboo broom to stained with clear water pouring again, and loudly shouting: "crisp sweet is not spicy green radish hey -" said good radish, Qin uncle left hand holding the carrot tail, right hand to take a slender Fast knife, cross-knife two vertical knife "rushing" a few, radish from top to bottom even separated from the nine, like a flower, that green juice to flow down the flower.

    Five old monopoly of peanuts, beans: "coke crisp peanuts - spiced peanuts -", "broad bean - spiced noodles -".

    Summer evening, selling fresh fish were lugged wooden pot came, cries spread far: "Come and buy, just landed live grass carp myself -". Grass carp, carp on the tub, and eel, catfish, goliath swallow fish or old turtle will be installed with the fish basket. Some on the jins to sell, and some on the article to sell, such as catfish, Laobie. Said a good fish, who will sell fish with a long string of water plants or hemp rope, like a hanging firecrackers, it is good-looking.

    Uncle Wang carry a narrow bench, above a narrow grindstone, his face wrinkled, waist bent nearly 90 degrees, his waist apron around the canvas, constantly shouting in the Ministry of the mountains: "Clamps to sharpen the knife -". Uncle Wang's life is very fine, a pair of scissors to grinding on half an hour. After grinding, but also allow users to use the rags he prepared trial, customer satisfaction before the money.

    Palladium Juggler is to come every few days: "palladium pot curium palladium Curium sub-three - two flap brought hoop." This palladium bowl of palladium pot, but a technical live: Palladium potter to first broken pot or bowl together, and then fine cotton cord to firmly tied. Ready to stop, this drill with a diamond along the crack on both sides, but can only drill into a concave hole, not penetrate, and then one by one with copper curium child Grilled prison, and then wet liming smooth curium legs gap, this time , A broken bowl and complex as a whole, and more durable. "There is no diamond, do not get porcelain live", this is used in palladium potters who, it is more appropriate.

    There is also a Shandong accent cries: "take hair for the needle!" Women usually fall into the hair of the regiment into a ball, add up to be able to change a few needles.

    "Marshmallow -" This cries, the children run the fastest. Cotton candy selling people pushing the car, the car has a disc, plate surrounded by a half circle around the metal, the central shaft has a rapid rotation. He was holding a stick in the disc in a stir, juggling generally appeared in a mass of snow-white cotton-like cotton to sugar.

    There are uncle Wang's "hot porridge -", Kusan Sister's "biscuits - fritters," is also the most familiar residents of the Ministry of Hill sound. They often come and go, while doing business, while residents and home-pulling, like a family. If there is no change or who is not cash or cash, just say, according to eat not mistaken.

    Zhang teahouse

    Zhangjiacha sitting south, in front of the large open space is also 100 square meters - here is the reception of tea open-air teahouse. Open space on a row of willow, weeping willows or willow, I do not know, stout vigorous, a few people can not be encircled. Although there is no spring ding-dong, willow branches graceful shadows. If the midsummer, which is under the willow shade is a good place. The middle of the open space, placed a few table tables, benches, each table stood a large black sand pot, a few tea bowls. This is a lot of people who drink, a bowl of herbal tea, Yang Yang neck cuckoo pour out, hand a touch of mouth, it is fun; and those crude text ink "literati" on the more gentle, they want to drink Gaiwan Cha, Tea is also non-tea foam and the like. When drinking tea cups gently wipe the tea on the tea, and then light one. The big water is the Ministry of households inhabitants of the mountain, morning and night, the residents have to take bamboo water bottle to play hot water, a bottle of water will be two cents.

    The late spring and early summer season, Zhang tea in front of the most lively. Early in the morning, you can hear the birds cry. A row of willows on the teahouse, covered with birdcages, starlings, thrush, lark, oriole and other birds; in front of the storytellers, singing, fighting birds, chatting, surrounded by the Eight Immortals table. Everyone while tea, while chatting with; bird people while Dou Dou side of the mouth. If the autumn, on the fight cricket, cricket cried than people also Huan.

    Zhangjia teahouse at night is not lonely, octagonal table stood steam lamps, willow hanging on the lantern, this piece of paradise shines as day. The children play crazy, around the square table, in the seam to drill to drill, like a slippery loach. Adults mouth Xiao Ma, his hand just caught, had to let him go.

    Often to Zhangjia teahouse singing opera is Tongshan County and the surrounding area of the small opera team, mostly family members as the main actor, mainly to sing Liuqin play. The repertoire is "drink noodles", "Qin Xianglian", "Wang Hua buy father", "Zhang Lang Hugh clove", due to conditional time constraints, the actors sing the opera or ten days and a half full play. Actor powder coating a little appearance, a Liuqin, two actors, a good show on the opening, the Ministry of residents of the mountain listening to great joy.

    Liuqin opera, also known as Xuzhou, "pull the soul of the cavity," because of singing melody and beautiful, there is the pull of the soul of the charm of the name, there are Xuzhou "listening to pull the soul cavity, not wine. At that time the most popular is Liuqin famous ugly king of the "drink leaves", the elderly, women, children mouth will sing: "the road came Chen Tuo ah ... ..." Department of mountain people do not listen to Liuqin opera two days I did not mind the decline, or how to call "pull soul cavity" mean? "Life is like a play", "play like life", people living in the Ministry of the mountain, although not much education, but they accept the ethics from the play to the history and culture, in the drama feel the joys and sorrows of human warmth, the stage is their life University Hall.

    At that time the most popular Xuzhou people are well-known actor Li Renqing, relative to first, Wang Ping, Wang Suqin, Yao Xiuyun and other artists, they have a large number of fans, no less favorable than today's singers.

    To the sixties of last century, due to expropriation of Xuzhou pharmaceutical expropriation of land, Zhang tea house disappeared. The disappearance of people caught off guard. No longer see the curl of smoke from the tiger stove smoke, dense tea is over the clouds ... ...

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