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2016 7.19 - 7..22 Twelfth "folk artists" summer class training class - knitting class started friends

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  In order to inherit and carry forward the traditional folk culture, the museum organizes the summer "Folk Artists" training class for the society every year during the summer vacation. Through learning, let more children understand the significance of intangible cultural heritage and enhance their participation. , Enhance the students' understanding of the intangible cultural heritage, cultivate their love for the intangible cultural heritage, so as to better inherit the intangible cultural heritage of traditional skills. Strengthening the protection of intangible cultural heritage is not only the need of national and national development, but also the inevitable requirement of international social civilization dialogue and the sustainable development of human society.

  Xuzhou City, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage District, Ming and Qing architectural protection center for 12 consecutive years for the city's children and children, successfully held 30 minor arts public training courses, free training of more than 5,000 children, the event won the "Jiangsu Province Seventh Social Science Popularization Week Innovation Project Award "and the City Social Science Union" social science popularization work features won the award. "


The children are really bang! . Everyone in the serious study, a concrete embodiment of ingenuity, Come on! . . .

Whether adults or children have been attracted, hands-on recalls can be done childhood memories! .

Have to collective debut it! . .

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