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Xuzhou Xin Qiu art education base of the children came to the Department of Hill ancient houses

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     Sketch lesson significance, not only to develop the children's ability to observe and composition of thinking. More important is to bring the children to understand the folk culture of Xuzhou. Understanding of home, love home!

  The painting class ended successfully. Thank you Xinqiu the teachers. Thank you for the United States and Mama Po dad with the support. But also for the children to point praise! ~ As if you are a fire, you still insist on painting. Love you guys.

  Today's surprises meet. Thanks to Mr. Guo's perfect match, the children were able to interact intimately with the American exchange students, and they could not do without the strong support and help from the museum's staff. Art exchanges break the language barrier, across the age, enjoyable. Welcome to XuZhou! Welcome to XinQiu!

Children are serious in the creation of the glasses to see the feel of the brush should be recorded! .

Children in the eyes of the Ministry of ancient houses

Oil painting life painting works, the children Bang Bang da! ~

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