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June 24, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News essay "I live in the Department of Mountain"

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  Time flies, the blink of an eye between the Ministry of Hill has 16 years of demolition, and I still remember that the demolition of the General Assembly was held in the old stadium in Xuzhou City, the day is March 22, 1999. Demolition work is still smooth, just more than a month's time the residents of the Ministry of Hill to relocate, and left their long-lived home.

  I saw the day of moving their own plants and trees planted personally, watching their own hands built red tile-roofed house, looking at their own hands to build the pot house, the heart can be described as Wuzazaizhen, reluctantly arises spontaneously.

  16 years, every time I take the bus passing through the Department of Hill will be involuntarily to have lived in the place to look around, whenever leisure time, I love alone boarding Ma Taiwan, hair Sangu of nostalgia, ask this past, recalled from the family Part of the mountain that some little-known story.

  My family lived in Mt. Mt. from my grandfather, and my mother was born on September 13, 1918, in Mt. Mt., with four generations of my children.

  From the liberation of the early 80s of last century, Xuzhou is widely circulated on a ballad: poor North Pass, rich South Gate, the rich are the Ministry of Household Hill. I grew up listening to this folk song. Revealed four years (1624) the Yellow River burst, once again flooded Xuzhou city. At that time, Xuzhou House of the main water transport Zhang Xuan will be part of the Secretary to move outside the city of Nanshan Yamen Xuzhou, Nanshan since then renamed the Ministry of Hill. In order to avoid flooding, when a number of Xuzhou merchants at the expense of competing in the Ministry of Hill Hill home selection, from the late Ming to the early years of the Republic of several hundred years the Ministry of the mountain walls of the courtyard have been completed, row upon row of houses, Regal gathered, people will be ranked in the top eight of the rich called eight people.

  At that time whenever students, colleagues, friends asked me where to live, as long as that "the Ministry of Mountain" words, they will take this ballad thing, let me dip a lot of rich people's light . Department of the mountain is not only eight people, but also lived in many civilians, there is a flee from famine beggar came to the mountains, take a shack to stay.

  My family's economic situation and the rich are not comparable, on my grandfather, grandfather both families had fairly well-off. In the early 1940s, my grandfather, Mr. Xia Bodi, was the headmaster of Hushan Elementary School. At that time, two school buildings were located on the stage of Maotai and two rows of students in the fifth and sixth grade. Class.

  Until my parents that generation, my family in the Ministry of the mountains on the tile-free, no place under. In addition to household South Lane, the other three lanes of the Meng family compound, Hu family compound, Huang family compound I have rented.

  The early 80s of last century, I dumped many years of savings, exhausted efforts, racking their brains in the household Dong Lane 16, built two brick red-tiled structure. From which I deeply appreciate that the Ministry of Hill eight people can build such a magnificent wall of the compound without strong financial support, no painstaking efforts of several generations, easier said than done!

  In my childhood memories, the Ministry of the mountain east, west, north of the three alley of the street at that time can see the tall, dilapidated door frame. Listen to my grandfather said: the former Ministry of the mountain after midnight to close, there are night watchman, they beat clapper, shouting: close the door, careful fire candle, to prevent thieves.

  Childhood friends favorite game is hide-and-seek, the mountains of several compound is the first choice for our activities, the courtyard deep into the maze seems to enter the maze, but the small partners on the courtyard path familiar It is easy to climb from the compound to another compound, each time playing is sweating, dirty, and finally we will go to the opera station Butterfly Pavilion victory.

  Butterfly Pavilion is now known as Fengyun Pavilion, the Ministry of households residents of the mountain called the Butterfly Pavilion, it is a symbol of Taiwan Opera House, the Cultural Revolution during the Ma Ma Taiwan grassland, inscriptions were smashed, miserable, but butterfly shelter escaped This catastrophe. Historical relics can not be reproduced, it is difficult to copy, Xuzhou Kui tower destroyed by the Cultural Revolution, it is regrettable.

  That era is not only material life is poor, and cultural life is extremely scarce. No one has studied the Han culture, to discuss the rise and fall of opera stage, brought the origin of the Ministry of Mountain.

  In my childhood memories, the Ministry of the north of the mountain called Ma Street, is still called Ma Street. Early years where the transaction is a place mule, so that Ma Street. The street is the most famous of the East Tou it soup pot, when people can drink a bowl 饣 it soup, eat two pork jerk it is not a shallow taste ah! Now this soup has been included in the Chinese snack, renowned Chinese and foreign.

  Department of the mountain of Shanxi is the original Pengcheng Road, scissors unit, when the residents of the Department of Hill called the streets. Which is now the pedestrian street and south of the extension of the section; Department of the mountain of the Shandong side of the original street called Sanmin Street, which is now the liberation of South Road and Xiang Wang Road, the formation of "T" word that section of the junction.

  To the streets and streets of the bustling, firms, shops, food lines along the street everywhere, operating the north and south dry goods, metal sundry goods, cloth shoes and hats, Riyongbaihuo, households of the mountains of rice oil Youyanjiangcu tea are from the street And under the street to buy.

  Department of the mountain east and west three Street has ceased to exist, and look brand-new, only the Department of Shannan Lane changed little, retaining part of the old premises.

  Before the liberation of the old salt shop here, for the official business, large-scale. Listen to my grandfather said: the old salt shop has been a fire, the coffin of the large bag of salt in the fire after the issue of Pilipala explosion sound, shocked the mountain ring. Later, people often use the "salt shop fire burning package," this sentence, the lesson will not live frugally children.

  Before the liberation, residents of the mountain households to buy more water to eat, when I lived in the household Lane East, then water is a thin black thin old man, he wore hats, wearing sandals, upper body wearing a dark horse In his memory, he seems to be the body of this line all the year round head, he from the lotus wells (now lotus residential area north of the door about 50 meters east of the place) to pick a Tam Tam water Sent to the user home received three or five feet of money. Later, my family went to Wuding Men (now the most Wang Xiangdong head) of the Lee Water Station to buy water to eat. 70s of last century, the Ministry of the mountain north-south east-west in the installation of a public water pipe, the Ministry of households to solve the problem of mountain drinking water.

  Early years, the Ministry of the mountain road and the steps are bluestone or quartzite paved, after years of rain erosion surface like pebbles, bright and slick. Summer rainstorms, water fast, along the hillside, steps flowing, the formation of numerous small waterfalls; winter as long as the mountain one ice, the road is also slippery than the skating rink, a little careless will fall a big bucket bucket.

  70s of last century the mountain has been completely trimmed, all covered with cement road, to solve the residents of the Department of Mountain Road, the big problem.

  One page scattered, changing the time and space.

  Department of mountains, opera table from the dusty history of the past, after renovation, development is still a rare feng shui treasure. The historical and cultural background of Ma Tai is rich and colorful, which is another bright spot in Xuzhou tourism resources. Ministry of the mountain Ming and Qing buildings by the State Council as a national key cultural relics protection units, in accordance with the principle of repairing old as is being repaired. Yu Grand Courtyard, Zhai Grand Courtyard has been classified as Folk Museum.

  Today, the Department of the Ministry of Hill, Ma Ma Taiwan hi every Shengshihua years, is its unique charm of the United States, elegant beauty, simple beauty to meet Chinese and foreign guests.

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