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July 9, 2015 Xuzhou daily reported - heart line needle exhibition

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Looked at the painting, in fact, embroidery

Yangzhou freehand embroidered show debut Folk Museum, on display to July 31

(Reporter Liu Su)Lu Xunhua, Lu Weihua embroidery exhibition "Yesterday in the Xuzhou Folklore Museum of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum officially unveiled, the public can be the museum collection of cultural relics exhibition in the content of one of the" To see the style of Yangzhou freehand embroidery and master of superb skills. The exhibition will continue until July 31 end.

      Folklore Museum Director Zhuang Yunxia said, this exhibition is divided into "write a self-made - Yangzhou Baguai painting", "ink Danqing, fun", "desire to cry, do not fall often - Bada Shanren theme" The series of 25 exhibited Yangzhou embroidery works, rich in variety, brings together Lu Shuxian, Lu Junjian, Lu Weihua three generations of the crystallization of the work, very unique.

     Non-material cultural projects "ink freehand embroidered" Inheritance Lu Junjian is Lu Shu-Xian's daughter, is a senior craft artist. She said Yang embroidery is Yangzhou embroidery, embroidery is one of the four "Su embroidery" (the full name of "Jiangsu embroidery") is an important part. Originated in the Han, Xing in the Tang and Song Dynasties, Sheng Yu Ming and Qing Dynasties, has been two thousand years of history. Fine to fine silk, acupuncture careful, elegant colors, known for strong performance. The late Yang embroidered master Lu Shu-xian is the founder and pioneer of Yangzhou "ink embroidered with freehand brushwork". She was born into a scholarly family and embroidered family. On the basis of inheriting the tradition, Lu Shuxian summarized and innovated a unique embroidery technique. Painting is a furnace, the original ink to retain the ink painting freehand brushwork taste, known as "needle painting" reputation, unique in the embroidered altar, its beauty lies in the far-reaching artistic conception and a better meaning into the embroidery skills. Lu Shu-han's granddaughter Lu Weihua childhood monasteries, won the master biography, there are excellent works come out.

     In the exhibition site, Lu Junjian also showcase Yang embroidery process, attracting a lot of people in the side of the crowd, the screen is embroidered lotus exceptionally fine, so that the audience could not help but sigh: too fine, too beautiful. Reporter noted that the exhibits have one from the "Eight Eccentrics in Yangzhou," one of Huang Shen "**** offer longevity" Yang embroidery works, looks up and down at some ends of yellow, the maid on the screen lines like a freehand brushwork in general , Shades appropriate, structured, clear lines, light and smooth, even close to watch, it is difficult to see is embroidery works. Lu Junjian said that this work is her mother Lu Shuxian control in the museum authentic, from 1959 to 1979, after 20 years of embroidery, to Xuzhou before the show, has been the masterpiece of Yangzhou embroidery on display in the Yangzhou process Art Museum.

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