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Department of the ancient mountain residence - Yu Grand Courtyard

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More than the Grand Courtyard [City Cuijia Lane 2 Qing] was built in the Qing Dynasty, the beginning of the Ming family is still part of the Department on the site of the building, the emperor Yuzhong Yuzhong in the middle of Qianlong from the hands of the purchase. Yu Courtyard compound north to south, there are three three courtyards, covering 4222.9 square meters, construction area of 1478 square meters, 105 houses. Building to the hospital as the center, things have a garden. In the courtyard of the large living room for the Ming Department of the Department of the site, Miankuo three 11.7 meters, into the deep seven purlin 8.5 meters, the front porch column, eaves 3.55 meters high. Living room for the living room, the other such as the mill, salt room, study readily available. 2000 maintenance.