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Announcement on Restoration and Opening of the Ancient Residential Area of Hubu Mountain in Xuzhou City

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Dear friends of tourists:

In order to earnestly implement the deployment requirements of the relevant higher-level departments, after discussion and study by our center, the ancient residential area of Hubu Mountain in Xuzhou will be reopened on March 27, 2020. The relevant matters are now announced as follows:

1. Opening hours

Normal opening hours are: Monday to Sunday 9: 00-17: 00 (stop ticket sales at 16:30)

2. Open area

The five courtyards in the scenic area are open normally. Suspend interpretation services, teaching lectures, folk artist performances and other interactive experience projects.

3. Ways to visit

Tourists can enter the park with valid ID and Pengcheng code to purchase tickets. Those who comply with the ticket exemption policy should present valid certificates. Minors must be accompanied by a guardian and temporarily do not accept appointments from travel agencies and other social groups. The daily reception capacity of the scenic spot does not exceed 500 people, and the instant reception capacity does not exceed 100 people.

4. Relevant matters needing attention

Tourists should consciously cooperate with the body temperature measurement before entering the scenic area. Tourists who find abnormal body temperature (≥37 ° C) or have other colds, coughs and wheezing should refuse to visit. Wear masks throughout the visit, not spitting anywhere, not touching exhibits, and keep a visit distance of 1, 5 meters from others.

We will notify you on the official website and public account if there are any changes in related visits. If you have any other questions, please call us at 0516-83805809 83800208.

                            Xuzhou Hubu Mountain Ancient Residential Area

                                   March 24, 2020

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