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The discovery of the Seventh Festival of the Seventh Festival of the Seventh Festival

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In the 7th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, commonly known as "the Qixi Festival". It is one of the most romantic festivals in Chinese traditional festivals. From ancient to modern times, how many beautiful people with a pure heart, with a longing for love, walking in this world, to find the hearts of loved ones that he (she)! With the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, the festival has gradually become a special festival for lovers. The couple will give gifts to each other on this day and spend their happy day, and the boy and girl will choose to confession to her for a long time. It can be said that the day of Valentine's day, the air is filled with the taste of happiness and sweetness.

In order to extend this romance, Xuzhou Folk Museum in the Qixi Festival at hubushan in the occasion, held the traditional "to find the edge of the Qixi Festival blind date. Arrange and organize a series of related activities and performances, relying on the antique dwellings to create a love holy place!

Here, you and he (she) may do matchmaker matchmaker matchmaking accidentaly across, and find the man forever!