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At hubushan in light

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The sophisticated

Ginkgo yellow

This is probably the most beautiful season in hubushan mountain area

The national day of the Mid Autumn Festival

At hubushan in light!

There was a Xuzhou ballad singing like this:

There is a theater on the mountain

There is a city street under the mountain

On Xiang Yu's autumn scene at hubushan in commites Taiwan, once known as the first scenic spot in Xuzhou city.

The Mashan street under the mountain is also the most prosperous street in Xuzhou.

After the Qin Dynasty, the king returned to Pengcheng from Xianyang. Xiang Yu came to Xuzhou, sent in the South outside Xiaonanshan built an altar and ready for romance in the catwalk ", celebration of victory.

High overlord completed, riding a horse to crow hill, saw a tree stump beside the tower, a crow horse tied up, then walk on the platform. The crowd will then climb up the stone steps and sit on both sides of the overlord.

The three cannon rings, and the celebration banquet begins. Overlord, while the crowd will drink and laugh, while watching the soldiers practice. At the end of the banquet, someone offered a circus for the overlord to have fun.

The mountain that hair colorgloss horse uproar, neighing constantly, like the general market.

At this time the circus has reached its climax in the sound of gongs and drums, and is performing "white horse for the first time". With guns, between "Qinglong" and "red" fast like a meteor, rushed in front. The white horse and the black foal are like lightning, followed by the heals. After the race, in the tower and performances of "solo fire", "double circle Ji" and "Hualiu dance", "Sima Tuo Shan"........ it was wonderful to see the circus, the king here, a clap, all will be fascinated, staring without blinking eyes, counsellor the poetic, to the "scholar's four jewels", readily wrote an antithetical couplet:

Different forms of love,

A funny Zhongle million escape.

Later, people built a six corner pavilion under the high platform and carved the couplet upright and upright on the side of the post.

The king Wuyama one horse called Huan anxious, with two ears, staring eyes, neck long loud hiss, hiss like thunder, startled Gunma four legs weak, shiver.  The king saw beloved crow horse magnificent, he ordered the loose.

Tall horse crow flew down to the ground, hoof not Weishan gallop, speed, like the circling in the mountain oolong drop from the clouds. It is said that "Wulongju" is the name of it to the.

Not only Wulongju power is infinite, and good charge into the enemy ranks. It is a fine day, eight hundred night, such as the tramp over mountains and through ravines go flat, mountain can not stop the way, horse hoof in depth. It is difficult to stop and dash about in a battlefield, and charge into the enemy ranks.

At dusk, black horse stopped using the king after listen to. The king call black horse leg jump up to the mountain, standing in front shuanmazhuang. Because of its large body weight, the horseshoe falls, the stone face caved in on a big horse.

Wulongju wild things, towards the king running to sahuan. The tyrant was glad to amuse it, and he knew that it was dark before he left the tower.

As the overlord played the BMW in the high platform, the later people called the high platform "opera horse platform". The places under the mountain become horse horses. Later, the business of Ma city was flourishing and formed a street. This is the origin of "Ma City Street".

The picture comes from the Xuzhou Photographer Association Grand American Pengcheng Award

And twelve and the circle of friends

The video comes from the Xuzhou folk Daguan Garden