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August 12, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News series reported that "I and the Ministry of Mountain memories - my family had lived in Ma Taiwan"

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  In 1978 I went through eight years of decentralization, after school, graduation assigned to the railway station in Xuzhou work. Ready to get married, but suffer from no house. My father spent a lot of trouble in the top of the Ministry of the Ministry of drama Ma Taiwan to get me two rooms for marriage room.

  House in the play Taiwan West House, three Westinghouse a wall lived two households, one of the South lived one, two to the north to live, before I stay, it was Xuzhou People's Broadcasting Studio .

  Three Westinghouse is the number of years, small tile brick, in front of two large ginkgo tree, although dilapidated, Fortunately, the radio studio has been renovated, cement, glass, tall and spacious, about 30 square meters. In that era of housing shortage of this condition is not bad friends.

  With the house, ready to marry the rhythm to speed up. Trustee to buy one side of the wood into the plate to carry the mountain, every day after get off work straight to the mountain dry carpenter live, dark home for dinner, after dinner again up the mountain, his wife to me as a helper, three months after the station cabinet, Large bed, writing desk, two chairs complete.

  One morning, I saw the floor covered with soil turtle, really shocked, swept a half dustpan. So quickly brush the wall with lime water, bar roof. In the roof when I borrowed the ladder to climb the western gable eaves, even found a stone embedded in the brick wall, writing clear. At that time there is no awareness of cultural relics, did not look at the stone under the framework of the paste it in the ceiling.

  West Hospital is a courtyard, then lived seven families. The main room is a two-story building, downstairs surnamed Shang lived a home, I call him business tert-Yadong clothing store is famous tailor. His daughter and my sister is a classmate, with the washing factory in the 729, have this relationship quickly familiar. Upstairs lived in two, there is a surname Chen master work in the coal mine, carpenters will often see me play furniture, it is to talk to. East House lived in two, and I was the door of the hostess of the park Lane Kindergarten teacher Wu, I came to the first day she recognized me, that she used to be my childhood teacher.

  Lived in the mountains for more than three years, because I was late to leave early in the mother's home to eat rice to the mountains to live in the morning leave to go to work, not much contact with the neighbors, only know these three families.

  Living in the mountains there are a lot of inconvenience, the most difficult is no water. To be out of the door under the forty steps to the door of the water pipe to buy water to pick up the mountain. Buy briquettes to buy food to buy food to the mountains back, as in the mountains to cook more difficult to open fire.

  Foyer the north side of a public toilet, not every day to clean up, dirty, and no sewer, manure to the mountain under any drip, Fortunately, when the top of the hill not many households.

  Uncle family gave me a lot of help, often give me a pot of water, or borrow some home use. He lives in three lobbies, bright and spacious, if it is not in the mountains, in that era is really like Villa Villa.

  A year later I had a son, every night his wife holding the child, I carry a thermos bottle uphill, every two days to pick two barrels of water for wash down.

  West Garden of the most warm summer night, each have to move out of the chaise bed and cool bed placed in the ginkgo tree, brew a pot of jasmine, shaking Pu Shan chat a few stars, little mosquitoes on the mountain.

  In 1980, a small project team stationed in opera station, but a dozen individuals, began repairing situation. Since then I heard that to demolition, all households moved out, where the construction of attractions, I hope that the rapid demolition.

  In 1981 the unit leadership to me as a technical backbone, exceptional in the railway three dormitory to me two huts, let me excited, finally down the mountain. Later, Yunlong division to the mother of a two-bedroom building, I did not wait until the demolition put the mountain house to the area.

  Now the West Hospital is the "autumn wind horse" office. Ma Tong is the main hall of the hospital, is also the year's business tert-home, but the two-story building into a layer. East side hall is the home of Miss Wu, now from 144 pieces of brick made of murals, depicting the tense atmosphere of the Banquet. West side hall was where I lived, is now a large mural, outlined after the defeated Gaixia Farewell love Ji's sad scene, "big curtain down", Farewell My Concubine's stunning scenes breathtaking.

  Because the hospital and the West have such a love, so my network name is called the autumn horse.

  In recent years, I often received poetry in the Beijing Association and the poet of the word from the country, they are proposed to Xuzhou to play Ma Taiwan to visit the ancient, every time I took them into the West have a different feeling, there are many of my Good memories.

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