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August 19, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News series reported that "I and the Ministry of Mountain memories - the Ministry of the mountains and old"

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Li Tianjiao

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  Department of Mountain is a historical and cultural heritage of Xuzhou deep mountains, in the wave of reform and opening up, especially in the Golden Age collection of hot, now truly become a Jinshan, Yinshan.

  One to the weekend, the day did not light, businessmen from all over the country took the trolley, came to the Ministry of the second floor of the Hanlin Hill, on both sides of the street to seize the site, one next to a swing of a long stall , Crowded crowded suffer endure, even a pin of the air is hard to find.

  Here the auction calligraphy tweeter constantly, there sell copper gong "bang" to sound and rang. The sound of the various voices in the sound of this ups and downs, bustling. Xinjiang people to sell and nephrite, foreigners selling all kinds of antiques, porcelain, hand string, and a variety of old objects, old books, a time, the million business gathered, full of people, not only to the market flow, But also brought the flow of funds and cultural information flow.

  It was described, the Ministry of Hill Antique Street, Xuzhou Panjiayuan flea market, what kind of things can be bought here.

  Taobao to come in the crowd, a group specializing in paper collection of players. They have to play the tickets, there are playing smoke standard, wine standard, a variety of trademarks, have to play stamps, letters, tickets, but also play marriage books, certificates, stock, housing deeds, as well as playing comic books, old photos, old books , The old posters, the old file information. In short, those who can reflect the history of each era record of the old paper items, are in their collections. Every weekend, they will regularly appear in the Ministry of the mountains, along the stalls selling all the books, carefully searched for the desired collection, to see the stall holders will ask: "What else is doing something good? New with the old things, stall owners will take the initiative to see them, let the selection.

  Lee, who specializes in various trade mark collections, once found a dilapidated old package of parchment paper at an old bookstall, asking for a price of 70 yuan, and finally bargaining and 30 yuan to buy a hand.

  A bad paper, how could it be so valuable? Originally, this piece of paper printed on the fifties of last century Xuzhou Wantong brewery public-private joint during the pickles trademark, one is delicious squid sauce, the other is the crab meat sauce, the site is Zhenhe Street 3, telephone 75- 1051. In the knowledgeable people, this humble paper, which contains a lot of historical and cultural information. The first is its scarcity, rare, and now, 30 dollars to find, but this piece of old paper reflects the information is hard to find. This is also the precious place of this paper. If not be regarded as package parchment, I am afraid it will not save to the present. If it is not a deliberately selling old books carefully from a pile of waste paper in the churn out, perhaps the paper into the paper mill into pulp. Therefore, in the know it's precious place people point of view, this paper is valuable baby. In the minds of collectors, this piece of paper is a historical testimony, it allows future generations to understand the historical information, so that future generations through these old collections and found that the real images, people have a sense of nostalgia through time and space. This legendary travel of the old paper, full interpretation of the fun and meaning of the collection business.

  In Xuzhou play paper collection of professionals, the beard is a very special person. Because he looks fairy, it looks impressive. He played a wide range of paper products, old photographs, old advertising, old trademarks and other paper collections are covered, but this person has always been a secret collection does not show people, many people asked him to show collection of baby, have been rejected. He collected a 1950 Xuzhou Post and Telecommunications Bureau issued a manual, the above brought together dozens of well-known businesses and enterprises in Xuzhou product advertising. This is to understand the state of economic development in Xuzhou was very meaningful. Is such an advertisement, I have chased him for a few months to see next, he promised me to take in his face took a few photos.

  At a national paper collection exchange meeting, I found a beard a small booth to look through the collection, encounter favorite collections, to bargain to buy down. At noon to point, he took the food in one hand and eat pancakes, one hand is still looking at collections. That lens makes me very moved, it is really sleepless nights to put one, the kind of patience, tenacity, that feeling, not the average person can do.

  In order to Amoy to the baby, Taobao people are from dawn to dusk, do not miss any chance of a treasure hunt. Meet the old object is a fate, only to seize the initiative, in order to buy good things. Only in this way can the hands of a large number of valuable collections.

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