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2016 年 9 月 2 日 Pengcheng Evening News Series reported that "the Department of the Ministry of Mountain courtyard courtyard things Zheng things"

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Zheng Tan of "deep Temple script"

Text + map Wang Daqin


    Department of the mountains of the Zheng family compound, is the end of the Qing Dynasty Xuzhou celebrities Zheng Shuping living place. Zheng Shuping (1871-1930), the word of Tanzania, the line three, said the official Zheng three lords.

Ya matter who is not vulgar elegance and noble things. So to say, there are about four things ya courtyard:

    Yiyue has a name, mainly refers to the name of the elegant, garden name Ya, Ya Ming and Pavilion name Ya Ya.

    The first person said Ya. Zheng Shuping, also known as Zheng in the Road. Young read "after the Han Zheng Jun Chuan", that Zheng are disgusted with corrupt officials, urged the county magistrate when the brother of reform, by the often bribery into a clean good officer. Due to the practice of admiring Zheng are, so want to change "in the Road" as "in both." Are flat, and the line three, it was eventually renamed Zheng Shuping. Later, read "Book of Changes", see by the "Road Tao Tan, quiet Zhen Zhen Ji," the language, so for their own word "Tanzania", meaning "gentleman Tanzania also." You see, "Shuping" in the name and "Tanzania" in the word, its meaning is how elegant and noble ah!

    Say Park name Ya. Zheng has a small area of the original back garden, the last century, 20 years, and bought the adjacent Zhai back garden, the two open up the park, even into one. At the same time repair stone stairs channel, filling flat platform, planted flowers, also built a small building in the park and leisure pavilion three Ying. For this renovation of a new garden, calligrapher, the late Qing Dynasty lifts Zhang Boying named "Zheng Valley Park."

"Zheng Gu", the code, "Han", according to the Western Han Dynasty Zheng Zizhen seclusion Yunyang Taniguchi, the world that "Taniguchi Zhen Zi true." Emperor Liu Dixiang reign, the great general Wang Fengli hired, should not, later called it worthy of the lofty "Gao Shi." Zheng Shuping also Zheng Zi really "Gao Shi" of the festival, he must career road, Du door reading, and follow the trend of the times, love new learning, seek new knowledge, and take the road of education to save the nation.

    Guangxu thirty-two years (1906), Zheng Shuping candidates to the Tongshan County higher primary school as a professor, teaching history. After the Revolution of 1911, he also raised funds, in the play Ma Songshan set up a green room Chu Taiwan primary school, there are two classes of students A and B. In order to stimulate the love of young students love home, he personally compiled a book "Xuzhou history", become the first modern local teaching materials in Xuzhou. As the author himself said: "a county one country and one country can be part of the country, the country is also aware of the fact that both its stems carry on, and a fishing trip to the ancestral mausoleum of the tomb, Gu Su Ran in the Code of the failure, candle miles and dark In close proximity, it can be said to suppress the sudden also.

    In Zhang Boying's view, Zheng Shuping's indifference and fame, stealth for the school, to serve the motherland and Xiangzi move, is not "Taniguchi Zhen Zi" spirit of reproduction and continuation of it? Solid and will Zheng Garden named "Zheng Valley Park", is not it appropriate?

Also said that the name of the building and Pavilion. Zheng Valley Park on the small building and the pavilion, Yunlong Xiufeng, Kui Shan residual tower and the Yellow River clean, panoramic view. In the old friend of Zheng Shuping, Qing Qijun Qi Han Yun, the board can be embraced floor, tread can also be accompanied by clouds, so Yaxing Daihatsu, will be named for the small building called "last month floor" for the pavilion named " With Yunting. " In this regard, the presence of all the people clapped.

    It is precisely because of these poetic and elegant name, so Zheng Valley Park, last month, and with Yunting soon famous, spread throughout the city of Xuzhou.

    Second, there will be elegant, mainly refers to the annual "99 will be cold."

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Xuzhou's cultural celebrities have a gathering of the cold-Ya Xing. Among them, Qihan Yun, Wang Xueyuan, Wang Jiayuan, Han Zhizheng, Li Yunan, Zhang Congren, Zhang Boying, Yu Xiangzhi, Cui Shulan, etc., in nine each year to do, must meet in the last month floor of Zheng Shuping held "99 will be cold." At the appointed time, everybody ascends the building to watch the scenery, talks about the politics, the liquor composes the poem, for a time is spreads for the beautiful talk. According to the information, in the Guangxu twenty-four years (1898) organized the "nine out of the cold will", Zheng Shuping has improvised wrote such a poem:

         I was mad is not alone, Liang Peng meet a total of furnace.

         On the Effect of Three Verses in Tang Poetry and.

         Warm Court feast to open a candle, Laomei on the brush wall.

         Cold will be no more days, return to the language of the early morning kitchenPaoding.

    Then the annual cold will not be held once, but take turns to sit, held several times. Every time we all rush to compose poems, the songs they see and hear, the sense of enlightenment, Qi Hanyun, Han Zhizheng, Li Yunan, etc., have passed away cold poetry. Now Qi Han Yun Zheng Gu Park wrote "99 will be cold," the three poems are reproduced below:


         Denglou a look wild wuping, end of the night from the wild sound of shock.

         Electric shock Yan Chi line of land, cloud low thin hidden mountain city.

         Dongchuan poem good at Tang Xian, the high density of the Han Dynasty.

         The host and guest are happy to believe in the United States, sit in Hao situation.


         Here with the old name Pavilion, last month, according to the new building-shaped.

         North overlooking the 10,000 candle fire, east half of the mountain screen.

         Attentive persuade wine Yan who red, Zhuo Luo view book from the green.

         The status of the head on the moon is good, his back laughing atrium.


         Meet the cold-Hing not alone, high-grade silver candle with gold furnace.

         Friends have to coincide with the number of three or three, painting should only 99map.

         Five characters on the new poem ride, a hook according to court corner.

    The above-mentioned situation shows that the "Jiujiuhanhanhui" is a gathering of literati, is the recitation of the astrological will, is also the local celebrities exchange feelings to enhance friendship, the elegance of the gas is impressive.


Third, there are elegant tours, mainly on the stone inscriptions and other antiques play and appreciation.

    Zheng Shuping love life stone inscriptions, and have a high appreciation ability, he even pawn clothing to buy the Qin and Han even the occasion of the Fateh between the Yuan and Ming, decades of possession of various types of rubbings have reached hundreds of characters. In Xuzhou, enthusiastic insiders and other antique treasures Zhang Boying, Wang Xueyuan, Ge Kuizhong, Li Yunan, Qi Hanyun, who often meet in Zheng Shuping last month floor and with Yunting, their collections out, appreciate each other Play. Or on a collection cited by the Code, the first on the foot, and even argue, until the middle of the night, only the name of their lanterns, along the twists and turns of the Department of Stone Dan Deng, slowly walk home.

    These people not only collection of rubbings and calligraphy and other antiques, but also help identify authenticity. Zheng Shuping, Wang Xueyuan and other people in the guest room, the resident of Lunan area of the rubbings waiting to identify or seek buyers. A man named Lunqing, who had asked Wang Xueyuan to identify a Southern Song Dynasty famous painter Qian election paintings. After the identification of Wang Xueyuan reply said: "money is very good, but the name of the election money Shun Shun, paragraph should be signed." He wrote the word, what Yeah?

     I also collected a letter to Wang Shou-Yuan wrote to Zheng Shuping, the letter said: "Zheng three lords: the fake pieces, three-axis, Bongjiaoqi." Means that some time ago by your calligraphy, , Has been sent to you. From this letter can be seen, when Xuzhou collectors often borrowed from each other to borrow the taste of the collection, and then finished Choi Zhao.

    According to the relevant information, when the collectors in Xuzhou also presented each other collections. For example, Li Yunan Huan possession of stone Yan, only the famous Duan Yan has more than 20 parties, it will be the bookstore named "twenty Yan". In the appreciation of an activity on the floor, Li Yunan Qi Han Yun home that there is a small box of stone Yan, Qi Qi inquire about the specific situation. Qi Han Yun Li Yunan know the meaning of old friends, they unreservedly will be home to the stone Yan all presented to him, and a poem:

        How ink actually stained Zhu, blue and white banana leaves blurred for a long time.

        Open Lian laughed every reward, for the writing of Dongpo wash Yan diagram.

    It is worth mentioning that, Xuzhou collectors in the appreciation of taste antique, but also often poetic Daihatsu, for the future generations left a lot of poetry and appreciation-related.

    For example, Zhang Boying to Beijing, the new creation of each, always send back or ask people back to Xuzhou, send Zheng Tan, Wang Xueyuan, who enjoy. In this regard, Zheng Shuping very touched, so he wrote a poem to express the thoughts of the far-flying geese of love. The poem reads:    

         High-rise straight up with the cloud-ping, million wood Xiaoxiao leaves sound.

         Yuan Yan half-day through the sunset, Han Shan Shi Li Gucheng.

         Male dispute Chu Han pregnant the previous generation, only to draw money Liu wins the name.

         A spring can not be, and again to poetry times times.

    Again, Zhang Boying occasionally from Beijing to Xu, Xu collectors will be invited to the last month of the floor, Zheng Shu Ping, appreciation painting Kam posts, Chang Syria friendship. In this regard, Zhang Boying is also very grateful, had improvised poetry:      

        The city can be strict and quiet, not because of rain and rain.

        Most is the old rain kai new rain, reading monument in this building.

    Another example, once Wang Xueyuan his own collection of "Sima Xiangru bronze" to get on the floor for the Friends of the appreciation of Tibet, Qi Han Yun see after a big surprise, that is a priceless treasure immediately gave a "Xing three Sima Changqing was a small Indian poetry to Zhang, "the seven laws, and later also gave a famous" Sima Changqing bronze song. " Now the transcripts are as follows: 

        One side of the small print of Sima, the Western Han article Yan in hereby.

         Take the word He Yin No. dogs, incarnation of end is Wedelia.

         Zixu have a fame far, music album structure late.

         Jun is also better than Changqing, Maoling partial concubine attendant.

      In fact, the identification and ornamental stone inscriptions and other antiques, both need to have extensive knowledge to support, but also need to have a strong taste to boost the refined elegance. Otherwise, this kind of drilling the activities of the pile of paper, it will become very confused and boring.

      Fourth, there are Yawen, Zheng Shu-ping, said there are many spread in the United States.

Living in the deep courtyard of the Zheng Shuping, all day immersed in the study of classical, and the hand does not release the tube, wrote many wonderful beauty. Until his later years he is still tirelessly to modify and delete, but failed to complete, died in 1930.

      In order to save these precious manuscripts, his students and descendants Wang Xueqiao, Wang Kentang, Zheng Wanyu, etc., carried out a detailed arrangement, collation and copying work, and published in 1933, named " Um manuscript ".

     "Manuscript" up and down two volumes, a total of 51 articles included in various articles. "Manuscript" by Zhang Boying hand title and preface, Wang Xueqiao is attached at the end of order. "Manuscript" volume for the history of theory and inscriptions, the next volume is a mass, praise and narrative tour. The history of the article, magnanimity, talk thoroughly, and there is no lack of unique insights. Its narrative travels, neatly written, beautiful writing, when the scene is a wonderful pen, read like the spring breeze was blowing, people seem to be together with a taste of, sigh with that round after round of the colorful landscape. Now, "Sao Temple Manuscripts" in the excerpts of some of the excerpts of the article copied as follows:

     "Yunlongshan mind": "... ... leaning Pavilion and look, the West Plains 1000 ares, stone bridge wild temple nestled in the mountain stream between the songs.Those overlooking the gun city, the fireworks 10000, floor Jiege the wrong When the time of the summer, the Japanese, such as burning, the Russian wind and gust, rain surging, rivers and mountains dark Ming.Find Yunlong Zhufeng, from the plains and thin empty, the clouds open and close, Tau Kok, such as the first dragon and not see Heavy to flames swept empty, Jing Ting fell to ground, as if driven by wind and thunder, by the thousands of clouds on the clouds and those who, because the name of Yunlong ... ... "

     "Huan Kui Ta mind": "Jun Chengnan, Kuishan from Hirano, for the Taishan of the pulse.Test of about a few towers on the tower, such as the column of Zhi Zhi Zhi Yun table, and to the mountain name. Playing horse Taitung, Denglou see the tower ... ... Huang Xiuliu is a mountain, magnificent, if the floating water boarded in the tower, while the Piao Ying River sound, and Fu Chaoyun twilight Margaret of the odd, ... ... Water solid, white sand boundless, Zitata also wind and rain destroyed, no longer a hundred years ago majestic view.

     "Watch cattle slaughter cattle": "You unitary (1909) Zhong Qiu, to the township because of things, there are slaughtering cattle ... ... back as a cow, the Department of trees, calves over the years, bow road next to the grass, If not, the butcher returned to the room to find the knife out of the cow Gu the trembling, but if the reverse, know that they will kill those who have to cable to trip the foot, pull it, cattle 踣. When the cows have fallen to the ground tied, and then still lead to the calf, tongue licked .Calf whine, the cow also whine, if the inverse of life and death ... ... butcher who is the knife to his throat , The cows reluctantly roared, calf embarrassed urgent situation, Ming Yi sorrow, has re-Kuangtiao, washed away the crowd, if the pain of his mother's tragic death, but could not bear witnesses.

     "Sakamoto Manuscript" in the minds of travel articles also have "Xi Jing Xuan mind", "Chu Taiwan school record", "Qi statues residual stone in mind", "yellow rat mind", "Ge Ma can be pastor Yi line monument" , Pianpian I love reading. Because these articles narrative is also real, scenery is also wonderful, lyrical also true, simple and moving language, can be described as vivid, people drunk in them.

Mo was drunk enough to return late, good governance today, the Huan public kitchen.


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