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2016 年 9 月 2 日 Pengcheng Evening News series reported that "I and the Ministry of Mountain memories - the unforgettable Ministry of Mountain Love"

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In 1959, my family and some of our old neighbors moved from the Meiren Lane in the center of the city to the No. 16 North Hill Lane in the city center, a high-rise courtyard in the courtyard of a high-rise building, like a washboard and a ramp.

    Department of the mountain youth dream

    The three courtyards inside the housing construction regular, main room, Westinghouse, South House, East House is a brick wall small tile roof, five ridges and six beasts built according to regulations. The yard is full of large stone paving, spacious, bright hall, a splendid, large square brick floor, walking in the above feel more relaxed. In the three courtyards I live in the backyard room, the house Dongnuanxialiang.

The Ministry of Hill is not high, is said to also 70 meters, because from the city near, but also because the Yellow River is not afraid of the flood of water, so when the Ming Dynasty, some families set up the Department of the Department of Yamen, . Officials, wealthy businessmen have to build a house here, on the hillside housing construction was scattered chic.

    The last century in the fifties and sixties of the Ministry of the east, north and west sides are busy commercial street. Ma Street also has an important feature, the entire street east and west head of a primary school, middle of the street there is a medium-sized hospitals.

Department of the mountain on three sides of the streets according to the prevailing market conditions, are considered spacious, cars coming and going, steady stream. But from these three directions to find the way up the mountain is not Zeyang the. The west is almost no way to the mountains, from the west end of the horse market was meandering meandering to Cui home flagpole, only one can walk to play Ma stone stone road. East there is a small narrow alley, the two had come across the sideways.

    Only north of the household North Lane more spacious, the car must be backwards open to go out before they can come out. This section has a distance of about 100 meters, is the only way to look up the mountain road. From the Ma Street to the Ministry of the mountain to go, the first 100 meters of the slope is very small, not more than 10 degrees, but close to households Lane West Lane and home, about less than 50 meters of the road suddenly steep slope, about 30 Degree of slope, and this section of the road east is a two-story high-rise West gable.

    I do not have a good impression of this high-rise of the blacksmith, listen to the North Lane neighbors said: "liberation of the building is a prostitute to live, as if Chunxiang Court, after the liberation left a good prostitute to do a dress Plant, and then later changed to residential housing.I lived in the North Lane for 27 years, the memory only went twice, one is curious, one is to find someone.

    Hutong Lane Xiangxiang Lane is actually home to the North, around the Ministry of Shandong and Shandong Department of the Department of Shanxi slope of the two long, dark alley.

    The east wall of the East Lane is Zheng, Yu and Zhai home wall. The east wall of Huxiang Lane is basically the west wall of the opera table. Wall height is small, but also strange scary. Summer, I went to any one of the alley to catch cricket, never dare to go alone, looking at the wall covered with green moss, and my heart afraid I do not know what the demons and ghosts, scorpions 蚰 蚰 to bite me

     Youth, I can live to the Ministry of the mountains, flew in the heart to produce a very heavy vanity, because Xuzhou people know a folk song, "poor North Pass, rich South Pass, the rich are the Ministry of Household Hill "And complacent. After two years in the Department of Hill, I rose from primary school to secondary school, junior high school students heard that I live in the Ministry of the mountain to always ask me: "You live in the Ministry of Hill, your house must be very rich? To such questions, my heart will be complacent, as if living in the Ministry of Hill will become rich. However, the mouth will not help tell the truth to my classmates, my home is moved from the Meiren Lane 8, I have money in my spare time to pick up cigarette butts on the road, the winter will be sold in the South Gate Bridge steamed red taro ?

    I live in the Ministry of households only by the Ministry of Mountain Hill glory, a dream of a beautiful future.

    We moved from the Meiren Lane to the Ministry of Hill, the family did not have a stable economic income. Mother led his grandchildren three generations of three people living in the main room of a half house. The burden of maintaining the pressure of life in the mother's heart, I am young and do not matter, I do not know sorrow. Every day after school came home, do not eat coarse grains and coarse grains I can eat. Winter, I get up, the mother has long been in the honeycomb stove with casserole 焐 hot salty two last rice (there are cabbage, vermicelli, dried white beans, star anise, etc.). I put on clothes washed face, put on the stove around the dry cotton shoes, drinking hot and delicious thick porridge, dry sweat on his forehead, full of energy go to school.

In the eyes of teachers and students, I always wear clean and tidy. One winter I put on a Lenin dress (my mother changed clothes with the three aunt), men and women are envious of the students.

    Department of mountain birth of first love

    Live in North Lane Lane 16 three years later, I was on the second day. Probably to the age of love when the beginning of the first time, on the surface or emphasize the draw clear boundaries between men and women, my heart always like the idea of a beautiful girl. One day, I suddenly found the front yard also lived a small beauty.

     She is so petite and exquisite, oval face large eyes, rosy face, black plaits waist long. She is so diligent and capable, shoulder bucket Akira You, from the horse to the west of the city to pick two barrels of water to the North Lane Lane 16, appears to be lightweight and clever.

I often carry water, I know the weight of the two barrels of water, not I do not help her house carrying water, is afraid of fellow neighbors joke. Her smartness was often praised by her aunties. When the supply of non-staple food was distributed as planned. Each has a non-staple food, the distribution of various types of non-staple food by the population each year, with tickets to the living area to buy things, but also recorded in the non-staple food. Just moved to that year, our residents also belong to the courtyard of the district streets, she was also Shaohua Street primary school, so the aunt of the yard will make her aunt to help buy food, buy meat, buy oil salt Sauce vinegar. At noon home she will give each generation to buy the food was clearly, the money is not bad to return each.

    Neighbors in praise of her at the same time, and sometimes will teach me, often say the sentence is: "You are also good to the front courtyard of the Third Sister learn a lesson, help adults do housework, do not know the whole day naughty mischief! "I face the neighbor's questioning, only non-stop nod replied," I learn from her, learn from her ", in fact, I said in my heart, I like you than you do.

Silently watching, peeping quietly, slowly I like the front yard of the Third Sister (in fact, she was smaller than me). Summer, she often wore a water-green seersucker dress, pink bow on the head, and sometimes will lead to really dragonflies in her head playing a circle, it is truly beautiful!

    After a short time, my heart suddenly want to write a poem for her. Now I still remember my poem is written: "My table 妺 small water Zoroastrianism / whole body wet / footsteps quietly quietly / during the day could not reach reach / night in front of me floating ... ..."

    The most memorable time is after the junior high school summer vacation. At home and other admission notice, we yard boys and girls under the age-like, a leisure will be gathered to the North Lane 16, "big than Di" leisure La Gua, Tiannanbeibei, bristling to McCain, and sometimes Listening to the yard there are big brother of art and literature cells play music in Guangdong. I now also "Choi Wan Chasing the Moon," "Flowers and Teen" song feel particularly cordial, as if the voice of their loved ones back to the side.

     And her stay in the "big than Di", generally I will not leave first, more often hope that other partners can leave the "big than Di", only the two of us chatting together, talk about do not want to let others Listen to the whisper.

Department of the mountain in the summer is comfortable, "greater than Di" in the summer even more comfortable, cool and cool breezes. Ministry of the mosquitoes less mountain, mosquitoes in the wind almost no. If you suddenly encounter a heavy rain, we will be crowded in the high-ballasted stairs to see the scenery. Like rain poured down to ten minutes or more, the mountain will be like the mountains like the mountain stream, rolling down the roll, the case of uneven stone, will soon splash the feet of the high spray. If someone at this time up the mountain, the spray will splash his (her) thigh. Sharp - eyed people sometimes suddenly shouted out: "Quick look, worms, insects in the mountains to red it, against the water upstream.

     I was excited when I saw the water. Once I gave her a problem: "language class on behalf of the scenery to see the light Yeah, to the first poem." She said: "You are learning members, you come." I said: Rolling the Ministry of household water on the mountain / spray splashing red thigh / you have to be afraid to say / I am not afraid of the Navy water. I finished, the you. "Her face red said:" You are a second trouble. " . I immediately shouted: "hey, hey, here is a poem (wet) why leave." "Ignore you!" She put down a word or go.

     Sometimes I would suggest teaching her to ride a bike. We will discuss how to steal from home after a good dinner, where to meet. General I start from the home bike, in the horse market street Yunlong District Hospital door waiting for her, she came to me after riding a bike with her in front of a wide six road to practice.

    Department of the mountains to do wedding

    From acquaintance to love, from love to love, from love to love, Qiubite sword has finally hit the girl's heart. In 1979, she and I finally got married.

    We are the most important event in life, get all the relatives and friends of congratulations. My family relatives Su aunt heard we were going to get married soon after the news, very happy, that you two are very good match of good marriage. She came all the way from the West to my home Hershey, the next day and let her three sons Su Zhengzuo sent us red hi hi pairs. Eight golden lines of the word, the font is larger than the large tea tray is also large, left and right sides are Luan Feng and Ming, Qin Joseph dependencies. People coming and going, familiar, unfamiliar to see the word will boast one or two sentences. Third Brother at the time of Xuzhou calligraphy and painting industry is already quite famous literati. Now we still regret the end of the wedding, did not take down to save the child.

    After the mother's arrangements, our marriage room in the election in the "big than Di" of the ear. "Greater than Di" witnessed our love, my heart will never extinguish the complex.

    Before the wedding, we paste the ceiling, brush powder wall, paint the door, put furniture. Xu Yue next door and my cousin Wang Yang a free to come to help, cut hi words, including candy.

    We had a wedding on the eve of the National Day that year. The wedding was held in front of the back yard. I wore a blue tunic, she wore a rusty red swallow collar coat, and finished three bowls and nine kowtows in the beautiful blessing of the front-line neighbor Wei Boshun. Followed by the dissemination of candy, please friends and family to drink wedding banquet.

    Wedding, all relatives and friends all Jiaokouxuandao, said the wedding is really thick. Auspicious dish name, unforgettable food taste, all my neighbor brother to help me make arrangements, please cook, prepare the stove, point menu, he let my heart without distraction to run a good thing in life. Good brother, I'm here to give you a bow.

    Department of mountain condensate of warmth

    After my marriage I still work at Jiawang Hanqiao Coal Mine, and she worked very hard in one. Children in kindergarten, most of the mother to Park Lane kindergarten to pick. Say maternal love, from the Ministry of Hill to Park Lane kindergarten every day so many ways to go, I never heard my mother said to me tired and bitter.

     After the start of the Cultural Revolution, my brother was sent to the northeast Panjin Dawa farm to receive re-education, his second son (my nephew) received the mother to support. My nephew can not do without me, I want to hold him to coax him to sleep at all times, the deepest impression is: I often hold him to the East Lane, a high-profile office, is now "right to keep the arch" that place. There was a platform there, to the northeast, can see the bell tower at the top of the bell tower. I was there to coax him to play, pointing to the northeast direction complained to him, your parents also miss you in the Northeast, do not cry do not trouble, your parents will soon come to Xuzhou meet you, Can play together.

Such and such a warm memory of the Ministry of the mountain, but also a lot.

    I lived in the mountain for 27 years, which is the most important time of my growing river. I went through primary school, middle school and other places to study. I went through unemployment, experienced the Cultural Revolution, experienced love, The housing demolition and transfer work. Numerous conflicts, reconciliation, settlement, every major event always have friends to help me.

    In 1984, Huang Ke-hui's eye-bead transferred me from the Hanqiao Mine to the bureau. More than a year later, he saw my Hutushan housing dangers, and do everything possible to fight for me to the families of the district building, and arrange two cars to help me move. Moving house after the mountain house has been dilapidated, look up from the interior, through the ceiling to see the white clouds and blue sky. I am unable to repair, my friend Li Zhaizhi know my difficulties, I bought a 10-meter color of the cloth, the roof of the three main room full coverage.

    The feelings between friends need time to sharpen, but also need to temper things. Ministry of the mountains of these friendships, I will not forget.

    Department of Hill, you are my fate, is the best memories of my life.

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