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August 19, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News series reported that "the Ministry of the mountain courtyard of the past, the power of the family filial piety family filial piety and inheritance"

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Department of the right of the right of the arch of the right to Jin portrait

The right of the villa Guhuai (Tongshan District, Lee Countryship Lei Zhuang)

Department of the right of the mountain family arch

Ching Ming Festival before the whole family memorial service


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The right to bring home arch, Xuzhou old people know that its original location is in the north gate of Xuzhou Street, that was the middle of the unified street. After the reform and opening up, municipal construction, the demolition of the unified street, in order to protect the right of the arch, the only royal building in Xuzhou, built a courtyard in the Ministry of Hill, opened up the new home of the right ancestral hall, and restore the fine towering right Home arch. Right to the right to move to Xu ancestor, and now, has spread to more than twenty years.

    Right to Xiaogan the world

    Right to, his family is honest, filial piety inheritance. His grandfather was talented, honest man, honor his parents, not from the Yuan Dynasty office. Father weighs, knowledgeable. Mother, it is the Bing Xing, no to the father buried, was buried under the East wall, and push the wall as a sign. After the expiration of mourning traveled Quartet, wide knowledge. Yuan Ren sent him to do Yizhou know he sent to the minister ashamed to resign.

    Right to, Yuan positive twenty-six years (1366), was born in Xuzhou north of Linyi, it is the end of the Yuan Dynasty war. At the age of three, with his parents from Linyi's ancestral Zaolin Gang, moved to Xuzhou, in the northwest corner of Xuzhou, that is rich country street, County Department of street area. The right of the Sun Quanzu ancestors in the "Genealogy Genealogy," "Bachelor of filial piety Zhong Changgong chronological order" said since the "right to name before the Pengcheng people." This short phrase, meaning the right to move into Xuzhou, and settled in Xuzhou, Xuzhou to the name of the right to look. So eight years later, after his father weigh the dead, follow the elder brother to the ancestral mausoleum Dongchang ancestors, ancestral bones to Xuzhou, please people, determined in Xuzhou city north nine miles of Zhao Tanshan's southern slope, selected auspicious burial. So, the right to name the family's woodland is also identified in Xuzhou.

    The right to inherit the filial piety of the family tradition, the father, although the right to just 11 years old, he "sorrow destroyed a few, such as adult" (genealogical chronological order, the same below), with adults, according to the funeral kneeling kowtow. Since then obey his mother's teachings, "said compliance Zixun, mother of filial piety." Right to begin at the age of 41 official career, punish the poor poor, pray for rain to save Li Sheng, respected by the people. To 52 years old, "genealogy" that he "into the official more than ten years, on the pro-Paul, King Fao solitary solitary, pure one to", "Feng mother sincere, not taste the first taste, ".

    Right to 55 years old, the mother of malaria due to a heavy illness, the right to "bow to the Tang Yao, Jidu appeal, seeking to body on behalf of" careful care, mother disease gradually better. People say that this is the right of the sincere filial piety moved heaven and earth. Two years later, the mother again sick, and soon passed away. Right to three days without a water slurry, fainting several times. He was in accordance with the rules of family ceremony, buried in the tomb next to the tomb, to build the tomb of Mao tomb for three years, "this right is already 57 years of age right now The old man, his filial piety touched all things. Legend, the right to keep the tomb, the resulting grave edge of a spring emission, hare also to companion.

    Filial piety, Wenhua Dian big scholar, Prince Edward Taifu, filial piety Square, right to filial piety with the world, his wife called for the wife, the ruling and opposition Yang and the effect. Right after the birth and death, the court on the right home many times to praise, the right to become the "History of Ming" 46 as "Xiaoyi" one of the models, and the author of "right to Biography." Since the Western Zhou Dynasty in China to promote filial piety. Filial piety is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. "It is also filial piety and good guilty of those who, fresh men" ( "The Analects of Confucius and"). "Filial piety to, greater than respect for the pro" ( "Mencius million chapter"). Small, "filial piety" is reflected in the support of parents for obedience; large; that is extended to loyalty, patriotism, loyalty. Right in the early years of the Ming Dynasty, to promote loyalty and filial piety, for the family Heshun, especially for social stability and national consolidation, not unreasonable.

    Filial piety, loyalty filial piety, arch

    Ming Yongle twenty years (1422), the right to protect the mother for the tomb of Mao Lu three years, Xiaogan world filial piety, filial piety, Xuzhou people witnessed and extol.

Yongle twenty-two years, led by Huang Jing elders "filial piety even name was like" to Xuzhou state government, request to give the table. At this time the state of Xuzhou know Yang Mi, Yang secretly diligent in Xuzhou, diligent, bridge, repair temple school, historical records, said he "more politically motivated people." When his term expired, the people wrote a letter to retain, the court allowed, Yang secretly known as Xuzhou know 18 years.

    Qing Dynasty was included in Xuzhou "Ming Huan Temple" by followers to follow the example. Yang secretly received the praise of the people like the right to be like, and immediately colleagues in the "performance with the emperor heard." The following year, was given as "dutiful son", and was called into the capital, thanks to the Mandarin Hall of the University of Prince counsel. This is his filial piety by the court's first Jingli, although this right to already 60 years old, this is his great honor, but also the glory of the family of the right.

    The more two years, Xuande two years, the Ministry of Rites have issued a purpose, "Jing table filial piety right to filial piety of the door, the name of the home said Zhongxiao Tang.Special purpose Jianfang, Yong Juan corvee.

    In ancient times by the imperial court to establish a special purpose, is to go through a level of declaration, the establishment of the arch also has a variety of specifications and treatment, the right of the arch is the emperor "special purpose", and completed in that year, and never exempt corvee , Is indeed a high standard, is the family line matter. Therefore, "genealogical year sequence table," that such treatment, "so to the Viscount praise of the ceremony thick, can be described as carry on." From the individual to the family gauges family portal, the court can also see the respect of filial piety.

    This calculation, the right to the family arch is in Xuande two years, that is completed in 1427, dating back about 600 years of history. This is now the ancient city of Xuzhou in the oldest arch of the.

    Right in 1442 died, at the age of 77 years. In order to sacrifice, the right to the eldest son of the right to apply for the establishment of the right to apply for the ancestral hall. In 1476, the right of the ancestral hall was built. The court and give the right of the ancestral hall, enjoy and Xuzhou Confucious'temple in the "Xiangxian Temple" the same treatment, that is, "with Xianghung Palace", that is, the Spring and Autumn Festival, Xuzhou students in the state government under the instruction of Confucian Temple The first holy Confucius, after the ancient sages, must go to the right to keep the arch, the right of the ancestral hall to worship the right to filial piety, to enter Ye Sixian, follow filial piety.

    The right to the Ming Dynasty arch, should be located in the northwest corner of Xuzhou, a hall, gatehouse, rooms, stone and so on. The end of the Ming Dynasty revelation flood, the right of the ancestral hall, the right to be destroyed by the arch of the flood.

  Qing Dynasty Shunzhi three years (1646) was rebuilt, the reconstruction is to move to the north gate of the street, that is unified street middle of the road, this street is from the north of the post road, the western waterway into Xuzhou must pass through , But also near the state government bureaucratic, Xuzhou city can be described as Quzhou, the site here, is the gift of the court, the court also granted the right to keep the arch, "Tian Yuan Yuan Fu," "Zhongxiao Ming Chen", "Central Plains" Characters, and provides the right to each family can seal a person as "Fengsheng Sheng", that is exempt from the examination and have scholar qualifications, enjoy Fenglu, by the worship of the right to host the ritual.

    These honors and treatment, once again laid the right to loyalty and filial piety of the status of ministers and loyalty to the country's important role.

    The right to keep the arch, in 1987 was listed as municipal heritage conservation units. In 1990, due to the needs of municipal construction, the demolition of the arch, the Department of the Ministry of the mountain, and the Xuzhou cultural highlands, the Department of residential buildings in the mountains together.

    In 2004, the right to complete the arch. Is still the architectural style of the Qing Dynasty, the first door hanging "edict" plaque, that is, "Chi made" sign. The middle of the main hall is the portrait of the right couple, both sides of the couplet is the Emperor Qianlong to Xuzhou right to the title. On the portrait of the right to wear the official uniform is the Ming Dynasty is five clothing. On the left side of the portrait is the portrait of the rightful parents, and on the right is the portrait of the son of the right and his wife. South house is the right of the ancestors of the ancestors of the hero, North House is the genealogy of the family.

    The newly built power is not only the place of Qing's sacrifice, but also for the people of Xuzhou, the local tourists to visit, to promote the loyalty of filial saints, promote the traditional Chinese virtues.

    Xuande early construction, Shunzhi rehabilitation, the Ministry of Hill to build, this is the right to write about 400 years of Xuzhou relocation history.

    Filial Dutiful Daughter - in - law 's Selection: Filial Duty Extension

    Right to Zhongxiao co-existence, pro-charitable acts, outstanding talent, doing a lot of public welfare in Xuzhou things. He participated in the compilation of the earliest local chronicles of orthodox Xuzhou "Pengcheng", and for the sequence, said:

   "I state since the name of the county for the past, and the history of the truth can be recorded more than carry on.Ji since the Song of the dispute, the soldiers of the Yuan Dynasty, the county does not exist, are annihilation and no smell."

    This may be the Xuzhou people we see Xuzhou history Chi by the earliest comments. Xuande years to donate to repair the Yunlongshan big Buddhist temple, Yunlongshan stone Buddha remains a preamble on a monument to record the matter, the right to filial piety Yide Takubu Pengcheng, the right of family descendants are mainly located in the surrounding areas of Xuzhou, , To "cultivate the heart for the people, the school to support the whole family, and friendship and justice, law-abiding" as Zu Feng family training.

    The right to move to the Ministry of Archives Hill, in recent years, the right clan annual ritual activities have been organized in an orderly manner, the right to Tai Meng, the right to open camp, the right to red light, who initiated the establishment of the right people would like to fraternity, Since 2014, the annual Ching Ming Festival held in the Ministry of the mountain memorial activities. Then from Qinghai, Shandong Liaocheng, Anhui Xiaoxian Suzhou Huaibei, Jiangsu Li Guolai Zhuang Jia Wang Quan Taiwan, Pizhou places Yangshan, Xuzhou Yunlong Quanshan Tongshan big Pengzhen Nan Yangzhuang and other places of the tribe, from Da Da.

    Association also from 2014 onwards, decided to recognize the filial filial daughter, a move to get the tribe to respond. In the new historical period, the selection of filial piety and filial daughters-in-law is the new meaning and new atmosphere for the ancestors of Ching Ming Festival, Xiaoyi and sowing virtues. For the inheritance of ancestor virtues, Old and harmonious family traditions, to promote the law-abiding social morality, is our right clan obligations.

    Over the past three years, the Association has commended more than 30 filial filial daughter-in-law, have a positive impact. The right of filial piety, such as due diligence and self-sacrifice of the right to learn wisdom, known as "Jia Wang first filial piety," the right to take care of old mother more than ten years of the right to Qihao, more than two years to wait for cerebral hemorrhage father rehabilitation Quan Yan, As Xuzhou City, "respect for the young model" of the right to school for filial piety at the right to life and health of the right to Kai Pei, serving parents do not prevaricate the right to Tai Fa, 52-year-old day and night to take care of 80-year-old father, Wang Yu-yun, sister-in-law and filial piety of mother-in-law Ping Ping, treatment of in-laws as their biological parents Liu Sufang, take care of grandfather, grandmother, mother-in-law for several decades of her husband's daughter-in-law Xiao Yu. Wu Xiuying, married to the right should be filial Wu Shan, when the daughter-in-law than Song Xiao white girl, widowed 50 years propped up the difficult family Du Qingyun, husband and wife Li Jinge, wife and mother Li Yuee, patiently take care of her in-laws Geng Shengtao, Zhang Guizhi.

    These daughters live in Xuzhou Tongshan Li country around the county, Xiao Fei is from the rich county, Anhui Xiao County, Henan Wei Hui and other places, their words and deeds not only warm a family, educated their children and grandchildren, Spread to further afield, the "right to keep the arch," set in more people's hearts, for today's social work great Yan.

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