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Tanabata Qi Qiao red line led

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Every one to play in the serious make-up

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Chuan Qiao needle

Pin trick

Embroidery should be clever

All members of the activities of the hard work

  Recently, by the Yunlong District, Xuzhou City Cultural Heritage Development Center hosted the "Kesen smart Qiao Shu good" Tanabata Qi Qiao activities in Xuzhou Folk Museum. Tanabata Festival, also known as beggars Festival or daughter festival, May 20, 2006 Tanabata by the Chinese State Council included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list, folk ancient times, the Tanabata Festival this day, the Han girls will be about the boudoir In friends with a needle Qi Qiao, hi spider should be clever, cast needle test skill, kind of begging son, dedicated to "grinding drink music", worship Weaver, drying book drying clothes, Lights and other customs, began to flourish in the Han Dynasty in the Song and Yuan Dynasties.

"Kiesen intelligent Qiao Shu good" Tanabata Qi Qiao activities are divided into the origin of the Tanabata folklore, needle Qiaoqiao, needle trickery and embroidery should be clever four links. Xuzhou Han clothing lovers wearing traditional Hanfu to participate in the various aspects of folk customs, Chinese and American clothing and traditional folk organic combination of ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing dynasties to reproduce the traditional culture of ancient rhyme to promote Tanabata as Qiqiu Festival itself as a folk activities, The basic points continue to promote traditional Chinese traditional festivals.

    Tanabata Festival is a long history of traditional festivals, cultural atmosphere, the ancient Cowboy and Weaver Meet Tanabata romantic legend, derived today we all agreed to the "Chinese Valentine's Day." 7, the national key cultural relics units of the Department of Shan ancient residential groups, as the representative of ancient architecture in Xuzhou, held a spectacular "???" Qiao Shu good for "- Tanabata begging live." Folk activities both the traditional Tanabata recreational activities needle Qiaoqiao, needle trickery, there are popular "embroidery should be clever", should the ancient should this, young and old. Both show a beautiful love, but also the interpretation of the Chinese traditional culture.

  "Qi Qiao," the term derived from the Tang Dynasty poet Lin Jie's eponymous poem: "Tanabata tonight to see Bi night, cows weaver crossing the river bridge. Once the Tanabata Festival has arrived, and everyone looked up at the boundless vast blue sky, thinking about the touching story of the cows and weaver. Every family of the girls are looking at the moon, begging for clever, wearing countless red line. Lin Jie with this poem, to express the girls who beg for wisdom, the pursuit of happiness good wish.

Garden has a history, also known as "temple", is a comprehensive folk activities. Lunar July, the ancient name of "Blue Moon." The Tanabata Qi Qiao Festival, the festival originated in the Han Dynasty, the Eastern Jin Ge Hong 's "Xijing Miscellanies" and "Han Choi women often wear seven holes on July 7 in the cardigan floor, people are learning the" records. On this day, the girls put on a gorgeous Chinese clothing, dress with their own flowers, to participate in the Tanabata Garden will be essential to wear needle Qi Qiao, doing such a clever test sachet of the game, the girls write in the flower on the wish.

Xuzhou City Yunlong District Nongying film studio, Xuzhou City JOJO international make-up, the city of Xuzhou City, the Department of Culture and Education, Traditional culture, the traditional culture of the common heritage and development, to show the traditional Chinese culture simple folk customs, customs of the local customs, customs and cultural traditions of the traditional Chinese culture, Human feelings, sentiment of the passage of time, the historical evolution of the condensed scene.

    Folklore Museum, said the museum, this event aims to carry forward the traditional culture, combined with the Ministry of the ancient mountains of the beautiful scenery and the game, so that the ancient festival glow with a new glory, but also allow more people to come out of the house, experience National culture.


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