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June 12, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News "first" hand-painted Hutushan "sketch experience"

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The teacher knows the student

The public visited the Ming and Qing architecture protection center

Children in the Ming and Qing architectural protection center painting

Yang Xin Rui and mother

More than 60 painting enthusiasts use the brush to show the different views of the Ministry of Hill. The second activity begins to collect, the interested person may register to participate


  June 9, the Dragon Boat Festival on the same day, from the Department of Xuzhou Huobu (Huilongwo) historical and cultural district management center, Pengcheng Evening News, Yunlong District Cultural Tourism Bureau to create the "human Yunlong Millennium Department Mountain "large-scale cultural special series of activities -" hand-painted Ministry of mountain large sketch experience "activities in the Department of Hill ancient folk museum officially began.

  More than 60 painting enthusiasts gathered

  9 am, more than 60 painting enthusiasts gathered in the Ministry of Hill Hill House. Under the guidance of the instructor, we visited the Xuzhou Folk Museum in the courtyard, Zhai Grand Courtyard, Zheng Grand Courtyard, Liu Grand Courtyard, the right to keep the arch and other buildings, after listening to explain, we Xuzhou households Department of ancient houses have a more profound understanding. Then we dispersed, to find their own eyes the most beautiful scenery, with a brush to show the beauty of the Ministry of the mountains.

  The "Hand-painted Department of large-scale sketch mountain experience" activities from the start registration, has been a number of studio, art training institutions of concern. This time to participate in the activities of the staff, there are painting lovers, as well as studio leader, to the most is the love of children and parents painting.

  Xuzhou Music Museum, a teacher said that their studio every year to organize students to outdoor painting, the Ministry of Mountain is a highly representative of the historical landscape of Xuzhou, Ming and Qing dynasties of ancient buildings, folk museum features regional, And so are the best material under the brush, the event notice later, parents and children are very happy. Children in the tour to visit their own eyes to find the United States, and then draw down the brush, both the growth of knowledge, but also improve the level of painting. Like this out of painting learning effects than usual in the classroom a few lessons are better.

  Ancient dwellings let people grow knowledge

  "I came to Xuzhou for nearly ten years, do not know Xuzhou even so good ancient houses!" "Do not say you outsiders, I Xuzhou local, light here is Xuzhou know before the big family to live in, come in It's the first time to visit! It's great! "One parent and another parent are talking about it.

  A little girl is painting, told reporters that she was 6 years old, learning to draw a year, before are in the classroom or at home painting, the first time out of painting feeling particularly happy.

  A little boy is carefully painted in front of the pavilion, his mother in the back to support the umbrella of Ms. Zhou. She told reporters that she is a native of Xuzhou, before from the front through, but never into the compound inside, did not expect to save so well, did not think Xuzhou has so antique homes, especially after listening to the tour guide Of the explanation, the growth of a lot of knowledge, Xuzhou has such a good place, as people feel very proud of Xuzhou, the future will often bring their children to play here.

  This year the 10-year-old girl Yang Xin Rui, today is the first painting ink painting, get the scene to participate in activities of a painting teacher's praise, she is particularly pleased. More pleased that her mother, Ms. Xin, she said that they used to bring their children to the Ministry of Mountain play, because she likes history, like the ancient culture, so they will be free with children to visit, "I am very focused on Children of classical culture, education, and even learn musical instruments I also let her learn classical instruments, I think that children go to such a place to go, you can let her aesthetic to be improved.

  The reporter saw the most warm of a King, a father with his daughter with the painting, drawing from the brushwork point of view, my father's mature and mature, daughter's childlike and vivid.

  With the lens captured in the eyes of beauty

  In this hand-painted Ministry of the Ministry of Hill activities, there are drawings, there are simple strokes, as well as ink. Children in the painting, parents are holding a cell phone to see their own eyes to see the beauty.

  In the crowd, the reporter found an old man holding a DV kept busy shooting, asking that this person is "Pengcheng first film off" Mr. Huai Huizhi, he is heard that the Ministry of hand-painted newspaper Ministry of the Ministry of Hill After the event, deliberately holding his own DV machine to record and organize the activities of the information, he said he has done ten years off shoot, through the lens to record a lot of news sites, but also through the lens found a lot of beauty in Xuzhou. Xuzhou is the hometown of Han culture, the Ministry of the mountain's location is particularly good, the Ming and Qing ancient buildings preserved so well, he hopes to use their own lens to show the ancient houses of Xuzhou.. Xuzhou is the most beautiful, nice. And through the network so that more people know Xuzhou, to understand Xuzhou, in love with Xuzhou.

  Mr. gradually told reporters, in fact, he moved to the Ministry of the mountain many times, but feel there are some shortcomings, although the Ministry of the mountain house five houses are preserved very complete, but there are no things inside, which took place moving No one knows the story. Hope that through this activity, be able to retrieve some of the original legacy of history, reproduction of the ancient building connotation.

  The second event began to collect

  The activities of these sketches, will be selected by the activities of the judges finalists selected works, through the Pengcheng Evening News show, integrated public vote and expert opinions on winning works. At the same time, "hand-painted Department of mountain painting experience," the second activity began to collect, interested in the studio and painting enthusiasts can register to participate.

  In addition, the "Ministry of mountain people's livelihood experience" activities, registration is in progress. Whether you have not visited the Department of the Ming and Qing Dynasties residential buildings, enrolled in the people's livelihood experience, there will be a different harvest and feelings. Participate in this activity if you can write personal feelings, it would be better, will have the opportunity published in the newspaper.

  Registration Hotline: 13815347453 Ms. Fu, 15996994877 Ms. Wang

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