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Xuzhou Folklore Museum - 5.18 World Museum Day's wonderful activities

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International Museum Day is scheduled for May 18 every year, is initiated by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and founded. On this day the museums around the world will hold a variety of publicity, commemorative activities, to celebrate their own festivals, so that more people understand the museum, and better play the social function of the museum. Xuzhou Folk Museum to meet the 5.18 World Museum to the Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient buildings, intangible cultural heritage as the carrier, designed to converge closely, strong atmosphere, strong participation in cultural activities, from the non-left Grand, Guoxue etiquette, folk customs A comprehensive display of Han culture connotation and charm, so that the general public and tourists have a sense of time and space through the history, traveled the ancient folk living, zero distance to experience folk culture and customs.

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Stage activity program

Snare drum - opening

1, dressing - by: Tian Chuanlan

2, Henan Opera: dance partner - Qiao mother

3, cappella: opera - Li Shuangshuang election: a walk through a wow another wow

4, cymbals - red light selected paragraph: a man to do such a person

5, dance - get together

6, Huangmei Opera selection - both husband and wife also home

7, Opera: - Mulan expedition

8, three dance - grassland flowers

9, cymbals: Opera - Mu Guiying commander selection - Yuan Men outside the three guns

10, Henan Opera: Pieces - happy to meet

11, small dance - never look back

12, table singing: - Chaoyang ditch duet, kiss your mother to sit down

13, Opera: - Xiao Erhei marriage, to bride price

14, large-scale dance - home and everything

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