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Filming of the Non - Left Feature Film in Our Museum - Jiang Yunxia, the Huaihai Drama

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Jiang Yunxia teacher in reading the script

Photographer's hard work

When shooting hard

Directed by the director of the scene

Jiang Yunxia in the "Mu Guiying command" decorated Mu Guiying

    Jiang Yunxia, female, born in February 1935, member of Jiangsu Branch of Chinese Dramatists Association, sixth generation descendant of Xuzhou Bangzi

Jiangmen, national second-class actor. Her childhood with his father Jiang Tianyu learning, in 1947 with the "justice and class" learning, 16-year-old formal main challenge Wenwu Huadan, on behalf of the repertoire are: "Knife Yang Fan", "Mu Guiying command", "Yan Wang Zheng North "," Fan Lihua Zheng West ""War Hongzhou", "Spring and Autumn with", "American case", "Peach Blossom Temple", "sun and the moon map", "catch flowers" and so on.

    1951 to join the county public theater, and served as the group's main actor. Xuzhou opera starring repertoire of many traditional repertoire, such as "four levy", "four guillotine", old and new "eighteen" and so on.

In 1956 February, Jiang Yunxia with the public theater troupe into the Xuzhou area experimental opera group, still for the regiment starring, at this time still play clapper traditional repertoire.

    In 1959, the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Culture announced that Jiang Yunxia theater company changed its name to "Jiangsu Bangzi Theater". Since then, the troupe has not only performed traditional repertoire, but also rehearsed some new historical drama and modern drama, such as: "rouge", "white lotus"; modern drama "red seed" and so she plays an important role. In 1957 in the "rouge" as Wang Chunlan, to participate in the "Jiangsu Opera Drama" and won the two prize; in 1960, "Hong Zhou" (decoratedHe Taijun), by the Jiangsu audio-visual publishing house recording, Starred in "White Lotus" a play in the white lotus, participated in the "Jiangsu opera to observe the performance" in 1959 in the modern drama "Red Seed" as Hua Xiaofeng, Xuzhou area as a demonstration.   

Jiang Yunxia inherited the Jiangmen art, singing with vigorous, staunch-based, high-pitched, agitated, but also no shortage of fresh, gentle flavor, pay attention to spit words clear, sound ear, care cavity send rhyme, Pay attention to figures, the pursuit of the United States program, but close to life, true and credible. Tragedy crying cry tearful, moving. Comedy joy, jumping, it is feast for the eyes, sometimes the text of drama Wu singing, sometimes Wu opera singing, relaxation degree, Jiji combination. Euphemistic Department, such as clouds, agitation, like flash floods. Jiang door art also pay attention to the beautiful frame, skilled. Jiang Yunxia especially long to rely on Wudan to see the work, armed with guns, swords, action, turning swivel clean, agile, knife flower knife skill, dazzling, the audience are all clapped.

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