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Reprinted: January 18, 2016 Xuzhou Daily "flavor has been in, to see how to be"

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    Although, more and more people complain about the loss of the original taste of the New Year, but this does not prevent everyone on this long holiday is still full of expectations, and began to plan early.

    New Year, is to eat dumplings, is to see the Spring Festival Evening, is playing mahjong, that is, grab red envelopes? If this is the full content of the New Year, this year must have a little "low."

  "How the New Year is not 'low'?" Estimated that most people will be followed by such a rhetorical question. In fact, every year during the Spring Festival, I really have a lot of Xuzhou programs available to the public choice, and now, the reporter gave you recommend several "five-star" program.

  In fact, the flavor has been in, to see how we have been to.

  Fourth Year of Folk Culture Festival

  Time: January 30 - February 5; February 10 - February 13

  Location: Xuzhou Folk Museum

  For the crowd: people interested in folk culture, like lively people

  Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Word Comment: eat, drink, train

  Xuzhou City Festival Festival has been successfully held three times, due to large scale, more activities, grounding gas, has become a cultural brand during the Spring Festival activities. This year's festival of folk culture and the addition of a new "program" - Xuzhou non-legacy set a large exhibition, from January 30 to February 5 end, a total of 7 days. In the New Year on the street, "the most Xuzhou," a taste will not be less. Yao side of the fish, Farewell My Concubine, East slope of the return of meat, gold wrapped around the gourd, sweet-scented osmanthus cake, etc. both delicious and rich connotations of the characteristics of the yangtianzao, fried meat, Food, the collective appearance, interpretation of "Xuzhou taste." To such an annual cargo onto the table, would like to be excellent. In addition, it is understood that the New Year will be interspersed with a large set of traditional features of Xuzhou heritage show and all kinds of cultural performances, so that the public "both to go shopping, but also enjoy the program."

    Another highlight of the festival is the Spring Festival Cultural Festival, which will be held from February 4 to February 5 and February 10 to February 13 for a total of six days. In this 6 days, every day at 9 o'clock have pig back daughter-in-law, riding a donkey, take the dry boat and other folk performances and non-hereditary people on-site display. In addition, cheongsam show, song and dance, opera special performances, Guoxue lectures, traditional wedding rituals performances and Xuzhou traditional adult crown (笄) ceremony performances, will also be staged during the festival turns. From February 1, celebrity painting and calligraphy exhibition, folklore theme - copper lock exhibition, folklore theme - light show, exhibition of intangible cultural heritage projects will also be carried out simultaneously.

    It is worth mentioning that these colorful activities will be renovated, just open the door to welcome the Xuzhou Folk Museum ((more than Grand Courtyard, Zhai Grand Courtyard), Zheng Grand Courtyard, Liu Grand Courtyard, the right to The archway five courtyards, visitors can watch a variety of free performances at the same time, visit the Department of the Ming and Qing buildings on the mountain, here to spend a peaceful, happy, happy, unique flavor of the Spring Festival.

  Huimin theatrical performances

  Time: February 10 - February 13

  Location: People's stage

  For the crowd: children, the elderly, symphony lovers

  Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  Word Comment: do not listen to the scene is not New Year

  In order to enrich the cultural life of the masses festival, showcase the achievements of the city's opera art, in recent years, during the Spring Festival every year, the city will host the "Huanhuanxi see the drama, booming New Year" activities, free performances for the people of the city Repertoire, so that the majority of fans have enough foot opera addiction. This year, the Huimin theatrical performances not only play opera, also play children's drama and symphony, to benefit more people.

  In recent years, every year to see the drama for free people have a lot of performance, the theater hall with aisle are full of people. Many people are family come to the theater, the common feelings of local opera and the unique flavor of the Chinese New Year festive atmosphere. For the "government pay, people watch the play" approach, the public generally welcomed. Some people said: "In recent years the government is very concerned about the spiritual and cultural life of the masses. We have the old fans in the holidays, both play addiction, not spend money, play also played so well, are famous, feeling great! Some people feel: "free for us to send wonderful local opera, does make us feel that this year is very full, very good taste."

  It is understood that this year's program for: February 10 afternoon, children's drama "Cinderella" theatrical performances; February 11 afternoon, a large symphony concert held in Xuzhou City, New Year; February 12 afternoon, the performance of large modern Liu Qin Opera "bloody autumn wind", which is Liuqin Theater new repertoire, is the first time and the audience; February 13, the performance of large costume opera "Mu Guiying command."

  New Year Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition

  Time: February 5 - February 25

  Venue: Xuzhou Art Museum (Art Gallery)

  For the crowd: painting lovers, collectors

  Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Word comments: from the professionals who find the gap, from the lovers who find self-confidence

    From the beginning of 2014, by the Xuzhou Press Media Group, Xuzhou Art Museum (Art Museum) co-sponsored, Xuzhou Green Group title support "Green Cup" New Year calligraphy and painting exhibition will be the public attention, received a large number of public creation s work. This is also the exhibition and other exhibition different places: all over 18 years of age and above all levels of calligraphy and painting artists, calligraphy associations, art associations and art lovers can participate in painting and calligraphy. The collection of calligraphy works not limited to the book body, the content of ancient poetry, text Fu, motto, couplets and so on.

    In this exhibition, the audience can not only enjoy the city of painting and calligraphy Institute full-time painting and calligraphy boutique, but also to see the city's ordinary painting and calligraphy and painting enthusiasts boutique, fully embodies the city's rich atmosphere of painting and calligraphy. According to the person in charge of Xuzhou Museum of Art, Xuzhou Art Museum in recent years, annual exhibitions, art events are more than 70 games, greatly enriched the cultural life of Xuzhou people, the purpose of this event is to allow more people to participate in " Painting and calligraphy Xuzhou "in the construction of Xuzhou for the cultural development and prosperity of their contribution to a force.

    It is understood that the exhibition of paintings and scrolls, will be collected through the way the community generated in order to achieve the purpose of celebrating the festival activities. Xuzhou Art Museum will organize a number of experts to conduct the selection of couplets, and well-known calligraphers to write outstanding couplets. Part of the couplets will be sent to the Xuzhou Art Museum community, police camps, welfare homes, sanitation, etc., so that a particular crowd feel the warmth of the festival, the joy of art.

  "Source of the source

  - Twelve Five Xuzhou Archaeological Achievements Exhibition "

  Time: now - February 15th

  Location: Xuzhou Museum

  For the crowd: cultural lovers, archeology enthusiasts

  Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  Word comments: all-round, three-dimensional understanding of Xuzhou

    During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Xuzhou Museum has completed 48 archaeological works, including 14 investigation and exploration, 34 excavations, the total excavation site area of nearly 8000 square meters, 327 tombs, unearthed 4,000 pieces of various cultural relics (group) . From now until February 15 to carry out the "source - Twelfth Five-Year Archaeological Xuzhou Exhibition" Xuzhou archaeological work is new discovery, a new focus on display of results, the exhibition has two parts: the Han Dynasty archaeological results , Xuzhou City archaeological discoveries. Through the exhibition, will narrow the distance between archeology and the public, and promote the cultural heritage protection of social sharing. In addition to the audience can enjoy a long history of Xuzhou culture, you can also see the dedication and hard work of archaeologists.

    The exhibition is to let cultural relics "live" up, so that culture "move" up an attempt. The exhibition of nine archaeological projects are: Jiawang Temple in the late Western Zhou Dynasty house sites, Jiawangjiao Zhuang late to the late Western Zhou Dynasty settlement sites, Wuniushan Han Tombs, Wanda Plaza Han Tombs, iron brake Shan Han tombs, Kuishan Han tombs, Han Dynasty Xuzhou City site, the Ming Dynasty Xuzhou Dungeon, Suining Longtoushan Ming Dynasty tombs painted brick room.

    Among the nine archaeological discoveries, the Chu and Wang queen graves in Wuniushan graveyard are a major discovery in recent years. The exhibition is the first public disclosure, and the unearthed cultural relics have also been displayed for the first time. In addition, Xuzhou area within the ancient ruins of the Han Dynasty is the first time in front of the public.

    In the restoration of the contents of the show, there are first found in Xuzhou Wanda Plaza, the Han Dynasty gold Nanmu wooden tomb tomb, Suning Square, the underground Han Dynasty wall layer to uncover the profile, Tiancheng International Trade City underground discovery of the new Mang period coin cellar, 1.5 tons of "money" money mountain. With the scene photos, through the scene to restore the audience to see the kind, is the archaeological discovery of the scene. Visit the exhibition as exposure to archaeological excavation site, visitors will have a different feeling and harvest.

  Want to know the hometown of Xuzhou's history and culture, to see this exhibition is a good way.


  Time: January 20 onwards

  Location: Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center

  For the crowd: sports enthusiasts

  Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Word comments: a new sports experience

    See the movie "Lord of the Rings" in the wizard prince, do you dream of one day he can pose a hundred steps to wear Yang? January 20, Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center shooting hall will be opened, this is the first city, is the only professional room **** Jian Guan.

    Opening on the eve of the reporter specifically to experience a bit. One into the archery hall, a kind of feeling to the Olympic stadium, 15 arrows, each arrow is 18 meters long, the target for the electronic mobile target, the shooter can control the target through the button to the front of the arrow in the orbit within reach position. Each arrow target is installed on the camera, in the ray from the screen can clearly see their results.

   Previously countless times to imagine holding their bow and arrow valiant look, can really pick up the bow when it was found not entirely their own imagination. Reporter also deliberately chose a relatively light, less forced recurve, but also is almost all the strength to pull on the full bow state. Just opened, the arm has been weak, had to put string, that arrow "Shua" look out. Fortunately, no off target. Again an arrow, the hand has begun to tremble, some do not listen to the command, behind a few arrows off the whole.

    It seems to do arrows off, the physical quality to be improved. "Archery is not like other sports, an hour of archery must be incessant, unless it is professionals." Archery Museum official told reporters, "not how practiced people, the general shot 10, the hand will shake, need to rest For a while.

   However, during the Spring Festival for a movement, it should also be a good choice, but there is a good news, because the archery just opened the museum, but the price is very favorable Oh!

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