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Mao Village Ji Shan Temple

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  According to the existing records of the Qing Dynasty stele inscriptions, the mountain village of Mount Taishan temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, the Ming and Qing Dynasties incense the most exuberant, with the temple after the rise of the Ji Shan temple. The eighth day of the fourth lunar month is a regular meeting for three days (the eighth day of April is the birthday of Sakyamuni, which is also an important festival in the Buddhist world, which is associated with the commemoration of Sakyamuni). Every meeting when the human habitation, driving noise Xuan Tian, lights of the Fan, Chan, such as places. Every day five or sixty thousand people gathered, a variety of commodity trading complete; at the same time there are different troupes to the show, exchange, lively and extraordinary. Hundreds of years, whether peace or prosperity, Ji Shan temple never stopped, this scene has been extended to the 20th century, 60 years, during the "Cultural Revolution", the temple is basically damaged, the temple stopped. Into the early 80s, and gradually resumed the continuation of today, but because the original temple and the gods no longer exist, the grand occasion is less than before.

  Ji Shan temple has a long history, the impact of a wide range of features, trade in the types of goods, a large number of clothing, specialties, decorations, farm tools, handicrafts and handicrafts show nothing, there are different Folk performing arts groups in the show, is a commodity trading and cultural exchange event.

Ji Shan temple will retain the traditional Chinese concept of etiquette and customs and the characteristics of traditional folk culture characterized by folk beliefs. It is an important basis for studying the world outlook and living conditions of people in northern Jiangsu. It plays an irreplaceable role in folklore studies. . In addition, the temple is a folk cultural activities organization, but also retains a large number of folk art, sports activities, the original form of folk arts and crafts, not only enrich the cultural life of the masses, but also to protect and develop national folk culture has a very important role.

  At present, the Taishan Temple built on the hill in the Tang Dynasty has long since ceased to exist. Only the Qing dynasty memorial tablet and the wall of the temples of the Qing Dynasty, such as the remnants of the stone wall, are being built. In order to facilitate the worship activities, On the site and repair a few simple temples, incense burner, whenever every meeting, or incense exuberant. Ji Shan temple will continue, but with the rapid economic development, social change, modern aesthetic taste has undergone major changes in the rapid development of business and transportation more on the Ji Shan temple formed a strong impact, the current quarter Mountain temple has been no longer a grand occasion, and deteriorating, this nearly a thousand years of folk activities in urgent need of strong protection.