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At the beginning of summer - Folk Museum big movie! Start shooting

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CCTV film channel to our museum to shoot the 2013 New Year film "Oolong mandarin ducks wisdom multi-star"

CCTV movie channel ordered the 2013 Lunar New Year costume comedy film, by the China International Advertising Corporation and the Jiangsu gods Pictures Company jointly produced. The main plot scenes in our museum. Time for June 18 to July 8.

    Director: Ye Zhongqiang (Taiwan)

    Production director: Gu Wei

    Actor: Wu Ma (Taiwan) (Participated in the film "A Plan" "Soul of the bell" Lin Zhengying series zombie film "New zombie") Dong Qing (film "My happiness") Liu Yan Chen Donghui Zhao Chunqing Wu Peng Du Jianqiao