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Study Travel Notes of the Architecture Department of China University of Mining and Technology

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  On July 17-20, 2020, the Xuzhou Ming and Qing Architectural Protection Center, located on the east slope of Hubu, Xuzhou City, welcomed more than 120 architectural students from China University of Mining and Technology to conduct a three-day study of traditional architecture in the morning light You, this study tour is also fortunate to invite the inheritor of Xuzhou folk house traditional construction craftsman Sun Tongyi to teach them traditional Chinese construction crafts.

  Throughout the teaching process of the activity, Mr. Sun Tongyi pointed out that the traditional Chinese house culture has a long history and is broad and profound. Then the study of architecture must start with the study of culture, and our culture needs generations of young people to inherit and promote, only let Young people love and recognize the traditional Chinese residential culture, and this kind of inheritance is more real and effective. Throughout the teaching process, Mr. Sun had a hot sun on his head, sweated, and worked hard and worked hard to tell the students of Xuzhou University of Mining and Technology the traditional Chinese architecture and the cultural stories behind it.


Mr. Sun pointed out that in the past, the construction craftsmanship and its construction art relied on the inheritance of masters and apprentices, rather than relying on written teaching. It required both on-site teaching in the form of "oral teaching" by masters and apprentices, and intellectual "Confucian" The ancient dwelling construction craftsmanship is organized and summarized, which supports each other and complements each other. Only in this way can we better continue to carry forward our Chinese traditional architectural culture.


  After the lecture, the students all had deep feelings and expressed that they benefited a lot from this study, and thanked the teacher Sun Tongyi for more than three hours of teaching.

  In recent years, Xuzhou City Hubu Mountain Ming and Qing Architectural Protection Center, relying on the advantages of educational positions, has successively carried out various research and study tours, vigorously promoted educational forms that combine theory and practice, and let more minors, students, and workers participate Among them, form a big classroom out of the classroom and into social practice!

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