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September 9, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News series reported《I and the Department of the mountains of memories - the feelings of the Ministry of households Hill》

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Text|Zhao Shuling



    Speaking of the Ministry of Hill, it really has a deep bond with me. The early sixties of the last century, I was born in the Ministry of the south of the mountain town of two-way street. Since the memory has been, the Ministry of Mountain has become a childhood in my unforgettable memory. I remember one night when I suddenly high fever, my father took me, through the lotus wells have been to the north, over the labor lane, and then climb over the Ministry of Hill, from the North Lane out to the horse Street Hospital (now Yunlong Hospital When the hospital door is still on the horse market). Kick down the fever needle, my father took me back home.

    In the mid-sixties of the last century, I was only five or six years old, when the neighborhood offices and neighborhood committees often met to hold meetings. Most of the meetings were held in the courtyard or courtyard of the church in the west of Shanxi Province. Meeting with me, through the Ministry of households in the North Mountain Lane, came to the horse market Street 55, the auditorium inside the chair is full of wood, sitting there, listening to adults to open criticism will be. Every time I go to Jesus church meeting, I will be lost in the church looked at the colorful stained glass windows, not enough. So far there is the memory of the church in front of Jesus high stone steps and those red, green stained glass. The church later heard that changed to the CDPF office. Anyway, Ma Street, No. 55 Hospital has long gone.

    Soon, the country called for digging tunnels. We also dug a street that is less than two meters of a small tunnel. One day, a bunch of children said that the Ministry of the Ministry of the mountain play horse stage there is a tunnel, then, seven or eight small partners came together to play the stage playing tuna, song turning, the results really have exports. That experience, so far in my mind clearly left a mark, and now every time I came to play Ma station, I would like to find the year of the tunnel is still? Whether it has been filled out.

    Department of the mountain every bluestone road are deeply engraved in my childhood memories. Lesser hours each time through the Ministry of Hill, foot in the bluestone road, feel so fun. Looked up the road, on both sides of the black brick old brick house, remove some small animal patterns, there are some houses on top of a long grass, and even grow into a Keke trees. I was curious to think, how the grass and trees in the roof on it? Some of the deep courtyard of the front, there are two stone lions, in front of a high threshold, black paint on the door, with a shop ring ring door ring. Young I do not know what the compound is still a secret? At that time always feel that the compound is very mysterious.

    Always listen to what people say the Ministry of households on the mountain more than the Grand Courtyard, Cheng Grand Courtyard, Cui Family Courtyard thing. Our street, there is an over seventy-year-old Yan grandmother, according to legend, she is a big family Cui family wife, her family has a red sandalwood of the case, usually there is something she speak and work style ladylike, clothes Always ironing board was positive. Her daughter also lives on the west side of the street.

    Cao next door to my family's eldest son of the family married a family from the Ministry of Hill Courtyard compound for the daughter-in-law. Cao is a small door small family, live naturally frugal. When cooking mother-in-law oil always put too much, Taidalielie will not live. Every day leftovers, mother-in-law is always hot to eat, but the daughter-in-law is drained. Obviously, two different family members in the same roof is certainly not go together.

    I was young, the happiest thing than watching movies. Every time the movie has to turn over the Ministry of Hill, came to the Ministry of Shanxi Yunlong cinema, spend a dime, watching a movie, although the film is not much, but enough to make me excited for a while.

At that time to buy things, to the city center Pengcheng Road, but also from the Department of the old salt shop in the past that street, climbed Gao Gang, over the text business Square, to the South Gate Bridge area. Department of Hill is surrounded by the prosperity of the commercial district, a department store, cloth shops, baths, pharmacies, restaurants, sauce garden, anyway, life can buy the necessary items.

    Ministry of the Ming and Qing buildings on the mountain has a profound cultural background. After 2001, the Ministry of the mountains and built a block of antique buildings, became a specialized management of antiques, old culture of the market. Department of Hill continued a new hustle and bustle.

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