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September 9, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News series reported that "the Ministry of Hill Courtyard know how much"

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Household South (left champion), taken in 2004

In the early Republic of China

Department of the Department of Hill Wei homes gate, taken in 1998

Transformation of the household before the North Lane, taken in 1998

Department of the Ministry of the mountain scholar location, taken in 1998

Department of the mountain hotel, taken in 2005

Yan homes, taken in 1998

Yuan Jia small courtyard interior, taken in 1998

Text + map|Li Shiming

"Rank rank dry, faint Nanshan." (The Book of Songs)

     Department of Mountain, as the record of Xuzhou history, precipitation Xuzhou culture, highlighting the characteristics of Xuzhou famous mountains, but also the main city with only a lot of elements of Xuzhou a treasure, it should be a good build, explore and organize. "The Ministry of Hill Courtyard know how much", just a topic, a number of generations can evoke Xuzhou, the number of sector people, the number of warm and bittersweet memory of the topic, one can promote the development of the Ministry of Health Hill topic.

   "Department of Hill eight everyone" argument, including: Cui, Yu, Zhai, Zheng, Liu, Li, Wei, Meng. In fact, "Eight" is a borrowed, ancient Tang and Song prose eight, nearly eight people in Xuzhou groceries. "Department of Mountain eight people" is about the end of the last century from the Ministry of Hill demolition slowly cried, this is just an expedient statement, and not to talk about the history of the Ministry of the people of the mountain so many, not to mention the Ministry of households Mountain things around the north and south of the people more than eight people, said the Ministry of households in the mountains at the end of the demolition of the last century, the Ministry of Hill District, there are more than eight families. Department of the mountain people how many, or that the Ministry of Hill to know the name of the large number of families? Can not be calculated. Department of Shandong to Jiefang Road, West only Pengcheng Road, South of labor Lane, north to Ma Street, during which people can not tell.

    Now, only to find the part of the households, make some narrative, to arouse the concern and discussion, with a view to restore the history of the Department of human history.

    When the Ma Tai-hua called the Ministry of Hill?

    Nanshan - play Ma Taiwan - the Ministry of Hill, which is the history of Xuzhou Nanshan evolution. This topic is concerned, not to say when Nanshan referred to as the Ma stage, a single said that Ma Tai Taiwan when the Ministry of Hill, the topic seems very simple and clear, that is, from the late Ming Dynasty, Taiwan, the Department called the Ministry of Hill, in fact, this is a vague statement.

    Part of the Secretary, "to supervise the main grain and storage of the political affairs of the house," Ming Yongle years built. First in Kui Shan Guangyun warehouse side, the Yellow River shore. Ming Zhengde years dumped in the water, then moved to the south gate of Xuzhou. Apocalypse of four years (1624), Xuzhou flood, "the Department of the Taiwan Opera Jukui" (Kangxi "Xuzhou").

    Apocalypse four years, some of the Department of the Secretary for the Department of Taiwan, after the expansion and reconstruction, "to the Ishigaki." Chongzhen years, repair the watchtower; Qing Dynasty, the family part of the Division is still stationed in Ma Tai, Shunzhi years on the stone walls on the construction of the battlements, in the additional building Arrow House, so are to strengthen the defense of the Yatu powerhouse. Kangxi four years, part of the household waste. (Ibid.) Agency revocation, Yashang is still, Kangxi seventeen years, Xuzhou Heying southbound garrison Department of the Department of the Department of the old office, until the Kangxi twenty-five years had just moved (Qianlong "Xuzhou House"). As a result, the administrative department of the family part of the division from the Apocalypse four years (1624) to the Kangxi twenty-five years (1686), in the play horse stage there for over 60 years.

    However, this period of time, Shunzhi "Xuzhou", Kangxi sixty-one years (1722) of the "Xuzhou Chi" and other chronicles records, still known as "Ma Ma", schema also marked " . To the five years of Qianlong (1740) version of "Xuzhou House Chi", the play Ma Tai said the Ministry of the Ministry of Hill: the Department of Hill, in the south of Xu, Yunlongshan North, that Xiang Yu Ma stage. Ming Kai four years of the river, the family part of the Department to move this, hence the name.

    Ming Dynasty Tian Qiaomei part of the stationed in Ma Xiatai, making a historical turning point Ma play Taiwan, from the quiet sanctuary of religion into the Yashu center, into the official Guifu first, into the merchant trend, into the people convergence of the land, House row, the hospital as deep as the sea, car Yu Yi, simple customs, the name of the Ministry of the mountain began to commonly known, is scheduled to Chronicles, a hundred years after the official load history. And the occasion of the Ministry of the mountain, not only refers to the official housing, but refers to the entire Nanshan, including opera table. Textual research, it helps us clear the formation of households in the Ministry of Hill, but also help us understand the various families into the Ministry of Hill era.

   When the people living in the Ministry of Hill?

    Department of mountain that is Nanshan, Nanshan since ancient times, some people live, began when no test. Slightly search some historical records, for reference.

    Eastern Jin Yuanxi the first year (419), the Southern Song Dynasty Emperor Liu Yu built the first temple, after both the monks. The Tang Dynasty Huangfu Ran "in the head of the temple to leave the other members of Zhao," the poem "farewell high-profile, Pei", " Tiao altogether melancholy "; Tang Shi Ma Taiwan to become farewell farewell place.

    "Ma Ma Taiwan shortage years since long", which is the Song Dynasty He cast the verse. This is Ming Wanli Qian Qianyi verse, although there are temples, ordinary visitors to board, heavy Jiu Confucian feast, thousands of years is still desolate lonely. Drama Taiwan really become a place of residence, should start after the end of the Ming Dynasty after the flood. Qing Junzhi "Xuzhou Zhi Volume VIII" records: "Chongzhen four years on April 12, the sub-father mound play Ma Taiwan fire, the residents of more than a few hundred homes." May rain re-hail, as large as eggs, Are split, birds and animals died very public.

    This is probably the earliest historical records of Ma Taiwan residents, "hundreds of residents," can prove that after the end of the flood, forced by the flood, the occasion of panic, from the city's recent opera table, soil Hill, Yunlongshan area, Not only is the office, the officialdom, the wealthy refuge, has become the people's neighborhood. Ma Street, the effectiveness of his family's memories, but also evidence. Since then, by the temporary refuge, to shack temporarily, and then to settle and settle, the Ministry of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is the ancient population of the group, is conclusive. Ancient building expert Mr. Sun Tongyi said that in the process of repairing the Ministry of Housing Hill many times found that the use of residential pillars are mostly Xuzhou trees, some of the old material restructuring, this does not rule out the use of housing construction, fishing for the city collapsed houses Wood may be.

    Officials home to the Ministry of households Hill

    According to the available information, moved to the Ministry of Hill earlier there are three, one Zhang Zhupo home, one champion Li Pan. The two are in the Ministry of Shannan, a side east, a west. According to the time of inference, should be Zhang earlier, because Zhangjia Gong in the former, so Shannan home east. Another is Cui, in the Ministry of Shanxi. Zhang Zhupo ancestral home in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, Zhang Ming Zhang moved to the middle of this Xuzhou, Zhang chess after the move recognized Xu ancestor, "the river home, said the river head Zhang" ( "Zhang genealogy · narration"). River head, that is, Lishui Hong Surabaya. Zhang chess five son, the eldest son of the Jia Ming Jiajing years "moved to Pengcheng." Zhang Yingke Zhang Zuopeng great-grandfather, moved to Xuzhou, Zhang prominent one. Qing Shunzhi eight years gift Zhang Zhupo great-grandfather Zhang Yingke for the hussar general, to the Qing Jiaqing emperor granted Zhang Wending as the bureaucrats only, "Emperor Qing Patent sixty-one".

    Zhang Yingke Zhang Yuan has three sons, the eldest son of Zhang Dan. Zhang Zhupo's father in three, the separation of household Habitat mountain. Zhang Zhupo was born in Kangxi Gengxu (1670) July 26th, was born in the Ministry of mountain. "Genealogy · Tibetan manuscript" recorded "rumors of her daughter Chung Yeung travel conditions)) In a sentence:" Ma Ma stage, like homes, feast of kaolinite. "Department of mountain is the birthplace of Zhang Zhupo.

    Father died, when the bamboo slope of the long brother Road for Jiangxi governor of the governor, the funeral Ding difficult do not make up, "return to my mountain Yunlong, Yang Di Lan light, overlooking the lake into the shadow, feel Qiang He Qingnong, and Hairpin group of margin must, then the number of rafters in its foot "" Genealogy · gift words. " The so-called "its foot", immediately Yunlongshan Dongpo. Home widowed mother in the Church, the eldest brother and other homes to live, serve the mother's responsibility, they fall on the bamboo slope head. Therefore, the bamboo slope of the birthplace, it is also his place of residence.

    Kangxi thirty-four years (1695) Zhang Zhupo in the Department of mountain home, spent a large, Lantern Festival, he wrote in the "Hai Yuan Night Act": the return of the hall has noon, spring embroidered screen Zu Zu. Jing wife pot children playing drums, lanterns from the sidelines dance. Drunk eyes will be a closer look, a half-class half-class lions tiger. Call sigh Come, I have a hundred dollars even if the health, flexor has been twenty-five. Last year, the year before the passenger Changan, who is the main spring light. Although the return of the poor, the children in forgetfulness. Call sigh Come, when the wealthy man, and peace to the mother.

    Zhang Zhupo this year has been 26 years old, children in the hold, and the mother of entertainment, although the enjoyable, but also a sorrow, there are rich expectations. To this year in March, Zhang Zhubo in the Department of Mountain home comment "Golden May", more than ten days to write more than ten million words of comments, immediately published from the issue. After the south until the death, never returned to the house. Therefore, Mr. Wu Gan Zhang Zhupo that the residence is his former residence. In other words, Zhang Zhupo's former residence in Xuzhou City Department of hills south slope. Mr. Wu Gan looking for the Ministry of the southern slope of the mountain, did not find Zhang Zhupo descendants. I suppose, Zhang Zhupo former residence or later in the salt shop, between the air-raid shelter.

    Li Pan's champion in the Ministry of Shannan west. Li Pan is the champion of Kangxi Dingchouke, get the gift, in the construction of Xuzhou Houshan Hill champion (at this time Zhang Zhupo has left the house), the construction of the first house in the Qing Dynasty, Xuzhou south). One said, Li Pan ancestors settled on the Ministry of the end of the mountain, to be renovated. wait for verification. Li Pan in Sunchon case was framed, banishment in Shenyang three years later, the return of Xuzhou, Hermitage hometown. A year to write down the "Department of mountain exploration Mei":

        Empty mountain unaccompanied for many years, a unique plum Pong I Yan.

        Gone with the wind should be idle, fragrant less than sunny days.

        Hanbai with rain to phase to ask, Lu Rui Lin Feng times poor.

        Paper account for the night also dream, Rover only in front of a lamp.

    Here the cloud "the Ministry of mountain", can infer the writing time in about Yongzheng years. Mr. Tian Bing'en "champion monument Park" in the words and "scholar government" there is a paragraph: the home although the country has a wide field acres, and family members, mostly in Xuzhou Chengxiang, the Li Pancai high school, the house was Xuzhou people call As the "champion of government." "Scholar government" is located in the old town of Xuzhou outside the southern foot of the mountain, facing south, facing the Dragon and Phoenix two mountains, is a feng shui treasure. Today's deposit, ten less than one. That is, it can also be assumed that the day of prosperity.

    This statement Li Pan ancestors on the "living in Xuzhou Chengxiang", Pan said, and not that "the Ministry of Hill." Mr. Sun Yunjin in the "filial piety of the public biography," said: Li Pan grandfather Li Xiangyang "public buildings in the Huang Mao Gang, Ge towel grass, swim Yunlong, between horses." We can see ancestral seclusion Xuzhou Yunlongshan Huang Mao Gang, and travel back and forth tour Ma stage. Li Pan high school after the "house was chosen to call for the first government," indicating that Li Pan has long been in the Ministry of Hill "house." As for when to build Li Lu Pan Ma stage? Or in the first 7 years, 36-year-old when the move to settle in drama Ma, the champion "after the construction of government champion." This said with the "empty mountain without companionship for many years" or in line.

    "Scholar monument Park" is attached to Xuzhou is the source of ancient building research, "Xuzhou Li Pan champion House Plan", three courtyards, in the shadow wall, the imperial edict hall, on both sides before the school house, library, horse , Granary, after the ancestral hall, living room, things garden. Housing more than 80 rooms. Now the remains of the original courtyard of the east, the East Gate, stone steps are still, a few years before the collapse of the library, indeed the deposit "ten less than one." Ministry of the mountain there are flagpoles of Cui, Li two. Cui Family Courtyard has been repaired, people look forward to the restoration of champion government, an early start.

    "Poor North Pass, Fu Nan Guan, the rich are the Ministry of households Hill." This folk song should be said that after the mid-Qing Xuzhou residential trends. In the Ming Dynasty, or earlier, the rich people of government officials, businessmen are mostly living in Xuzhou North Pass. There is an old proverb "official residence side", "rich from the Office of the Government." As the state government in Xuzhou, the government office in the northern end of Pengcheng Road, which is now the Pengcheng Road One, so some wealthy people then preferred to choose close to the administrative center of the region. This theory, from the excavation of the Golden Eagle site site of the Ming Dynasty city under the city can be verified; the name of the Ming Dynasty Square, chastity Square to the North more; known as "Xu half of the city," Xu Grand Courtyard, the original residence Huang Mao Gang, Shunzhi years Into the city living in the North Gate Street, known as "the door to see the valve"; North Gate Street is the business everywhere. As the frequent flooding of the Yellow River on the impact of Xuzhou, especially after the painful lessons of the Revelation, to the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing years, Xuzhou is still built in the north of the city embankment embankment, so people gradually put the eyes of livable places south, Department of mountain. This trend began in the Qianlong period, for example, Cui Hanlin is Qianlong years moved to the Ministry of mountain.

    According to Xuzhou Cui's genealogy records, Cui's ancestral home in Shandong Puzhou (now Juancheng), Ming Jiajingnian thirty-six years (1557) ancestors Hanlin Cui Hai due to dissatisfaction with the government, the rate of tribe moved to Tongshan County Luliang Town Village Shan County Zhang set the first village). "Seventh-generation Xiu public, tribute birth origin, any Suzhou judge, Qing Emperor Qianlong reign among the Department of Xuzhou households Hill." Qianlong reigned for 60 years, "Emperor Qianlong resettlement" is vague, the gap is very large. Xuzhou Museum Liu Yuzhi, said: "Cui Family Courtyard community, was built in the Qing Emperor Qianlong years, formed by the expansion of several lower house, the upper house and the guest house more than 320 homes, covering nearly 20 acres of large houses, almost covered The whole Ministry of Shanxi Banpo. "Cui Tao was born in the Ministry of Hill, Daoguang nine years (1829) in the ugly Branch Jinshi. "Cui's Genealogy" records "resettlement Habitat Department Hill", also confirmed Qianlong "Xuzhou House Chi" opera table said the Ministry of mountain records.

    Speaking from "Shang

    The reason to say "is still Mid-Levels," because more than the history of the compound, has said that more than in the Qianlong period is still purchased from the hands of Mid-Levels property.

    According to the Ministry of home more than the family courtyard Yu family genealogy, more than the first generation of the Kangxi end of the year (about 1720) to Xu business, to the fourth generation of the son, that is the fifth generation, Surname ancestor "; five generations, about a hundred years, at this time is the end of the Qing Emperor Qianlong. If so, the family part of the Secretary Kangxi 25 years (1686) to withdraw the agency, the Department of idle. But still do not know what year, then year after year business, from Sheng to decline, the complex value of more than home financial resources, when after more than 100 years, has Jiaqing years. Not far from the two.

    Is still not the official name, should be the nickname, nickname, probably because the Shang family was in the Ministry of Hill property a lot of courtyards, occupy half of the Ministry of Hill. More than that is still purchased from the Mid-Levels, Liu Jiayuan predecessor of the Soviet Union is also from the hands of the Mid-Levels is bought, so it seems, still real estate Mid-Levels really, from the north and east and south, are still home, Deserved reputation. Shangjia house can have half of the Ministry of the mountain so much, we can see is not an ordinary rich.

    The rich, non-business namely Huan. Xuzhou's Shang is not the common name. Asked the history of friends, know Fengxian County is still home, Tongshan horseshoe is still surnamed, but it seems and the Department of Hill is still not contact. In the Republic of China version of "Tongshan County, the list of women surnamed table" Guangxu years "not Stroke Festival", found such a record: Han, Houshi Shan Shang Zhenxian wife, gain female. Twenty to return, not more than a month off. Family poverty, with Cheng Cheng for Gu.

    This is still the first household, the Ministry of households Hill, ill take a wife, want to use new people to "Chong Chong", the results of death, delayed Han's life. Han widowed, and the poor have to do to support the mother-in-law. There are a few households in the Department of Hill? Whether it is the decline of the Department of Shan Jia Road, "still Mid-Levels"? Although not set, but from the Guangxu years, the Ministry of households in the mountains, the poor point of view, a few can be speculated that is.

    Ministry of the northern foot of the mountain: Su, Ren and Zhang

    10 years ago, the author visited several surnamed Su elderly, are invariably recall the Ministry of the northern slope of the mountain is the original courtyard of the Soviet Union. Su Yi said the old man, Su family of origin in Anhui, ancestors moved to Xuzhou, the father to do Square Square business, in the northern part of Xuzhou to buy land to build houses, large courtyard, from east to west, side by side into the courtyard, around Half a Ma stage, said to be early said to be "still Mid-Levels" business. Behind a large garden, has been extended to the opera stage, and now that piece of bamboo is, the construction did not buy a stone, all in situ open stone pond. East Hospital is the production workshop, their food, their own grinding surface.

    Su Yi 逴 was born in June 1915 in the Department of Hill, at the age of nine (1924), family changes, father (50) and grandmother died (from this calculation, his father was born in 1874). In order to funeral, the Soviet Union to sell the family property, the Department of Hill house sold to Liu, after the brothers separated in 1945 (30 years old) moved back into the nest.

     Mr. Su Zhishan also recalled that the family is running in the Qing Xianfeng anti-Hong Mao, from Taiping County, Anhui Province, moved to Xuzhou. Xu family to do business, began to live in the Bazi Street, Peng Alley, near the bridge of Zhu, and later moved to the Ministry of Hill, living in the original Ma Street Primary School behind the mountain. He was born in the Ministry of Hill, four brothers, the fourth. Grandpa, his father have in the church west, fraternity Street opened Su Hongsheng (Longtai) tobacco shop, Grandpa Su Jinao, his father Su Zhi Yan.

     Han Feng, "Liu wind and rain," said that in 1924, Liu opened a smoke shop from the Soviet Union to buy the Ministry of the northern foot of the mountain estate. This is consistent with the memories of the Soviet Union. Yet Mid-levels - Su Jia - Liu, this is Liu Jiayuan course.

      Any family lived in the horse market street 55. Renjia Ren descendants Renkai recalled, "the late Ming Dynasty ancestors moved from Henan to Xuzhou, Xuzhou is being flooded the Yellow River, the water did not retire for three years, the Ministry of the mountain is full of people, not just the rich, up to We moved to the tomb of Fusan Fan Zeng. After several generations, only into the Xuzhou apprentice, in the horse market street based. Ren Yongshun paint Pigment shop, the old two brothers and two stores across the South across the street.

     Renjia big room is the home of the house, five courtyards. Backyard original "24 filial piety" and many other stone content, and now scattered in the Department of the Ministry of ancient mountains around the museum. Ma Street, 55 Republic of China period is "Ma Street Hotel." Because 55 front yard is Liu's Xinquan hotel, old wine mellow, famous South Gate. This house is quite historical, it is the front door in the street, the backyard leading to the Ministry of the top of the mountain drama Ma, is a very deep, very tortuous, many tenants, the history of the ancient house. Mr. Ren Jiaqin is a charitable person, and launched a fire fighting, the elderly will be known as the "Mount Ren", Taishan also preserved any digging the pool. He used 55 backyard private house, the autumn of 1948 to create a "private Tak Chun primary school", the appointment of teachers, widely accepted poor children to school. After the liberation of two small industrial and commercial, in 1956 to public household West Primary School, in 1985 to Ma Street Central Primary School, training a lot of talent.

     Zhang, Zhang Xiangchen home. Zhang Xiangchen ancestors do South goods, business prosperity, so the development of "Hong Changshun" firm. Zhang Xiang Chen Xuzhou Southern cargo industry this is the president of the Association, and later to join the Japanese pseudo, as Xuzhou will maintain the vice president, made a fortune, married concubine, repair the Phoenix House, reputable. In the archives of the Republic of China called "Zhang inverse" traitor, another name. Before the war, the horse market street burning incineration of Japanese goods, Zhang Xiangchen is the most concentrated target.

    Hutong alley, there are arduous pioneering, Tongshan Tongmao reputation of the sauce, Xu Shun-recorded paper number.

    Department of Shandong Lu: Zhang, when home, Zheng, Yan home, Zhou, Jiang Gongguan, Qifeng Hill House

    Department of Shandong side, is the Jiefang Road, the Republic of China under the street, before the war to Sanmin Street, after the Cultural Revolution known as Jiefang Road. From the horse to the present street corner Wang Road, from north to south, almost all of the facade along the street, very busy. With the same horse market, many shops in front of the shop after the Square, after the Square, living room located in the Ministry of hillside. Which has a family of East Lane, a lot of people living in large families.

    Houdong Lane No. 1 is the Zhou, No. 2 is Lee, Wei, 3 is the Qi family. I telephone access to more than 60-year-old Mr. Qi Bingjun, Qi said Qi home from north to south is the three into the courtyard, the old house of Qi family living. Qi family ancestors in the bargain now do food business, his father is a teacher. He grew up there and was more familiar with the people in the hills.

    Go further up, is Zhang Ziying home in Sanmin Street opened into the southern goods store Shencheng, his honest and honest, and the Ministry of mountain home, Liu exchanges too close. His descendants, Mr. Zhang Huazhi said that his home was originally the famous Chunxiang Court, Zhang of the home three, two brothers, were born in Chunxiang Court. Chunxiang Court is a Qing Dynasty courtiers to the concubine building courtyard. The end of the Qing Dynasty, sold to Chen, after the war resale to Zhang.

    Chunxiang Court has the East Building, Church Building, two, two-storey, pavilions painted embroidered tent, staircase rotation on. Zhang Huaji remember, Chunxiang Court door is "Su Cai Guo, Ji Peng years", the door couplets "curtain outside the day to rain, the door in front of species of blue"; interior is the Republican calligrapher Huashi Kui written Zhongtang "thin bamboo with a number of rocks, Qiaosong a tree free cloud." Mr. Zhang Huazhao has given poem to recall the old: "my father to do their best to purchase a Gedang. Courtyard, although not large, the tower is sunny.", The door open to the north. There are back garden, rockery with ponds .There are stone tables and chairs, tea wine for the flow of origin. "By 1999, the relocation, Zhang Courtyard and Chunxiang Court, have been full of people.

    Zhang Grand Courtyard near the East Lane, Mr. Zheng Peixin's former residence, for the courtyard; Hutong Lane 3, was a former residence of Mr. Heng, live in the second yard. When the son of Mr. Heng has just recalled that his father is about the mid-1950s from the Wen Ting Street moved to the Hutong Lane, the yard is large, meandering on the stage, reading and writing, editing newspapers, until 1980 Year, only to move to Normal campus campus.

    Pan on the street

    Lane from the east to the east, was a continuous shop, one of which is the home of martyrs Pan Yan. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Pan a large Xuzhou to move Guo Zhuang, Pan Pan Pan is the ancestors. Pan Yan ancestors into the city business, in the city of Xuzhou Sanmin Street (Jiefang Road), Ma Street area along the wide real estate. Pan Yan also moved to Sanmin Street. According to the Pan family descendants of Pan Yu-xun memories, Pan a house in Sanmin Street 39, in the east near the alley, began to be occupied by the Korean ronin, and then unauthorized transfer of others. Pan surnamed man to recover the house, was twice detained by the Japanese police. His brother Pan Yu-ling in the complaint, said: "27 years of the fall of the city, the housing front yard room nine, for the Korean ronin occupied more than two years later by the ronin and the transfer of the enemy Kyrgyzstan Yat Yat, The enemy business occupies, and self-leased, forced the father signed a three-year lease. "Visible intruders can be violent.

    Delicate small Yan homes

    Zhai home in the hospital opposite the Yan family homes. Cultural relics expert Xia Kai Chen said, when the Ministry of Hill relocation, he went into the exploration, Yan home courtyard east west, the courtyard is not large, but very sophisticated structured. East House tall, brick Daiwa. Housing on the brick, stone, wood carving is very beautiful, and the preservation of very good, amazing. The door steps in front of the potted plants, trees and branches in the hospital Fusu. In particular, a few strains of pomegranate trees, luxuriant luxuriant, when the fall, huge Hongyan pomegranate pendant hanging branches. This is the final scene Yan home. Later removed.

   Chiang Kai-shek inside the Wenzhi Lane

    Yan house, is a low-lying hillside, there are provisions of governance Lane, respectively, Liu House, Zhou House, Chiang House. One experience, the ancient building expert Mr. Sun Tongyi Liu said Liu Bingxiong brother Liu Qixun home. Liu has a floor, known as Liu House, the original courtyard is Wei 's, because the Wei family jail, after the care of Liu Bingchen to come forward to save. Liu Bingchen served as the 1928 Xuzhou Northern expedition after the first Tongshan county. Wei after his release from prison in order to express gratitude, then the real estate sold with Liu Bingchen brother Liu Qixun, after the construction of Liu floor.

    After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, and Liu Qixun with the Whampoa III Jiang Weiguo rate of armored corps to Xu, living inconvenience, then should Liu Qixun invitation, with his wife was admitted to Liu building, and the "armored corps headquarters" brand hanging house, Call this "Chiang residence". Jiang Weiguo lived here for three years. Chiang residence in front of the river, bluestone wall. Courtyard has the main building, East Building. Main building three, 4 meters high, 9 meters wide, more than 6 meters deep, bright and spacious; old-fashioned wooden doors, glass windows, with air defense holes.

    With this neighbor Zhou, witnessed these changes. According to Miss Song Mei's mother recalled: My family's old house was rebuilt in 1942, according to the house in the Shandong Department of the mountainside, a total of three into the yard, steps on the mountain. House gate east (now the liberation of South Road), the back door at the top. Large and heavy gatehouse, the stairs neatly majestic. One year, our neighbors knocked down all the houses and rebuilt their buildings. I do not know why. Until 1945, after the Japanese surrender, Jiang Weiguo came, people suddenly realized. A square sign is embedded in the neighbor house gate on the left side of the "armored corps headquarters", the commander in chief is Jiang Weiguo. At that time I was very curious, so a prominent person is only a step away from me, I look for opportunities every day, almost every second look at the second son of Chiang. Grandfather was afraid of things, so we changed the top door to the south door of the door. My curiosity is heavy. Sometimes standing in the distance, or climb the pomegranate trees in my courtyard, the roof, the walls, braved the risk of being mistaken for an assassin. Once I was several tall and mighty, heavily armed soldiers caught. They know as I am a neighbor child, otherwise, a prospective I will assassins on the spot Dhamma. After the founding of the building, fine and heavy construction, eaves solemn chic small building and wooden corridor is still vaguely see the style of the year.

    Wenzhi Lane has more than a small courtyard, there was a famous modern painter Mr. Li Lan's former residence, "Qifeng Hill House", near a Taoist temple. Li Lanzeng studied painting and became a monk from a long road. After all removed.

    Ministry of the southern foot of the mountain

    Now in the west side of the door, there are trails, followed by the North Wei Jia Meng homes, followed by Cui on the House, South Road, Lee House, Wang homes, Cao homes.

    In the southeast of Hu Ma station had Hu homes. According to Mr. Yan Qiang recalled that the household Hu is the tobacco business to do, into the Ministry of Hill, the financial power is said to have more than Zheng Zhu family. Later, Mr. Hu Li Pin, at the age of 85 suddenly died, took away many of the past Hu family, resulting in Hu family and the Ministry of the story of the Ministry of Hill became a mystery.

   Old salt shop, household South Lane is still left some old look, dilapidated door head, shedding brick, but also store the unknown past, this is an integral part of the history of the Ministry of the mountain.

   Department of mountain, is a history

   "10 000 people hold the world Taiwan", the Ministry of Hill Courtyard, or more structured courtyard, how many? Two or three hundred households, thousands of households? This is unknown.

   Explore the Department of the Ministry of the number of mountain courtyard, that is, to explore the vicissitudes of changes in the Ministry of Hill, which is an important part of the history of this mountain. It is the accumulation of multiculturalism. The Ministry of the mountain of religious temples, military and political offices have to be elaborate, the Department of Hill's private school, celebrity song also have to be said, mortal beings, Li Min people there are countless joys and sorrows, both " , Free door Gaoyu Shu, "Ya Ya years, but also" wolf plug-passers cut off, according to night war dead night aspect "of the terrorist days, both" good in the body, long-day benefits, "the wind family court training, Not for the folding is not the city "business rules.

    Department of mountain, is a special Xuzhou heavy history books, there are you, there I have him. Who is the Ministry of Hill? Belong to the part of the division, leaving the three courtyards; belong to Li Pan, left the champion (left), left behind the song; House.

    However, the Ministry of Hill and not just belong to them, not only belong to the above mentioned people, the Ministry of Mountain belongs to us in Xuzhou, belong to each of us boarded or not boarded the Xuzhou people. You know "Peng Zu homeland, Liu Bang hometown, Xiang Yu Gudu"? Department of mountain is yours. You drink the Yellow River water, tread Xuzhou Road, the Ministry of the mountain belongs to you.

    Finally, I quote the famous ancient architects and many times in person Xuzhou Xuzhou cultural relics protection guidance of Mr. Luo Zhewen's words, as the end of this article, let us all concerned about the future of the Ministry of Hill. In 2003, the ancient building master Mr. Luo Zhewen had "monuments: solidification of the epic of civilization" as the title of the text, warned people to protect the significance of cultural relics:

    "The towering palaces of the past, the Forbidden Wall still retains in the world, tell how much the rise and fall of the old things, passing the message to us, passed to future generations.Not only the Forbidden City building so, any other ancient buildings, a monument , And even modern architecture is also the case of their owners and many things happening here are like a dreamy flew, but we can also from these monuments, ancient architecture, many memories of the past back some people say that the building itself is a The book, which depicts the years, records many historical stories on it.

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