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To create a civilized unit civilized community line Huimin performance

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  August 26, 2016, in order to further promote the national civilized city to create work to enrich the area residents spiritual and cultural life, enhance the degree of civilization, organized by the Pengcheng Street Office, the Ministry of Hill Community neighborhood committees, Xuzhou Folk Museum, Pengcheng Street Qizheng social services Center for the "civilized community line" activities in our museum in Xuzhou City Department of the history and culture of Ming and Qing Dynasties Building Conservation Center was held.

  Performances attracted hundreds of people to watch the scene, there are children's dance, Allegro, dance, comic dialogue, popular songs and other programs, won the audience bursts of applause. In the program performance gap, the organizers also carefully prepared the quiz question and answer session to 24 words of the socialist core values, commonly used "cross" civilized language, the spirit of volunteerism, the basic norms of civic ethics, creating a civilized city to the public requirements Quiz activities, so that the public, the audience and visitors friends to accept a baptism of civilization.

  I Museum and Pengcheng Street Office jointly organized the "civilized community line" cultural Huimin performances, aimed at the rich and colorful cultural programs, the creation of civilization should be knowledge should be sent to the community, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the majority of residents, Enhance the awareness of the creation of civilized cities; In addition, through the activities to create knowledge, norms, cultural and other new forms of communication through the arts into the streets of the community, into the thousands of households, enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the residents and inspire the people To participate in the creation of the enthusiasm and passion.

  The culture sent to the people around, and guide us to abide by the common civilization. In this activity, Xuzhou Folklore Museum, Pengcheng Street Office, the Department of Hill Community neighborhood committees, Pengcheng Street Qizheng social service center will work together, and promote, from their perspective and ability to proceed in a planned way to organize diverse forms , A variety of performances. My library give full play to the advantages of resources, in the ancient houses for them to provide performance venues, the organization area residents to watch the popular art programs, enhance interaction and participation.

  Pengcheng streets of the person in charge of the performance activities to community cultural construction as the carrier, to increase good area of good deeds, moral model, the highlight of civilization, civilized behavior propaganda. To lead the typical to advanced to promote the majority of residents do civilized people, that civilized, civilized and conscious of the initiative to do things. The theme of the program firmly grasp the main line of the current spiritual civilization construction, such as the creation of national civilized city, "two learning a do" learning and education activities, while highlighting the relationship between neighborhood propaganda, guide and create a harmonious atmosphere between the neighborhood.

  Not only that, Pengcheng streets through the event, will also be in the process of cultural propaganda, the dissemination of civilization to find and find flash figures around the deeds, to further explore the culture to lead the talent, growing civilization propaganda team strength, and gradually form the government and mass organizations Interactive, professional actors and amateur interaction vivid situation, and jointly create a happy, civilized and harmonious atmosphere of a happy home, \ Of the elderly, kindergarten children understand the importance of creating a civilized city and participation.

   Through activities, to further enhance our museum and community cultural team of mutual learning ability, hoping to further strengthen and join hands with them, and common development to build quality neighborhoods and communities.

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