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2016.6.3 Pengcheng Evening Essay "the slowest day, in the Ministry of mountain"

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Author: Zhou Shujuan, member of Chinese Writers Association, Chinese Prose Society member, China Dream of Red Mansions. Publication of "smash hit" "My life is a natural hobby is a natural" and other 5 essays, with WeChat public "Red Week Week."

  Text | Zhou Shujuan

  The slowest days of this life, in the youngest time, a lot a lot to throw to the Ministry of Hill - an admirable mound.

  The slowest day of this life, in the Indus bloom season, one day one day indentation champion - Xuzhou only scholarly mansion.

  The slowest day of this life, in the burger people's Ao child, one by one share into a scissors shares - two scissors-like trail.

  Since then, the champion House, scissors and shares of the Ministry of Hill constitute a pedestrian street. The so-called "walk" of the "street", the pace is fast, up to the Ming and Qing buildings with visitors, approaching fashion shops with customers, approaching I quickly left there, approaching I can not attend to review There. Tonight, I remembered, the slowest day, in the Ministry of Hill.

  There are more than 10 years, I went to work next door in the champion. Leisure time, do not want to waste youth and vitality, so quietly to visit, slowly kill.

  I found the Cui Family Courtyard, found the "autumn wind horse", but it is difficult to find any traces of the champion, did not see the relics of any number of government buildings.

  I, looking at the purple Indus flower, looking at the fluttering of the Indus leaves, always smelled an old smell, a breath of hesitation.

  I have been to the old bookstall, went to ceramic stalls, never Amoy to a good book, but bought a pair of blue ceramic small shoes.

  Lao Mo old woman, chaotic hut, crowded streets, everything seems to be with the "champion" this missed. Noisy vegetable market, lonely Indus, quarreling pedestrians, how are the champion and the government of this landmark insulation. Since then, the rise of the pedestrian street so that the bustling elegance together, the old old smell and slow pace disappeared.

  "Poor North Pass, Fu Nan Guan, the rich are the Ministry of households Hill." Spread in Xuzhou this ballad, for the state government to increase the people's respect and the worship of future generations. The elderly often talk about Li Pan, with their hometown elders affectionate and worship, even across a long time and space.

  From the beginning of the imperial examination system to the end of the imperial examination system, Xuzhou, one of the top ten Kyushu, was the champion of this one. Xuzhou out of the emperor, but not the champion, Li Pan's uniqueness, champion of the landmark, for Xuzhou people, its significance can be imagined.

  Many of the emperor, the only champion, a historical and cultural characteristics of Xuzhou, Li Pan also pushed to a high ground. His tall and handsome appearance and diligence deep inside, fully in line with the public expectations of the champion, the film's interpretation of the champion.

  From the "US champion" to "champion" and then to "plum champion", Li Pan's life course, also attracted my interest, gave me a lot of inspiration.

  Born in Junji years, died in the reign of Emperor Kangxi Li Pan, an excellent family. Grandfather Li Xiangyang, Ming Dynasty revelation of the lifts. His father Li He, the late Ming Hong Guang years of pulling Gong, author of "conjecture poems." Native of Hebei Zhengding, the Yuan Dynasty to positive years moved to Xuzhou, flourishing, large families, known as "Pengcheng Li."

  Li Poon young family training, literary grace: "reading can be a head ten lines, writing articles, ocean thousands of words, at one go, do not change the word." This genius, how can not smooth career? Kangxi twenty-nine years in the lifts, thirty-six years in the examination, the court test respondents "Ting on the system policy", writing Qiu Jin, magnificent, Kangxi Emperor was handpicked as a A, Imperial Academy Xiuzhuan, History Museum, seal repair "Great Qing - EC", and paternity read.

  For Li Pan's debut, there are two distinct "version": a reputation, wearing a "heavenly first person" title; a nickname, known as "bread champion."

  According to legend, Li Pan to participate in the palace test, the tension was also written bad words, the text can not write, tearful to ask the examiner to give a little answer time. Examiner to see him pathetic, they no longer urge him to "light to boil oil", burn the midnight oil. Test paper finished, into the examination room of the dozens of steamed bread also finished.

  Kangxiqin Li Pan as champion, and the text name is very high, the voice of the higher Jiang Chenying but placing third overall. Gingerly wrote the first oilseed poem tease Lee champion: "look heavy Pengcheng County, a high Jinshi.General such as Crimson Bo, like a knife and Xiao He. Wood also has children, insect side is also out for the general difficult to learn, thirty-six Bobo. "" Bread champion "one that spread like wildfire.

  Fate Love turns, life as curve, Li Pan and Jiang Chenying intersection is not over. Years later, when the two together with the exam as the examiner, but ended up in a loss of life - the end of life, an exile in Shenyang - the end of political life.

  Kangxi thirty-eight years, Li Pan served as Shuntian examiner examiner, Jiang Chenying served as deputy examiner. Li Pan and Jiang Chenying adhere to the talent, merit, eliminate money transactions, but the admissions of talent but more "executives" and "high officials" children. As a result, the students fall on the examination of cheating gossip rumors into the Kangxi study.

  Kangxi re-selected examiners, re-examination. The results, Li Pan, no one selected talent list. This is Li Pan wash the charges, wash away the stain. However, the rumors and rumors on the body, such as fog-like entanglement, Qiken easily dissipated. In order to eliminate the influence, Kangxi "Chuaizhuo understand to pretend to be confused," decided to sacrifice courtiers, Li Pan was exiled in Shenyang, Jiang Chenying suicide.

  More than 80 years later, the Jiangsu governor Jiang Youzhao wrote the text for the Li Pan name: "38 years of the main Shuntian Xiang, Ertai, Shi Yi straight ... ... the name of the minister of salt out of the door, and those who do not gossip.

  From the "US champion" to "Mold champion", one step away. From the "mold champion" to "Mei champion", a turn.

  Put three years later, Li Pan returned home, and from the official insulation. Return to the hometown of Li Pan began to Jane book, Mei Ting solitary life.

  Rushed to fall out of the political arena, text and words are increasingly consummate. Although he "house" in the plum in full bloom in the home, the text and the ink treasure has come out of the house, when the exam was written bad word students have become highly respected. "Empty mountain unaccompanied for many years, the unique cold plum neighbor I Yan. Shuying bias should be idle, fragrant less than sunny days." Li Pan this song "the Ministry of mountain probe plum", very retreat of the heart, gas.

  China's imperial examination system is mainly liberal arts system, for the official slaughtered are liberal arts students, they can both at home with great concentration of knowledge, but also out of officialdom, official is a measure of success or failure of the main symbol for the text and provide them with The self-cultivation of another possible. And Li Pan own life trajectory, but highlights the civilian two walking directions: the first half of the world to the world, official life; the rest of his life back to life, inaction.

  Escape and economic world, accession and retirement, Li Pan's heart had had pain, there have been struggling. Cleaning, adsorption, Li Pan eventually from defeat to success, joy.

  "Former Wang Xie Tang Qian Yan, flying into the homes of ordinary people." Once the government turned into a narrow government, old woman and granddaughter in Ao son spread out a piece of baked bun, and as a living. Once trampled houses, was fast-paced pedestrian street submerged, concerned about the survival of the champion model and the life of the people less and less.

  Young is not suited to the slow days, and now has become a luxury - your, my, everyone's.


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