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Ming and Qing architectural protection center "Liuqin's old life"

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Liuqin was originally the Northern Jiangsu, Lunan, northern Anhui area Liuqin opera, Sihong play accompaniment instruments, as the backwood with willow made of shape like a willow, also called willow. Also known as the King Kong leg, earth pipa. The film "Railway guerrillas" in "bounce my beloved earth pipa" is this instrument.

The original Liuqin is two strings, seven products. String for the string, the product is divided into two halves of the end of the sorghum stick on the panel. With a bamboo sleeve in the right hand to play. In 1958, Wang Huiran of the Jinan Military Region Song and Dance Troupe and Xuzhou Musical Instrument Factory carried out a series of reforms on the original Liuqin: the backboard was made of mahogany, the strings were increased to four, the strings were replaced by steel strings, And then into the metal strip of bamboo products), increased to 29 products, arranged in accordance with chromatic shrapnel playing. Set the gd1 g1 d2. Beautify the sound, expanding the range, to facilitate the transfer, rich expression. To fill the gaps in the national band treble plucked instrument. Its crisp and bright sound, rich playing methods and unique expression, has become an indispensable national band in the treble plucked instrument. Representative works include "spring to the Yi River", "happiness", "kapok" and so on.

Liuqin has been developed to Southeast Asian countries, Hong Kong, Macao and the world of all Chinese regions. Major music institutions and teachers colleges and universities have also opened Liuqin professional.

    Liuqin small, four strings, the sound crisp and bright, it is suitable for the elderly to learn. But also easy to carry, go out and walk the park can play with. Ming and Qing architectural protection center for the elderly like Liuqin provides a learning, exchange, rehearsal of the venue, where you can exchange experience, you can learn new songs, you can start on a zero basis,old have and so love,old have and so cheerful..........