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The Ming and Qing Dynasties building protection center joint Joy net - Mommy baby section held Dragon Boat Festival activities

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Northern folk: the Dragon Boat Festival, hot weather, five drugs wake up, not peace

Folk Duanwu custom is often inserted wormwood drink realgar wine, wear Sachet activities

Are to insect repellent, safe to spend this "five days of poison", and the next summer

1, visit the Department of Xuzhou City Department of history and culture of Ming and Qing Dynasties Building Conservation Center to understand the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Xuzhou people's daily life.

2, the system sachet, the traditional sachet embroidered satin, by the mother to learn hand-sewn, children help fill in the anti-mosquito insects lilac, woody, Angelica and other herbs, will represent a full love of incense Package to wear in the side, to protect children to avoid the gas brought about by the warm weather, safe access to the summer

3, package dumplings, how can the Chinese people's holiday less food? Fragrance of soft glutinous rice dumplings in possession of a just right of candied dates, is sweet childhood memories, at home package dumplings too much trouble? Baby with children to enjoy it

mall young hands-on ability, Dragon Boat Festival sachet to give his family

Look focused do not distract, hands and feet ground hands

In the hands of her mother under the guidance of their own can do friends

Parents could not help but also to help, recalls childhood memories, had a parent-child Dragon Boat Festival! .

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