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May 27, 2016 Pengcheng Evening News Series reported two "from the Western Han Dynasty to the Republic of the Ministry of the Ministry of the mountain's human ambassador"

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  "Humanities Yunlong, the Millennium Department of Mountain"


  As a carrier of regional culture, architecture is a combination of historical, economic, artistic and cultural elements. Architectural culture and human settlements natural environment and social environment is closely related, is a city context of expression. Xuzhou in 1986 was listed as the second batch of national historical and cultural city one of the necessary conditions, the city must have a still inhabited ancient buildings and commercial street. The Department of the Ming and Qing Dynasties building complex to become Xuzhou selected historical and cultural city of a trump card.

  At the beginning of 2016, the five courtyards (Liu Family Courtyard, Zhai Family Courtyard, Yu Family Courtyard, Quanjing Archway and Zheng Family Courtyard) were broken down and the five courtyards were opened to the public. In order to let Xuzhou people better know their hometown in the past, so that more foreigners understand the cultural characteristics of Xuzhou, Pengcheng Evening News joint Xuzhou City Department of Hill (Huilongwo) historical and cultural district management center, Xuzhou Yunlong Culture and Tourism Bureau Jointly created the "human Yunlong, the Ministry of the Millennium Hill," large-scale special reports from the opening column, aimed at this representative of the cultural beauty of Xuzhou and the history of heavy rhyme show to the world, harmonious architecture and human intimacy, Building another spring.



Sima Qian and Taiwan Opera

  Sima Qian (145 BC - 90 BC), Zi Zi long, Xia Yang (now Shaanxi Hancheng South) people, one said Longmen (now Shanxi Hejin), China's great historian, writer, thinker. His book "Historical Records" is recognized as a model of Chinese history books, the book records from the ancient legend of the Yellow Emperor period, to the first year of the Han Emperor Yuan hunting, up to 3,000 years of history, is the "twenty-five" , Was Mr. Lu Xun as "the history of the masterpiece, no rhyme of Lisao." In order to write the "Historical Records", Sima Qian "20 and the South River, Huai, Huiji, explore Yu points, peep Jiu suspect, floating in Yuan, Xiang; north Wen, Si, speaking industry Qi, Confucius's legacy, rural shot Zou, Yi; E storm Po, Xue, Pengcheng, lint, Chu to return. "(" Historical Records Taishi public order ")

  Sima Qian travel Pengcheng, the purpose is to explain the history of Chu and Han Xiang Yu and Liu Biography to write the accumulation of information, since he came to Pengcheng, it is impossible not to play Ma stage. From this, Sima Qian is likely to be from the Western Han Dynasty to the Republic of China's cultural celebrities, the first person to play the Ma stage.

  Liu Yu and his son, the size of two Xie and play Ma Taiwan

  (Now Jiangsu Xuzhou), was born in Jinling County Dantu County Jingkou (now Jiangsu Zhenjiang), claiming to be the Western Han Dynasty Chu Yuan Wang Liu (), Liu Yu (363-422), the name of the German public, nostalgia sent slave, native of Pengcheng County Suiyu Li After the pay, the Northern and Southern Dynasties, politicians, reformers, military strategists, twice the Northern Expedition, recovered Luoyang, Chang'an and other places, meritorious service. After the power of high-Zhen, on behalf of the Jin Zili, the establishment of the Southern Song Dynasty.

  AD 416, when he was the general of the Eastern Jin Liu Yu Northern expedition Czech Republic, the class division through Pengcheng, coincides with the Chung Yeung Festival, then in the opera stage banquet Qunliao to strong military prestige. At that time, Liu Yu was Jin An Emperor called Song Gong, with the military consultation Kong Jing was worship to be, in tune back to North Korea, Liu Yu to take this opportunity for his farewell. Seats, so that hundreds of bureaucratic poetry, to describe its beauty. The famous poet Xie Zhan, Xie Lingyun with Fu "on the 9th from the Song Gong Ma Taiwan set sent to the hole" poem. Xie Zhan's poem: 

   Wind to grant cold service, frost off Hundred Works.

   Fan Lin received Yang Cai, dense Court solution cluster.

   No screen to stay Yan Yan, Zunzhu to have to follow.

   Qingxia crown autumn, fast thin Qiong business.

   Sacred heart Jiajie, Yang Luan cruel palace.

   Four feast Zhan Fang Li, Zhongtang from Silk Tong.

   Fu light forcing the West Bom, Huan Yu Yan is poor.

   Passion will return to the customer, have a prime Suke.

   Pro Mo flow from the current, happy heart sigh.

   Xie Lingyun's poem:

   Quarter autumn side of the moon bitter, brigade against frost.

   Desolately Yang Hui Fei, Jiaojiao Han Tan Jie.

   Heart of a sense of goodness, cloud flag Xing Mu Festival.

   Ming Jia Jia brutal Zhu Gong, Lan Xian offer when the philosophy.

   Banquet feast light Fu, and Lok Lung is missing.

   In the world of science, blowing Wanqun Fang Yue.

   Return to the sea by the sea off, off the crown Xie North column.

   Mi Bo thin vassal, that King to be music Que.

   Rivers are anxious, floating hut no hysteresis.

   Qi Yichuan passers-by read, places to heart out ashamed.

   He is the United States Park Road, Ming Yan hurt bad.


Xie Zhan (382-421), Xie Lingyun (385-433), they are cousins, Chen Junyang summer (now Henan Taikang), the Eastern Jin Dynasty star Xie Xuan. Are the Southern Song Dynasty famous poet, known as the big Xie, Xie.

  Liu Yu praised the emperor after obsessed with Pengcheng is his "homeland of the state", in the eastern side of the stage to build the first table. The Southern Dynasties (Song, Qi, Liang, Chen) Buddhism flourished, build the temple. Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu has two well-known poem, "According to research, Taiwan Temple is indeed the" Temple of the Southern Four hundred and eighty, "the source. Liu Yu also sent the fifth son of Liu Yigong (413-465) out of the town of Pengcheng. Liu Yigong boarded the horse several times and wrote a song "Pengcheng Opera Ma set poetry":

  Cheng Nanjing speech. Mi Jie Dong Chu.

  Yifan heavy hope. Hing speech set companion.

  In the service is not clouded. When the change 溽 summer.

  Love of the river. Looking back on independence Yan queue.

Poets in the Tang Dynasty and

  Tang Dynasty poet Chu Guangxi, Huangfu Ran, Qian Qi, Zhang Ji and Cao Ye have boarded the stage, and left the poem of the world. Chu Guangxi (about 706-763) Tang Dynasty officials, Yanzhou Yanling (now Jiangsu Jintan), is the pastoral landscape poet of poets. He wrote "Deng play horse for" a:

  Do not you see the Song Gong Zhang Yue, the heroic struggle to go.

  Small will be dressed Luliang He, a large levy levy mouth.

  Tianmen Shenwu tree yuan, nine days Cornel enjoy the six army.

  Pan Bo boat tour extreme Pu, shaking song blowing clouds.

  People everywhere in the city toward change, dominance still exist Qidu Austin.

  Surabaya South Tongbai Chuan, Yishan North to go Langya County.

  The morning sunset fog, Pengcheng strong autumn wind.

  Junior since ancient times not proud, sunset depression board ancient platform.

  Huangpu Ran (about 718 - about 771), the word Maozheng, Runzhou Danyang (now Jiangsu Zhenjiang), the poem fresh and elegant, more wandering feeling, "Huangfu Ran poetry" handed down. He wrote two poems about opera, one of which is "and Zhang complement Que, Wang Lian division from Xu Fang Road, the same boat to the south, in the first set of Temple left Zhao, Pei complement Que with a mixed problem"

  Chaowai spring night, the boat is far.

  Huaihai thinking endless, melodious smoke King.

  Fortunately, the fairy to go, complex with the enemy.

  High pillow with water, sailing any wind.

  Bell sound wild Temple, grass color is the city empty.

  Farewell high platform, Pei back to a total of melancholy.

  Suspended that the white ramp, set is still in the sea.

  Qian (722-780), the word Zhongwen, Han, Wuxing (now Zhejiang Huzhou City), he is one of the Dali ten gifted, is one of the most outstanding, known as the "Dali ten gifted crown." He wrote the "Jiang line without title":

  9 from the Festival, the boat without a cup.

  Cao Yuan old bottles of wine, play Ma Yi high-profile.

  Zhang Ji (766-830), Wenchang, the origin of Suzhou (Suzhou, Jiangsu Province), the immigration and state, and the state Wujiang River (now Anhui Wujiang County town) people. The world that "Zhang water department", "Zhang Secretary industry." He came to Xuzhou in 799 and visited Han Yu, who was working in Xuzhou. In the play horse station to send friends, write "send far song":

  Play Ma Tainan cluster, mountain song song.

  Pedestrian drunk after boarding, I returned to respect the child to persuade the servant.

  Long blue sky long road, far from home without security.

  Cao Ye, the word Ye, birth and death unknown, Guilin Yangshuo County (now Guangxi Yangshuo) people. To five-character poems known. In the capital exam for ten years, nine times off, and finally because of its "four grudges three unhappy five love poem" for the book Shiren Wei Que appreciated, recommended in the Department of Rites minister Pei Hugh, and finally four years (850) Jinshi, About forty. Cao Ye had boarded the stage horse, written "and Xie Yu Zhang Song from the public to play the horse set to send Kongxie Xie disease":

  Bishu dark clouds, the wind from the west to the moon.

  Beauty memories of landscape, set the wine in the high-profile.

  Do not have to ask water, to sit on the West.

  Advice to speed back, and partridge cry.

  Xie Yuzhang Xie Zhan, he served as Yuzhang Prefecture, it is called Xie Yuzhang.

  Su Shi with the play tread

  The Northern Song Dynasty Xining ten years (1077) August 4, in the history of Ma Tai Taiwan is worthy of writing a book of the day. Because this day, included in China's "Tang and Song of the eight" Su Shi, Su Che brothers, while boarded the Ma stage, the same tour Taiwan Temple stone temple, singing and singing each other, leaving a passage of the literary world through the ages.

  Su Shi (1036-1101), the word Zanzhan, No. Dongpo, Meizhou Song Meizhou (now Meishan City, Sichuan Province) people. China's outstanding writers, politicians, thinkers. In 2000, by the French "Le Monde" named the world Millennium hero, is a world-class cultural celebrities. (12 of them, he is the only Chinese.)

  Su Zhe (1039-1112), the word from the late Yingbin legacy, the official to the right-Cheng, subglottic Shilang to large and middle-aged husband to go home, after the death of posthumous title "Wen Ding", he and father Xun, brother Shi Are famous for the text, the World, said the "three Soviet".

  On April 21 of that year, Su Shi came to know any state in Xuzhou. To Xu on his way through the South are (now Henan Shangqiu), and was appointed to the South have signed a judge to go with the South to stay in the south are Zhang Fangping. Zhang Fang Ping and their father Su Xun is a good friend, that their brothers have not seen for six or seven years, Xu Su Xu accompanied by brother to take office in Xuzhou, so that they can live together for some time, so Su Zhe will come to Xuzhou .

  August 4, autumn, Japan and the wind, and Su Shi Su to accompany the game to Ma. Taitou built a stone temple, because there is a statue of the Northern Qi Dynasty stone statue named after the stone. Su Shi is a collection of Confucianism, Buddhism, Tao in one of the characters, and Buddha-related things are always very interested in. Therefore, watching the opera stage, he and Su Zhe came to the stone hospital, carefully appreciate the stone that engraved on the Buddhist scriptures. Appreciation is completed, Su Shi for the stone by the hospital three poems:

  Onion Qian door before the road, wearing a dense green line.

  But came to the church point of view, Iwatani meaning infinite.


  Yao Jing Court in the cypress, dead branches magpie step consumer.

  Thin skin wrapped around the crane bone, high top turn dragon waist.


  Transamerica Hill Well, Qian Tong Fu Jian Qing.

  For deep dash, listen to put the sound of the pulley. ( "Su Dongpo Complete Works")


  Su Zhe wrote three poems:

  Tiao Shan Shan Temple, near the ancient city.

  Bitter hate the river far, long to teach eyesight poor.


  Winding mountain road, fleeting to this consumer.

  Rise and fall to be a hanging, Fan old man lying on the mountainside.


  Solitary mountain temple, monks unlimited clear.

  I do not know the road office, empty bell to hear the twilight. ( "Suzhe Chronicle")

  From the last sentence of the poem, they learned that the same time they played the stage should be in the afternoon. "Fan Chaosu" refers to the West Chu Xiang Yu Fanjun Fan Zeng, the legend of the tomb of Fan Zeng in the vicinity of opera. From their two poems can be seen, when the Xuzhou has a good ecological environment and beautiful natural scenery. Review of these six poems, both from time or space from the point of view, Su Zhe's three more than the scope of coverage of the Soviet Union to a number of broad, with a strong sense of history. Therefore, Su Shi called the poem "I have far." ( "Notes from the poem," "Su Dongpo Complete Works," p. 5465).

  Unfortunately, Taiwan Temple and stone hospital has long been gone, the remaining Buddhist stone also in the war of resistance against Japan was destroyed, unless the reconstruction measures, otherwise, we can not see these historical sites.

  As far as I know, Su Shi Xuzhou during office, had five stage play Taiwan, four Tour Taiwan Temple, and Su Zhe with the tour this is the first time.

  He Zhushao and Chen Shidao 's Drama

  He Zhu (1052-1125) the word back, the Northern Song Dynasty famous poet. Shanyin origin (now Shaoxing, Zhejiang), grew up in Wei Zhou (now Henan Jixian). Personality forthright, upright not flattering dignitaries. Former Sizhou (now Anhui Sixian), peace state pass judgment, old age retreat to Suzhou, since the number of Lake remains. Can poetry, especially the word, the word for not only rhetoric Seiko, and the style is vigorous and innovative. There are "Qinghu left over from the old set", "Dongshan Ci" handed down.

  He cast in August 1082 to Xuzhou any Baofeng supervisor money officer, in January 1086 to leave Xuzhou. During the period of Xu, He cast several times to board the stage, leaving four poems singing opera. One is the "nine-day platform horse":

  When the festival of this mountain, tired passengers boarding alone Wang Ran.

  Matteo Taiwan shortage years since long, cut the snake public to the empty pass.

  Huang Hua, after half-old clear cream, white bird solitary fat drop before.

  Not with the rise and fall of the city water, fishing boats into the Huainian stable float.

  "Cut snake public" refers to Liu Bang. I am ignorant ignorant, in the ancient literati, dare to say Liu Bang as "cut the snake public" who, in addition to He cast, has not found the second. He cast straightforward not flattering dignitary character is evident here.

  The second song, the first three slightly, the fourth song is "Ma Ma Song":

  Qin snake has been interrupted, Liu Xiangfang war.

  Zhizhu Ju situation, Sui Xu take the power.

  Divide a picture of heaven and earth to open, the king returned to the East.

  Xindu shape wins control Huai Si, cage mountain valley camp high.

  Who is the pupil of the re-registration, I do not know Zhixianzhihua.

  Such as the next shot on the pill shot, blue ribs cream wrist will be back to disk.

  Elegy in the middle of the night do not die, tomorrow Yiling difficult road.

  騋 female 3000 to Han leisure, Su Dou Bei county magistrate.

  Do not you see the sun Hu Shan Yang Gu Mu, spring breeze grass every year green.

  "Who is the pupil registration, I do not know Zhixianzhihua", re-pupil refers to the West Chu Xiang Yu Xiang. The author here euphemistically criticized Xiang Yu, pointing out that he lost in the Chu - Han Liu Bang an important reason - only know drama horse, I do not know Zhaoxian.

  Chen Shidao (1053-1102), the word has no one, word practice often, No. Hill lay. Pengcheng people, is the history of Xuzhou membership of the important poet. In the early years of Zeng Gong, and then see the known to Su Shi, as "Sumer six gentleman" one. Former Xuzhou professor, Professor Ying Zhou, PhD in science, secretary of the province orthography and other staff. Poem Du Fu, Huang Tingjian affected by the deep, the world that "Huang Chen", is an important writer to send Jiangxi. His life is poor self-defense, the poem to bitter Yin well-known, simple style of ancient, temper deep, the "mountain set" handed down. He has many times and friends with the play horse platform, and wrote four poems to describe the matter, in addition to "and Li Shijun nine days to play Ma stage", the one is "sub-Yun Lee nine days to climb Nanshan":

  Ping Lin wide wild ride platform shortage, monastery bell sunset.

  Self-meaning today, only for last year's fragrance.

  Towel 欹 even feel frost invasion temples, the language of what wonderful stone for intestine.

  Lumu endless river, this body must be busy today.

  Another song is "and Yansheng with tour Nanshan":

  Bamboo stick Mountain shoes take the second line, a touch of eye-catching pedestrian shock.

  Perennial this day is still off, the disease today to hi again.

  Glutenance is still worthy for the thing, board that was always ruthless.

  Known to the world as a disciple, can be re-edge drain too thin students.

  There is a song is "Monk Huiseng and with the Nanshan":

  Ji with the group of wild geese, the boarding side for the re-yang.

  South Taiwan two Xie Fengliu must, quasi-intended to return ancient kits.

Wen Tianxiang and Lv Dingzuo poems play Taiwan

  Wen Tianxiang (1236-1283) named Yun Sun, the word Song Rui, word good. Since the number Wenshan, floating Hugh Taoist. Jiangxi Jizhou Luling (now Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province), the late Song Dynasty politicians, writers, patriotic poet, anti-Yuan Ming Chen, national hero. Bao You four years (1256) champion and the first, the official to the right prime minister, letters of the country public. In the five slope Ling defeated captured, rather die than fall. Yuan nineteen years (AD 1282) in December ninth day, calmly killed in the city of Chai. "Mr. Wenshan Complete Works", "Wenshan Yuefu" handed down.

  Filed Wen Tianxiang, people will think of "life since ancient times who have no death, to retain the heart according to history," that two pass poems through the ages. He was arrested in the struggle against Yuan, in the solution of Yanjing (now Beijing), Yu Xiangxing in the first year (1278) on September 9 through Xuzhou, wrote nearly 10 poems of ancient poetry, one of which Is the "game horse":

  On the ninth day of the ninth month, the guest game horse.

  Huanghua get morning dew, the ancients of the Egyptian.

  Today people sad future generations, future generations complex this sad.

  Things that can be, tear cup of cornel.

  Had served in front of the temple are referring to the command, the dragon and tiger on the general of the Song Dynasty poet Lu Ding has also played Ma stage, and wrote a "play Ma Taiwan" poem:

  According to the saddle command eight thousand soldiers, former Central Plains war.

  Chase the deer has no Qin boat, dead side sigh Chu song.

  Heroes things to people, lonely empty grass self.

  Looking back Yunshan green chu chu, yellow flow is still around Pengcheng.

  (In this province of Anhui Province Chu County), good poem, "Zhongan poem", "said Jian Ji" handed down.

  Xin Qiji drama table on the table mind

  (Now Jinan City) people, the Southern Song Dynasty uninhibited poet, the term of the dragon, and Su Shi collectively, "the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union, Xin ", and Li Qingzhao and said" Jinan two security. " Marshal Chen Yi very much appreciate the words of Xin Qiji, a poem Chan said: "I hi long phrase, the most is Su Xinshi. Dongpo chest times wide, Jia Xuan force Wanjun." Xin Qiji also boarded the stage, leaving two words. Here recorded one of them, entitled "partridge days heavier nine seats on":

  Drama Ma Qiu Yan Fei, orchestral dance more flags.

  To know Huang Juqing height, not into the year two Xie poem.

  Pour liquor, around the East Fence. Only with Tao Ling determined period.

  Ming heavy nine muddy chic, Mo respect before the owe one.

  Sadu assassination Teng stage

  Sadu assassination (1272-1355) Yuan Dynasty poet, painter, calligrapher. The word tin, straight fast. Hui (one that Mongolian). Its predecessor for the Western Regions, was born in Yanmen (now Shanxi on behalf of the county), Thailand four years Jinshi. Sa Dasha good painting, fine calligraphy, You Shan regular script. Tiger Wolong jump only talent, known as Yanmen genius. A collection of poems "Yanmen set" handed down.

  (1332) March, Sadu assassination in the southern line of Taiwan Shi Shi Shi passed by Xuzhou, he was Xuzhou at the turn of the beautiful natural scenery and rich history of precipitation intoxicated, wrote a number of The first description of Xuzhou mountains and rivers shape wins, historical figures and historical sites of poetry. One of the first is "Deng Ma stage":

  Under the city to go back to the Yellow River, the four mountains still Cuiping open.

  Nobody will have to board the meaning, alone on the general play Ma stage.

  However, in the Sadu assassination written Xuzhou poetry, the most famous is the "magnolia flower slow Pengcheng nostalgia" words:

  Ancient Xuzhou-shaped wins, kill to do, a few heroes.

  Want to armored heavy pupil, Ukraine 骓 blood, jade account with empty.

  Chu Song eight thousand soldiers scattered, material dream soul, should not be Jiangdong.

  Empty with the Yellow River such as belt, chaos Hill Round Yunlong.

  Han Jia Ling Que from the autumn wind, Wo millet Guanzhong.

  More drama Ma shortage, thrush people far, swallow floor empty.

  Life, such as sending a hundred years, and happy, a drink to do thousand.

  Looking back on the city of oblique sunrise, lean columns to send Feihong.

  Sa do not think how the assassination of his first six hundred years after this word will be a generation of great people favor of Mao Zedong, known as the North-South lock key, the battleground of the heroic city of Xuzhou city song for the millions Xuzhou people in the new long march on the road to play the magnificent and aggressive and calm heroic note.

  Chen Gang in the poem for Xiang Yu

  Chen Fu (1259 - 1309), the scholar of the Yuan Dynasty. The word just, the number not Temple, Linhai County, Zhejiang Province, Taiping Township stone Tangli (now white water Yang Zhen Song) people. To the first year, the "great unification Fu", after the lectures in Henan Shangcai Academy, for the mountain, served as the National History Compilation, the Ministry of Rites Lang, the official control to the rooftop road house government. Author of "tourist set", "pay the state set" and so on. He had been to Xuzhou, boarded the stage horse, written "Xuzhou Xiang Yu Ma stage" poem:

  Item Wang Bear Leopard posture, the desire to swallow the world.

  Da Hudu to the mountains, such as collapse tile.

  When the fire Qin Palace, the blood Chung Weishui ocher.

  Chen Shuchu princes, bile off hair spilled.

  Who knows Yin Ling Road, Hao song tears such as diarrhea.

  But Xu is the old capital, past this lay the Society.

  Still want to rock platform, iron lance million horse.

  Wine drunk drumming, flags off the wilderness.

  And this is also why there is shortage of spine Qiu Man to.

  Emperor Tianzuo God, artifacts can not be false.

  Sometimes the rain division, mow people such as soil tho.

  Do not be sad days of Jun Wang, Monarch King laying.

  罍斚 (sound cumulative): two ancient wine.罍, the ancient Sheng wine, but also to Sheng water.斚, the ancient copper wine.

  Cen Anqing Taiwan opera

  The Poets of the Yuan Dynasty (1956-1355). Word static energy, the home near Castanopsis peak, so since the number of Castanopsis hills, Yuyao Shanglin Township (now Cixi City, Zhejiang Qiaotou town and Marina town area) people. Zhi Xing Gao Jie, poor end to Eritrea, taste for the "three sad poems" hanging Song Dynasty in the people who, sustenance far-reaching, win universal praise. Author of "Castanopsis Hill set" three volumes, "Siku Head" comments on its poetry to the lonely, as it is. He wrote "opera table" poem:

  Re-pupil of exhilaration into the Qin back, the princes are bridging the East to the bridle.

  Cuisine Cuijiu Jiujiu wine, bristles turn iguanzhen Yunyan open.

  Leaning whip four Gu show invincible, commanding the heart of the brave tiger heart zai.

  The gold line between the father and the father, account under the loss of the owner.

  Chu song broke into a tight encirclement, the former name of empty old step.

  Millennium accumulated gas is not consumed, around Surabaya hit Fei Tao.

  Poems of Taiwan in Ming Dynasty

  Zeng (sound Kai), birth and death unknown, the word child, Jiangxi Yongfeng people. Ming Yongle two years (1404) champion, successive paternity, paternity read, little Zhan thing. Good drinking, good articles, good poetry book, talent and unrestrained. He wrote "Yong Ma stage" one:

  Spring trees around the embankment heavy Tsui, Xiang Yu has the old track.

  Outside the city of high-profile play horse, Pei-chi has been Jackie Chan gas.

  Heroic separatism in Castle Peak, domineering sales Shen Bi moss seal.

  Today after times of melancholy, crow smoke scattered late smoke thick.

  Hu Yan (1360-1443), the word if thinking, Nanchang people. Throughout the astronomy, geography, law calendar, Bu operator, especially for astronomy weft science has deep attainments. At the same time good at painting and calligraphy, author of "Yi An anthology", "Hu hybrid". He also wrote a poem:

  Heroes a cup of wine, Elegy only sad future generations.

  Life-long Tu-long technology, air play today, left Taiwan.

  Qian Xi (1373-1462) were dry, with the word line, Kyrgyzstan water (now Jiangxi Jishui) people. Yongle nine years (1411) Jinshi. Have read the paternity, known system Patent and so on. Xuande the first year (1426), repair the two records, Shi Wen Su. Good grass. He also wrote "opera stage" one:

  Carrying a pot of wine alone, hanging ancient high platform.

  Xiren trace this lonely, still want to drink a cup of wine.

  Recall from the West since the re-pupil of the West Chu, Qing Fu Guo Shou Gan Fu Fu.

  Military sword dance distorted the Lord, Xianyang torch into the scorched earth.

  How to divide the East and the West League, the day lost the trend Yin Ling.

  Ai Qi Zhanjiang actually He Yong, Ai Ji hate blood millennium green.

  Poor moon as long as the prime, had to according to the song and dance.

  In September the west wind, autumn grass yellow old road.

  Bian Si exchanges do not go back, Taiwan pedestrian frequency exchanges.

  Boarding not the eternal meaning, the sunset against the enemy sorrow.

  This poem blend of reason and meaning. "The door sword dance distort the Lord, Xianyang torch into the scorched earth .How to use the East and West League, the days of lost road yinling." Four image to illustrate the Xiang Yu, although brave, but the lack of high-quality politician temperament, He can only be, can not be king, inevitable failure of the final outcome.

  Xue Xuan (1389-1464), the Ming Dynasty thinker, the famous master of science, the founder of Hedong School, the word Devon, Hin, Shanxi Hejin (now Jishan County), "King Xuan Collection" handed down. He is also writing "opera stage" poem:

  Eight thousand soldiers crossing the river, the play horse is also Zhuangzai high-profile.

  Wu Jiang Wu do not die, high-profile turn to make future generations sad.

  Ma Hui (birth and death unknown), word Yan Fang, Zeng Zu Ma Liang Ren Xuzhou Wei governor, then accounted for Xuzhou. Ming Xuande seven years (1432) lifts. He was good at learning, served as Caoxian, Cai Shangyu, Professor Ru Ning. He wrote the title of the poem is also a "play Ma stage":

  Ma has a stage horse Surabaya, Mu monkey no surface complex Jiangdong.

  Pa map has been destroyed by the cold smoke, so the base set aside the evening sunset red.



Qianlong boarded the stage

  Emperor Qianlong, that is, Emperor Gaozong Aixinjueluo Hongli (1711-1799), the Qing Dynasty, the sixth emperor, reign Qianlong, meaning "Heaven Changlong." 25-year-old ascended the throne, the reign of sixty years, abdicated for three years after the Emperor, the actual control of the highest power for 63 years and four months, is the longest history of China's ruling, the highest life of the emperor. Qianlong six life Jiangnan, four Pro Xuzhou. Qianlong twenty-two years (1757) for the first time came to Xuzhou, boarded the Ministry of Hill, leaving the poem "play Taiwan Ma Xie Lingyun Yun:

  Xike off the former Range Rover, algae Fugue snow.

  Yi Chi Chiu Park, Hao Hao Qiuyang Jie.

  West to raise the river, Pengcheng this section.

  Dredge unscrupulous party, to serve and sage.

  Xuan Gu disaster victims, lack of clothing and lack of clothing.

  Bazhen as Fugan, rather to Chang Yuet.

  Yunlong has a Soviet track, Xiuse head out.

  Tutu Toutou Temple, clear words in mind a tie.

  Put the crane has been open 骖, play horse slowly stop.

  Send house Geng good work, the Iraqi people were pregnant.

  Ji Mou mind possession, ask this ashamed governance inferior.

  Qianlong came to Xuzhou, the mood is relatively heavy. The main reason is that "Qianlong twenty-one years, the Yellow River Tongshan north shore of the Sun River set overflowing, into the Weishan Lake and under the Jingshan Bridge River, copper, Pi, peach, sea, Shu counties flooded" (Qing Xuzhou House Zhi), Qianlong Xuzhou people to see the post-disaster food deprivation scene, and my heart is not the taste. This poem expresses that he can not quickly ashamed of the people of Xuzhou to lift the pain.

 Li Pan and the "Ministry of Mountain probe Mei"

  Li Pan (1656-1729), the word Xian Li, and the word root Um, No. Laxi, native of Hebei really set, the Yuan Dynasty to positive this year moved to Fengxian Yue Zhuang Township, the end of the Ming Dynasty ancestors settled in Xuzhou households mountain, Born in the Ministry of mountain. Li Pan is Xuzhou history only one scholar. Kangxi thirty-six years (1697) palace, the Emperor Kangxi was appointed as a Jinshi first, granted official Imperial Academy Xiuzhuan, into the history of the museum, compiling the "Qing unification", and paternity read, Heavenly first person "reputation.

  Kangxi thirty-eight years (1699), Li Pan Ren Shuntian examination examiner, was defamed, was exiled in Shenyang, three years after the hometown. Li Pan returned home, located in the south of the Ministry of households in the south of the house to write their own entertainment. He often boarded the Yunlongshan and the Department of mountain, with the "occasional set" and "root um collection", its Qilu "Department of mountain probing Mei" by plum since the metaphor, to express their feelings of sorrow, at the time of recitation:

  Empty mountain unaccompanied for many years, the unique Han Mei accompanied me.

  Sparse side should be idle, fragrant less than sunny days.

  Hanbai with rain did not ask, Lu Rui Pro wind times the poor.

  Paper account for the night also dream, Rover only in front of a lamp.

  Qian Qianyi, Wang Shizhen and Yuan Mei 's opera poems

  Qian Qianyi (1582-1664), the word by the number, animal husbandry fasting, late Mongolian old man, East Jian old. Scholars said Mr. Yushan. One of the Main Poets in the Early Qing Dynasty. Suzhou House Changshu County Luyuan Xi Pu (now Zhangjiagang City Tangqiao Deer Xi Pu) people. Qian Qian Yi wrote a play Ma Taiwan poem two, recorded here:

  Xiongtai had to play horse, abandoned the sword even more troops.

  Chu dead non-war crimes, the original is not the common people.

  Wang Shizhen (1634-1711), formerly known as Wang Shizhen, the word Zi Zhen, word Yi Shang, No. Ruan Pavilion, and the number of fishing Yangshan people, the World said Wang Yu Yang, Shi Wen. Shandong Metro (now Huantai County), often claiming to Jinan. Qing Shunzhi fourteen years (1657) Scholars, the early Qing Dynasty outstanding poet, writer, following the Qian Qianyi after the main league poetry, and Zhu Yizun and called "Southern Zhu Wang." He wrote "Pengcheng nostalgia" eight, one of which is:

  Lou Guan Yan Ting Ma Taiwan, Song Gong 9 this cup.

  Poets Mengshi such as dragon and tiger, only Jiangdong two Xie only.

  Yuan Mei (1716-1797), Qiantang (now Zhejiang Hangzhou), the word Zicai, the number of Jane Zhai, old age since the number of Cangshan lay, with the park owner, with garden elderly, poet, essayist, literary critic. He wrote "opera hanging Song Wu" one:

  Wearing a cassock jacket 1000 field, Wan Ma Deng sword light.

  One by the narcissus to the sea, three capture the emperor out of Xianyang.

  White sand cap Jin Ou small, wild kudzu lamp hanging candle busy.

  Unfortunately, the ambition when the twilight teeth, Kanto elders Yi Zhanshang.

  Li Yunchang, Zhou Xiangjun, Wang Jia, Qi Shizhuo, Qian Shizhi, Lv Jiaji's opera poems

  Li Yunchang (birth and death unknown), the word stars, No. Mei Cen, Feng County, Jiangsu Province. Qing Tongzhi twelve years (1873) Kobo Gong lifts. Author of "shade incense book house poem grass." He has written "opera horse two" and "play Ma Taiwan nostalgia", here only recorded the first two:

  Autumn helped me on the high-profile, straight Jiang Dong domineering.

  The six countries received the mastery of residual Xinjiang, Sanqin industry laugh dust.

  Not allowed to participate in the sub-parent odd plan, unfortunately Huaiyin will be lost.

  Remaining male memory of weight nine, cattle and sheep scattered lying chrysanthemum.

  How to play the horse that year, cavalry Chi drive and more.

  Huge deer with any barriers, divide the gap between mountains and rivers.

  Smoke fans three auxiliary Xiao Qin, wind Chuang Chuang Chu song.

  Wujiang River to sing not to die, the heroic tears from the torrent.

  In the Qing Dynasty poet, Li Yunchang's fame is not too big, but the two poems are written quite work. Xiang Yu feudal, "heroes also from torrential tears," the reasons for writing seemingly straightforward but there is no lack of subtle, very interesting to read.

  Zhou Xiangjun (1870 a 1914), Suining County, Jiangsu Province, Ma shallow village. The word Zhong Mu, No. rehabilitated, the world that "Mr. Feng Shan." At the end of the Qing Dynasty scholars, writers, poets, playwrights, was the academic elite regarded Jiangbei generation master. He wrote a "play Taiwan Ma Recite":

  Gai male figure day by day sun, Song public preserves off this board.

  Fight to the righteousness of the cold tour of the gall bladder, the end of the matter group of knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

  Several generations of cloud flag empty north refers to, the future is still south of the house.

  Poor with a lose the overall situation, according to the wrong kind of pomp.

  Wang Jia (1861-1920), the word Shao Yi, Shao Yi. Native of Shanxi Wenxi County, Zeng Zu Wang Renren to Xu business, then settled in Xuzhou, a "raising room set" survived. Zhang Boying on his very high evaluation: "I Wu Bingbing, the decline of literature, less Yi from the vibration of the first gold altar division (Feng Xu) as the first scholar Jiangbei. Character Gao Jun, non-literary excellence . "He wrote," the ninth day of the horse play platform "one:

  Chu Hing death like chess, the general had this play Ukraine.

  Poor Yin Yazawa day dream, the fall of high-profile autumn is sad.

  Hunter did not change the muddy muddy, Ying-ching, actually how well.

  The first city wind and rain overweight 9, Japan Mo Chou Yin Xie poem.

  Qi Shizhuo (1861-1930), the word Han Yun, Tongshan County, Jiangsu Province, youth and has Wang Jia, Wang Xueyuan, Han Zhizheng (Yuan Fang), Zhang Boying (spoon garden) and so on studying in Yunlong College, under Liu Xiang, , Feng Xu and other scholar, twenty years in the Qing Emperor Guangxu (1894) high school celestial day celestial imperial examinations. Former Yunlong Middle School Guowen Guichang, Xuzhou teachers and other staff. The article is quite famous, the poem workers especially deep. Written "nine colleagues boarded the stage with Chen Shan and Li Shijun on the 9th stage play horse rhyme:

  Chung Yeung Festival friends, why should the wind and rain reminder.

  Qi for the flowers side of the wine, not because of visitors before the stage.

  Steady edge Ji old ambition, the day Hong Fei tired eyes open.

  Second Xie Gong flatter enough, unique to the mountains after ages.

  Money Food Chi (1880-1922) word Zhong Ling, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, people. Good painting landscape, also good writing plum. His landscape painting teacher Qing Dynasty painter Wang Shigu, calligraphy to trace the Han and Wei inscriptions, and Qing Dynasty calligrapher Liu Shi'an, poetics Tao Yuanming. Qian Shi Zhi is a famous Chinese painting master Li Keran's enlightenment teacher. Write "opera stage" one:

  Chushan stacked Chutian open, hand in hand with the stage play horse.

  Falling trees Qianshan urgent rain, high autumn octahedral wind to.

  Depression Surabaya Yu residual according to Tiao Qin Qin left off ash.

  The end of the ancient Central Plains several deer, heroes who is the king before?

  Lu Jiayi (1868-1940) word Shen Wu, Jiangsu Pizhou people. Guangxu years scholar, studied in Nanjing, Jiangsu Normal. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, served as Pizhou first higher primary school principals, advocated industry to save the country, founder of Fukuyama tree art company, served as chairman. Author of "quality Lu poem grass", "qualitative cottage joint text", "qualitative cottage on the text", "qualitative Lu speech", "harmonic politics". Write "opera stage" one:

  Desolate Taiwan desolate sense of monkeys, Khan horse hero left Chu Qiu.

  Regret that the black 骓 fans post road, empty pregnant Divine Painting Divide.

  Across the saddle tyrants kuiju thousand miles, love stack Pengcheng five weeks.

  Turn strange strange 骀 difficult to master, did not smell Wan Yi Yan Liu.

  A word describing the inhabitants of Mt.

  Silence curtain silence courtyard. Red column with red pill.

  Afternoon is a dream. Fall outside the curtain light.

  Jin Ping Shan points. Fang Yi Jiangnan far.

  Sleeping leaning against the sun. Free to see go Yanxiang.

  The poem's author Zheng Yizhi (1911-2001), Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, people. Nanjing Normal University professor. This "Pusa Man" written in the twenties of the thirties, depicting the author's residence in the courtyard of the courtyard of deep, Diaolan Jinping, flowers surrounded by beautiful scenery; at the same time sustenance because of their large family life , Idle lonely, can not point the country's youth feelings. At the time of the Zheng family courtyard of the Department of Hill eight among the masters of the name of the house.


■ Conclusion

  Throughout the ages, the opera Ma Xiongfeng vast, poetic sound Lang Lang. How many high-ranking officials to compete to board the board, countless literary men chant endlessly. From the emperor, down to the civilians, pay off Xiang Yu, cherish the memory of heroes, climbing Ju, drinking poetry, never tired. If there are endless Shakespeare in the West, the East has endless Su Dongpo, Xuzhou, there are endless Xiang Yu. In a sense, Su Dongpo and Xiang Yu are famous in our history through the ages of tragic figures, although the tragedy for different reasons, but one thing is the same, after their death, are subject to the people and the world People's admiration and nostalgia. Xuzhou people in particular, for their admiration and nostalgia, can be said for generations without stop, a thousand words untold. Perhaps this is the people on the opera Taiwan Baiteng tire, a soft spot for the root causes.

  At the end of this article, let us recall the Qing Qingzhao through the ages of poetry, "Health as a hero, death is also a ghost male.Since the Xiang Yu, refused to Jiangdong" and Su Dongpo's famous "awe-inspiring gas, miles miles." Ma Taiwan is the gas station, is also a gas station, is the gas station. Boarded the stage, the heart by wave height, pride full of mind.

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