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2016 年 5 月 20 日 Pengcheng weekend "from the play Man Nanshan to avoid the water household mountain"

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Xuzhou Yunlongshan the north, Pengcheng ancient city walls south, there is a garden-style hills, towering mountains palace, resplendent, lush, flowers and towering towers; mountains green brick homes, row upon row, the ancient sense of dense, quiet and pleasant; Strict, store everywhere, visitors, voices. The mountain two simple and simple Qingshi arch, engraved in the Republic of China book giant Zhang Boying's treasure - "the Department of Mountain Hill", the three-year-old, .

  Hills or the hills, where the place or, why not only called Ma Ma Taiwan, also known as the Ministry of Hill? Name, mark it. Place names are only a projection of history and culture. The name of the place called life is called, open, spread cloth Quartet, thousands of years of heritage, that the name of the charm, with an indelible rich cultural connotations. Drama Ma, the Department of Mountain is the history of the eternal seal on the wind and rain, is an indispensable cultural symbols wonderful symbol, is a historical and cultural city with a distinctive charm card.

  Let us into the history of the promenade, marching the millennium moss, through the hazy mist haze, retrospective opera stage, the Ministry of the mountain before the present it!

  Nanshan to build a platform to watch the horse

  Ancient Pengcheng shape with Wau, according to legend for the ancestors of Peng Peng ancestors built. The city is roughly south of Kui River City section of the ancient city wall site, north to the Yellow River and Yellow House, east to the south of the first open street, west to the Swallow House primary school location. The ancient city is not square. The south wall of uniform, for things in a straight line; east and west sides of the city walls irregular, showing a symmetrical arc shape of coherent things.

  The ancient city of South Gate in a promise, there is a hill, due to geographical location in the ancient city of the south, hence the name Nanshan, and because the mountain is small, small Nanshan. 1986, 1987, Xuzhou Municipal People's Government to rebuild opera stage, in the mountain situation before the Court, erected a stone, engraved "Nanshan" word for the contemporary calligrapher Wei Tianchi book. In this view, Nanshan is the play Ma Taiwan, the Ministry of the original mountain mountain name.

  The Republic of China fifteen years (1926) "Tongshan county" of the "monuments test", the old "Chi Ma Taiwan in the south of a mile, Xiang Yu because the mountain for Taiwan" wrote: "this mountain old name Nanshan. "Hill" test, in the "mountain" section, the reference Daoguang "Tongshan County" interpretation of the cloud: "south of the city and a half ... ... according to the song when the mountain named Nanshan." Chen Henshan poem " Xie Yun Zhan, Xie Zhan brother, the Eastern Jin Dynasty when the order of the army, had come to Xuzhou, had the honor to bow to Liu Yu feast group of party event, and poetry in mind Sheng. Descendants of its poetry in the Nanshan on Le Shi. Famous poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, has been under the tutelage of the ancient people we have Gong, one of the six men of the Soviet Union, his poem Nanshan mentioned many times, the meaning is undoubtedly play Ma Taiwan , The Ministry of Hill.

  Nanshan to build Taiwan opera horse, began in the Qin Dynasty, the first year of the Western Han Dynasty (206). At that time, the peasant uprising army after three years of arduous heroic expedition, in one fell swoop to overthrow the rule of violent Qin. The rebel leader Xiang Yu into the Xianyang, the beheaded surrender of the Qin Wang Ying child, fire Qin Dynasty room, held in April in the water meeting, on the merit reward, sub-closure of the twenty princes. Xiang Yu self-styled West Chu King, capital of Pengcheng, administer nine counties (Surabaya, Dongyang, East China Sea, Dang, Xue, Zhang, Wu, Huiji, East County) land. West Chu overlord, is the vassal king of the boss.

  Xiang Yu-year-old side of twenty-six, in one fell swoop ascended the hegemony of the bit, but in reality is no crown of the emperor, the world whom vibration. In April of that year, all the princes on the country. Xiang Yu led the army, all the way mighty, east to Pengcheng. As the ancient history of Xuzhou said, after returning to Pengcheng, "Xiang Yu due to mountain build Taiwan to watch the play horse." Can imagine, "force pull Hill Come gas Guise" Xiang Yu, fame, homecoming, is indeed stare from the male, arrogant.

  High-level play horse, both Xiang Yu be prepared in time, diligence and repair, military training and military, military review of the military move, but also in the prime of life, King dominate, Chi satisfied with soldiers soldiers fun game.

  On the day of the grand ponies, Zhang Ransheng in 1987, "rebuilt the West Chu King Overlord Ma Ma Ji" once described: "206 BC, the West Chu overlord Pengcheng, in this cage mountain building to view the soldiers play horse When the flags fluttering, Ma Ming Xiao Xiao, autumn air, the mighty.

  It is not difficult to imagine, Western Chu King Xiang Yu heavily armed, high-spirited to board the high-profile, the banner reflects the sun, the wind breeze, soldiers and horses purge, majestic, the stage before the call Hu Yong, Yamashita call. Command a, Jin Gu Qi Ming, horses screaming, scrambling, all the way to Pentium, go away ... ... that is a spectacular sight!

  Because Xiang Yu in this platform horse, this station began to be known as the Ma Ma Taiwan. However, for a long period of time, the mountain or mountain, Taiwan or Taiwan, Nanshan, or Nanshan, Taiwan is just above the Nanshan one Taiwan. However, after all, because West Chu overlord reputation is too large, for this station added to a golden halo. Later, the Ma Taiwan fame more and more loud, more and more weak voice of the Nanshan, the passage of time, the world only know that there are Ma stage, but I do not know what the Nanshan. In this way, opera stage subtle alternative to Nanshan, became an eternal place names.

  Nanshan play a mystery

  Ancient Pengcheng mountains around, majestic, the early Nanshan is just a barren hill. Due to years of wind stripping rain erosion, rocks weathering, but thick soil layer, grass clumps.

  Drama Ma, to be exact, should be known as the view of Ma stage, Xiang Yu, but by virtue of this platform to view the play horse only. Xiang Yu why not choose mountains, mountains, but has chosen the less-known Nanshan horse? Xiang Yu day must have their own considerations, one of the key factors, that is, Nanshan has an irreplaceable unique geographical advantages.

  From the geographical position, Nanshan is not in the city, but not far away from the ancient city. Nanshan from the south gate of only one mile, even to the Chu palace, but also 23 years away. Western Chu Xiang Yu Xiang to watch the play horse more convenient. Xiang Yu is a generals origin, a strong interest in natural horse. Nanshan to build Taiwan to play horses, may not lose the military characteristics, so that the horse into the norm.

  From a strategic position, although Nanshan is not high, but the strategic position is very important. Occupy Nanshan, they can control the mountain city, overlooking the mountains, panoramic view, overlooking the city, glance. Moreover, the city outside the city, mostly for the troops. Nanshan in Taiwan to choose to play horse, soldiers and horses must travel fast.

  From the natural conditions, Nanshan has a high platform to create the foundation. Local history are recorded in mind, "Xiang Yu due to mountain building Taiwan." In other words, the top of the Nanshan is relatively flat, relatively slow mountain, deep soil, valley plain, is also more convenient from top to bottom, a little use of manpower, simple dressing, you can create a "wide hundred steps" spacious high tower.

  Song He cast "Yongxi Ma Taiwan" poem, "cage mountain valley camp high-profile" sentence, can be used as descendants of Xiang Yu was a true portrayal of high-profile business. Can imagine, Chu was in Nanshan year, the eradication of stoning, mowing in addition to waste, fill the gap, cut off the thorns, dressing the mountain, spend some transformation time, that can be used as a horse to watch the resort.

  Taiwan is not high drama horse, easy to climb, came to power around, glance. More valuable is that the south of the mountain, surrounded by open flat, even if it is a mighty force, but also to accommodate, the cloth was open, pull to move, training soldiers and horses, people Huanma called, especially magnificent.

  On the superior location of the opera stage, Su Shi had such a macro theory: "City three water blocking, under the battlements to Bian Si for the pool, alone the South can be open to traffic and horse, and Ma Ma in." However, as military Home Xiang Yu build a play horse, not limited to leisure, more importantly, for strategic considerations.

  Some people think that opera stage that is tied (tied) horse. This argument is untenable. In 1986 and 1987, during the reconstruction of the Ma-tai stage, although ancient horse-tied piles were found, it did not indicate any problem. Playing horse, the natural horse. But in the large-scale military and horse drill, it is impossible horse Nanshan. Moreover, no horse is no horse department. Imagine, if not Nanshan play horse, who had no reason to be tied to the horse horses go?

  "Autumn horse" has history

  Ma play today, there are autumn play Ma Yuan; play Ma Tong, the calligraphy famous Sha Menghai wrote the "Autumn Horse Horse" stone. Why is it called the autumn wind horse? This is a historical basis.

  From Xiang Yu in 209 BC Xiang Yu with uncle Liang Qibing Wuzhong, to the Qin Dynasty three years, the first Xiang Yu Xia Pi, Xiang Liang died, "Xiang Yu Pengcheng West", then north to save Zhao, Xi Xi Xianyang , And no garrison Pengcheng, or Pengcheng south. During this period, Xiang Yu Rong Ma, no, can not have no time to build a horse in Nanshan.

  In the spring of 206 BC, Xiang Yu in the West Chu King Overlord, capital Pengcheng. Xiang Yu is back in Pengcheng after that. Before long, Qi Wang was killed, Xiang Yu led his troops to rebellion. War is over, Liu attack Pengcheng. Xiang Yu rush back, opened a prelude to the struggle between Chu and Han. Chu Bing pursuit of Han soldiers, until Cheng Gao, Ying Yang area. Divide demarcation, Xiang Yu ready to return to the East, but not to Pengcheng, was under the perimeter. Breakthrough, he fled south all the way, until Wujiang suicide. Can be seen Xiang Yu build the stage horse time, only in the capital Pengcheng after a period of time.

  So, Xiang Yu Pengcheng after the city, after all, how much peace in Pengcheng life? "Records of the Historian Xiang Yu Ji" contains: "the first year of the Han Dynasty (206) in April, the princes strike play, the country." In this way, Xiang Yu left the play under the East Pengcheng time in April. Victory of the division, reward along the way, coupled with the journey of more than two thousand, the road needs at least a month or two months. Such calculations, Xiang Yu led his unit back to Pengcheng time, is likely in May and June.

  On the time of Xiang Yu sent troops to Qi, the history contained "Han two years (before 205) winter". In accordance with the Qin calendar: four seasons for the winter, spring, summer, autumn and October for the first year, that is, into the winter, the order of October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September. Xiang Yu really has the time to build the stage to watch the horse, about in the year 20, seven, eight, September. In accordance with the season, just order is Sanqiu. Therefore, people called "autumn wind horse."

  From the above can be seen, Xiang Yu Wu from the military to defeat the Dutch act, only in Pengcheng after three or four months of peace. Nanshan to build the day of the horse, it is also the most proud of his life when.

  Heavy nine on stage to enjoy autumn

  Ancient "Book of Changes" to nine as a yang. 99 is the double positive. September 9, said Chung Yeung Festival, also weighing nine or nine days. Every Chung Yeung Festival, people have to climb, tours Ju, drinking, wearing dogwood, it is said that this can be evil in addition to evil, eliminate calamity.

  Ma Tai from the city closer to the stage, the vast expanse of the stage, wide table, up the stairs can be, it has become the ideal place to climb. China has since ancient times to celebrate the Chung Yeung Festival customs. Historical impact of a larger, it is the Eastern Jin Dynasty general Liu Yu (later the Southern Song Dynasty Emperor Wu) opera stage banquet.

  From 409 onwards, to master the military and political power of the Eastern Jin Liu Yu, has twice Xingbing northern expedition. He Pengcheng as a military command center, north attack Nanyan, West hit Hou Qin, made an unprecedented victory. "Peace in the world in mind" records: "Song Wu North levy to Pengcheng, Lidi homes in the opera stage, on the 9th, will Zuo, a hundred bureaucratic poems." "Lide first homes in the opera table" is that we can see The earliest record of the play horse stage buildings. September 9th, with the military consultation Kong Jing was worship to be in, was transferred back to the DPRK, Liu Yu on the stage banquet, farewell Kong Jing, and took the opportunity to dinner will be the group group Liao. Liu Yu bring you board the high-profile, drinking poetry, the famous poet Xie Lingyun, Xie Zhan brothers also bow every event, improvising poetry, a warm atmosphere.

  Later generations will be two Xie five-character poems (the title of "nine days from the Song Gong Ma Tai Taiwan set sent to make the poem") Le stone platform, for people to browse, and by poetry. Since then, re-nine stage then into practice. People on stage drinking poetry, or pay the West Chu Xiang Yu Xiang Yu, or praise the Northern Expedition Liu Yu performance, or admire the two Xie literary Merry, or wine platform for friends farewell, and so forth.

  Song Dynasty Pengcheng poet Chen Shidao "and Li Shijun on the 9th stage play Ma stage" in the Song Dynasty, "Song" Is the Chung Yeung Festival stage recollections, the poem reads: "Journey to the United States because of people wins, Huang Ju Feng Chen satisfied with the open." Second Xie Feng romantic this complex to see, the millennium stay sentence to be king.

  From these poems, we can see that Liu Yu-wei set up nine feast of the far-reaching impact. Taiwan will become a stage to play Taiwan, while the farewell is Taiwan, poetry Taiwan, tours Ju Taiwan, Huai Gu Taiwan. Ancient poet Chanting opera stage, spread so far as many as a hundred.

  High housing construction Lingling stationed

  Opera is not only a horse, the re-nine climbing, and has an important strategic position. Song Su Shi know Xuzhou after the drama of Taiwan's strategic position in a detailed examination, and in the "Emperor Shenzong on the book", the play Ma Taiwan made a brilliant argument: "its high ten Ren, the vast hundred paces, if the force of the Thousands of people on the World Tuen, Ju Lei wooden stone gun where the war with the table to the table with the surface, while the plot three years of grain in the city, with 100,000 people, not easy to take also.

  Western Chu opened the occasion, Xiang Yu was the reason why the play Man Nanshan, indicating that Nanshan is a military place, not only in the garrison here, and is likely a military command center.

  During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Liu Yu Northern Expedition, in the opera stage building building, as a military command.

  According to Shi records: Yuan Jia twenty-seven years (450), the Northern Wei Dynasty Tai Wu Tai Tuopaotao southward invasion, attack Pengcheng not grams, is located in mattress account on stage, in the city.

  In the late Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty made great efforts to enter the Qing Dynasty. Yan Mingmei, a national hero against the Qing, advocated Xuzhou as the base to carry out the struggle against the Qing Dynasty and resist the momentum of the Qing Dynasty. Cuddle, hanging table horse, Jiu Li Shan long array, not one person to appear.Maqi spring spring wheat show uniform, the army east to step into the dust .He ridden him to detect how much, rural lead predecessors twenty "It can be seen, in Yanermei view, as the military city of Xuzhou, the most suitable hanging flag drums, is the ideal military command.

  Song of the Buddhist temple bell

  Buddhism was introduced into China from the late Western Han Dynasty. Northern and Southern Dynasties, the prevalence of Buddhism, the rise of the temple. This wind is also blown to play horse stage.

  Liu Yu, general of the Eastern Jin Dynasty when the Northern Expedition, sits in Xuzhou, and the temple in the stage of the construction of opera, because Liu Yu was the Eastern Jin Dynasty canonized Song Wang, called the Temple of Song Wang Temple. Liu Yu's Juji General Wang Zhongde brothers Taiyuan, Zhao in the Northern Dynasties after the official, and later escaped from the North-South Jin Jin, set illustrious military exploits, and twice as the provincial governor of Xuzhou. When he fled the Eastern Jin Dynasty in the process of the South, was extremely sleepy, fortunate enough to encounter a boy rescued, only out of the woods; run away, the rain, such as injection, river floods, do not identify the road, a white wolf titles Safe crossing; in the vast darkness, do not identify the direction, but also rely on a solitary lamp in the lead the way, somewhere seems to God to help, he was able to successfully fled to Xuzhou.

  Wang Zhongde, after serving in Xuzhou, for the Thanksgiving gods, in the Song Wang Temple plastic eight gold Buddha statue in the stupa in plastic boy and white wolf like, and voted heavily in the translation of Buddhist classics. Jinfo divinity, where the people affected by the disaster or monks killed, often more than the body sweat. Song Ming Tai Tai years, the fall of the city of Pengcheng, Northern Jinling Buddha to move toward the Northern Jinling Buddha and arrested all the monks, claimed to be executed, Jinfo sweat, soaked the entire hall. Pseudo-Liang Wang Xiao Xiang incense Koushou, promised to remove the monks of the crime, the Buddha stopped sweating. Until the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Song Wang Temple is still incense heyday.

  Song Wang Temple is located in Taitou first, also known as Taitou Temple or Tuo Tou Temple. From the Tang Dynasty Huangfu Ran's poems, we can see the temple in the ancient pine. "Zhongsheng Ye Temple solid, grass color to release the city empty." We can imagine the Songwangsi Drum Morning Bell, cigarette-filled Buddhist weather. Taiwan Tau Temple site, that is, today, the location of the Temple House Broom Dragon pillars, that is, the original temple building.

  In order to facilitate the Zen Buddha, to Zhao Song dynasty, opera stage appeared by the hospital, the temple promenade and for people to stay in the room. Stone courtyard, one day correction old pine, there are slim and deep wells, Kap Shui, the twist put reel shovel sound far, far away. Great writer Su Shi not only appreciate the stage scenery, and very happy to stay on stage.

  Ming Longqing five years (1571) Spring, Guangxi Liu Shun Zhi Chu Chuzhou at the beginning of the news, the case of Guan Yu dream instructions, the next court text to, ordered him to come to know any state of Xuzhou. At that time, Song Wang Temple has been dumped destroyed. Liu Shun to the second year, the site of the former site of the first temple built Han Shouting Hou Temple, also known as Sanyi Temple, Guan Yu Temple. Ming Dynasty Wanli years, the stage also appeared in white horse Guanyin hall. Opera Ma stage, is still a Buddhist Pure Land, Zen resort.

  Part of the family flood control

  Nanshan due to the construction of Taiwan to watch the opera Xiang Yu, Ma Tai-fame and then fame, Nanshan gradually become the name of the unknown, to the Ming Dynasty, Taiwan and Taiwan to get a play the name of the Ministry of Hill.

  In 1855, the Yellow River seized the Huai River, which flowed through Xuzhou in 675 years, repeatedly drowned the state town and drifted away from the city for a long time. No dumplings, drowning people countless, Gou live were forced to migrate many times. Xuzhou late Ming and early Qing Dynasty poet Hongjian so depict the Yellow River to the people of the disaster: "wave hanging city head, the city diffuse the Yellow River water.One city tens of thousands of homes, live in the river sound.Hanging three Baizhang, (The Xu River view of the Yellow River), the year after the end of the year, the year after the end of the year,

  Drama Ma Taiwan, also known as the Department of Hill, since the beginning of the Ming Dynasty Tianqi. According to the Qing Dynasty, "Xuzhou House records." Huan Chuan "contains:" Zhang Xuan, Gao Yi (now in the central part of Hebei Province), four years (1624) for the household part of the principal, When the Yellow River skyrocketing, Xuan in the June 2 to move equipment Mitai Jukuitang is the night, the river must, the city depression, independence Xuan Code without losing .People served their foresight .Because of building Yuan Yu, Then for the Department of Yan; chisel justice well, Xiufang He Ting, all built for the erection of the temple.

  Because the Yellow River floods year after year, no stop there. Part of the Department of the Secretary for the Department of Taiwan after the play, then do long-term plan, building walls, the construction of official homes. Ming Chongzhen nine years (1636), Lang Zhang Xiang and built on the stone wall of the watchtower, more spectacular. Qing Shunzhi two years (1645), Lang Chen Jiaying also in the stone wall on the repair of battlements, as if a city outside the city. Junji four years (1647), Wang Wei Ping in the floor of the building around the board house. Kangxi two years (1664), Sun Xiangxian in the Ministry of mountains built around the door, north to the right door, the south for the jade seal door, the East for the left door, the west for the gold SMS pheasant door. Ma stage, has become a government office compound.

  Since the opening four years, part of the family moved to the Ministry of drama Taiwan, to the Qing emperor Kangxi seventeen years (1678) revocation of household division, after two dynasties fifty-five years. Because the Ministry of management of household registration, population, land, taxes, and the people's lives are closely related. People often out of the Ministry, for a variety of services. Over time, people are accustomed to play Ma Taiwan called the Ministry of Hill, is also a very natural thing.

  Cui Shanfang cultural highlands

  In the Yellow River flooding year after year, the ancient city houses are often flooded. Zhang Xuan to the Ministry of the family moved to play Ma Taiwan, and withstood the test of the flood, no doubt to the people that play is a party to avoid water security.

  Because Xuzhou is located in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, the Yellow River flows here, the flow began to slow down, a large number of sediment sedimentation, river bed increased year by year, the Yellow River flooding into the norm. Part of the Division moved to play Ma Taiwan, with a strong social-oriented role. Some big giants to avoid yellow suffering, began to move high-pitched plan.

  Xuzhou to be known to the city of Baoshan, the city is a flat, how can any high ground? People to look beyond the walls. Near the city close to the land of the Ma stage, naturally became their first choice.

  It is not easy to build a civil engineering project on the stage of horse racing. First, it is subject to official approval. Second, the foundation is extremely difficult to do. Third, the construction cost is abnormally high. These, not only need power and relationship, but also need strong economic support. Although the general people aspire to, but difficult to cares. However, not only prosperous relations between the rich, and holds a strong capital, will naturally rush. In this way, the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, opera stage, began to appear the first high-end residential.

  Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, the champion Li Pan began to play in the Ma Xiang Taiyang foothills building, called Zhuang Yuanfu. Qianlong years, the Hanlin Cui Tao in the foot of the foot of Mount Tai foothills building dwellings, known as Hanlin ... ... This also led a number of large families. Today we see the ring Taiwan week old residential courtyard, mostly in the early and mid-Qing Dynasty built. People say they are rich, so the preparation of such folk: "poor North Pass, rich South Pass, the money are on the Ministry of Hill.

  Drama Ma stage with the official, with the wealthy giant room, but also has a natural culture, and gradually become Pengcheng Cultural Center:

  Ming Jiajing twenty-six years (1547), Xuzhou industry and the main thing Feng Younian stage in the stage to build Wenchang Palace;

  Wanli three years (1575), Xuzhou know the state Liu Shunzhi in Sanyi Temple on the southeast side of the East slope Temple;

  Chongzhen years, the people of the state to promote the success of Liu Shunzhi, on the stage to build Liu Mu Temple;

  Qing Kangxi the end of the year, the west side of the play Ma Taiwan built poly-Kui College;

  Daoguang twenty-eight years (1848), Zhouzhou Xuzhou Zhouzhou appointed official Guo Huating in the main building East Wenchang floor;

  Qing Dynasty Xianfeng five years (1855), the Yellow River burst, flooded the city, people in the north gate of the three Yin Temple in the Zhu Xi (Zhu Xi) bronze statue moved to the stage, the new Zhu Temple;

  Thirteen years of the Qing dynasty (1887), Xuzhou Road section Zhe wide benevolence, waste all Hing, Xuzhou County, consider the first few, and the opera station for the "joint county context", that is, Kuixing Pavilion, to Kai civilization of the elephant, and in the Pavilion right Jian Ting, is not transferred from the completion of the work, Tongshan Zhang Jingwu to raise funds to build, called the Tsui Shan room;

  Guangxu twenty-one years (Yang) May 8, "there is a strange wind from the northwest, an instant rainstorm hail the city, Damascus, and Sri Lanka Pavilion destroyed once destroyed, Wafei folded, no finished. "Zhang Jingwu resolutely resolve the bag, in the waste Pavilion base on the" transformation of dangerous buildings, walls to consolidate, carving Ying Dong, a new look, is Fengchang upstairs, so Long Wenyun also. "This is Wenchang floor;

  Xuantong two years (1910), Zhang Renzhi and the creation of schools in the stage horse.

  These cultural facilities have played a role in fostering talent. According to the "reconstruction of Wenchang Tower" monument, set, before the construction of Cui Shanfang, Kedi few, and the construction of the mountain house, "the sale of those who have been Qiubei." In this way, the stage into a culture of highland.

  Thousand Chutai rejuvenation

  Xiang Yu just thirty-one years of youth, dry out earth-shattering feat. The ancients said: "The winner of the losers thief." And on Xiang Yu, people do not to success or failure on the hero.

  Xiang Yu's great historical merits, such as the heroic heroism, tenderness of the children of love, the heroic end of the tragic ending, not only allow people to deep sympathy, let people infinite respect. From this point, Xiang Yu hero end, the final Wujiang suicide, defeated men, however, did not fumble. Matteo as Xiang Yu trace, naturally became a resentment nostalgic resort.

  The Western Han Dynasty, Xiang Yu still enjoy a high prestige. Sima Qian's "Historical Records" or even included in the ranks of the emperor Xiang Yu, as he wrote the discipline, so that between the side of Qin Shi Huang and Han emperor. However, Western Chu Xiang Yu Xiangbao Han emperor, after all, Liu Bang's competitors. In the struggle for the throne, the two fight to death. Therefore, the final generation of the Han Dynasty, Xiang Yu's position and can not be too high. People on stage, sighed with regret, but also should not hesitate to speak.

  During the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, successive years of chaos, horses stage grass weeds, a bleak. Great poet Xie Lingyun, Xie Zhan Dengfu poetry, but also obey the order of time literature. Scholars poet followed the board, with Xiang Yu, Fang Xiao Shu, is into the Tang after the thing.

  With the passage of time, to the Ming and Qing dynasties, nostalgia on stage, chanting the performance of a large number of poems appear Xiang Yu. Tang Dynasty Zhang Ji, Cao Post, Huang Fu Ran, Song Su Shi, He Zhu, Lv Ding, Wen Tianxiang, Yuan Dynasty Sa are thorn, Wu Shidao, Cen Anqing, Gong Fangtai, Ming Fang Xiao catch, Zeng Cai, Xue An, Qian Xi Li , Ma Cong, Ye Mingzhen, Liu Yu, the Qing Qian Qianyi, Wu Weiye, Yuan Mu, Du Zhao, etc., are left in this good article.

  Most of the poems on the West Chu Xiang Yu Xiang praised, praise, admiration, regret, miss, the poem spread like wildfire, spread of folk, face Sunburn population. In this way, attracted by those who will be more and more.

  The Ming Dynasty Hu Yan "opera table" poem wrote: "a hero of a cup of wine, Elegy only to posterity sad.Life of the Dragon Tech, today left the play horse station."

  The Qing dynasty Du Zhao wrote in the poem "Ma Ma": "The original hometown of Chu was the original hometown of Chu.

  The passage of time, the world is not already the world's Liu, and opera stage is still Xiang Yu's play horse.

  The late Qing Xuzhou poet Sun Yunjin poem reads: "Xianyang crack soil silk clothing is also, play horse when things are easy.Treasure and wind across the plate ChuSai, rivers and mountains two hundred lost Qin Guan.Cleaner has no long policy, compete for a smile. Unbearable success, the shortage of Taiwan sunset hazel.

  In order to commemorate Xiang Yu, but also to meet the needs of people to visit, the Ming Dynasty Wanli years, the Ministry of Xuzhou principal, Danyang Jiang Shichang funded monument, Xuzhou soldiers with political participation, Liocheng Mo and Qi waving rubber giant pen, Taiwan "three characters. Qing Dynasty Daoguang years, Xuzhou prefect Zhou Tao-funded construction Pavilion cover, after several rebuilt, Ming monument, kiosks continue so far.

  1986, Xuzhou Municipal People's Congress, the municipal government started to rebuild opera Ma Taiwan, not only plastic Xiangyu large stone statue, creation "West Chu Chunqiu", "Julu War", "Banquet" large frescoes, the provision of "Pengcheng" Do not Ji showrooms, and the construction of Chase wins, Jici Pavilion and 100 meters corridor, please call the ancient calligraphy to the ancient works of art, stone walls. Visitors flocked, then make a thousand Chu Chutai, rejuvenation.

  Author: Zhu Haoxi, Jiangsu Normal University part-time professor, Kyushu Vocational and Technical College consultant, Xuzhou folklore experts, scholars, the Chinese Writers Association, published monographs "Jiang Tianshu", "Peng Zu", "Xuzhou emperors".


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