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2016.5.14 Xuzhou Folklore Museum National Academy of Heaven and Earth and Culture and Arts Center seven cultural public welfare classroom

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Liu Wenjun, although 80, but determined to cause in the culture of the road, gradually forward.

On the understanding of Hong Tao culture to see.

Liu Wenjun, with incense as the lead, the ancient Chinese culture to the exotic foreign wanderers.

Heaven and earth chord, a period of a will to incense as lead, take you into the ancient Chinese incense culture, listen to Liu Wenjun to you read:

"Incense and contemporary life"

1. Guqin meditation opening

2. The concept of fragrance 

                                  3. The history of incense

                                  4. The role of incense

                      5. Identification of the pros and cons of incense 

                                  6. Hong taste of experience

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